Army Open House Displays Singapore SOTF capabilities

Every year the Singaporean Armed Forces hosts an Army Open House to allow the public to interact with various components of the military. This is similar to numerous other open houses across the world in which militaries display their wares and showcase abilities. However, Singapore is somewhat of a special case because the country is so small, that essentially a good portion of the entire country can get some hands on time with much of what the military has to offer, in one setting. For this year’s Open House, Shepard Media was quick to point out numerous advances in the military’s Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) armament. Specifically identifiable was the addition of Heckler & Koch 4.6mm MP7A1s, and 5.56x45mm NATO HK416s with the SOFT assaulters. FN Herstal P90s were also present, but these appeared to be regulated to a lesser used role than the MP7A1s. Elcan variable optics and Trijicon RMRs were mounted to the weapons, and a Steiner eOptics CQBL-1 mounted at the 12 o’clock position of some of the weapon systems. Helmet mounted NVGs appear to be one of the MINIE series from Thales Group Angenieux, and a surprising appearance of a MOHOC helmet-mounted camera system, specfically designed for military operations. The

For many years SOTF were primarily armed with the FNH P90s but these have since been updated with MP7A1s. According to some sources a number of these weapons also appeared to have H&K marked, B&T produced suppressors on both the submachine guns and the 416s. During the course of events, the SOTF team engaged various “enemies” within a fabricated structure with blanks, much to the applause of the crowd.

The entire event was filmed and narrated live on set as well. Well worth a watch-


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  • Bob

    Is that camo pattern multicam black som of them were wearing?

    • Blake

      Yeah it is; or potentially a copy of some sort.

    • To Tin Fung

      Yes it is Multicam Black.

    • Irfan Zain

      It’s multicam black. Only for the SOTF though. The regular troops use their own pixelated pattern nicknamed safpat.

  • Brett baker

    Does the HK PDW have better terminal ballistics than the FN P90? I’ve heard they both suck as stoppers.

    • Legge

      Its also wierd they are using both weapons, seems inefficient.

    • CommonSense23

      No way it can be worse.

  • Get over it fanbois

    Since Singapore is using both the MP7 and P90. I guess that means that the ST Kinetics CPW is officially dead?

    • To Tin Fung

      it’s not dead, it’ll probably just be exported for sales. It doesnt mean that every thing ST Kinetics builds gets adopted. There are foreign sales too.

      • Get over it fanbois

        Relying on exports is pretty much the coffin for anything that isn’t a major motion picture. A firearm that is barely known outside of “gun wikis” and video game circles isn’t going to be able to complete with either the MP7, P90 or even other 9mm SMGs.

  • 624A24

    That narration in the video is way too cringey.