Fobus Announces New Holster Fits

Fobus Holsters

Fobus Holster announced several new holster fits for a number of popular handguns. These cover guns like the Ruger LC9, SIG P238 and Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0.

Ruger LC9 and more

Fobus announced that it was now making RU2ND holsters to fit the Ruger LC9, LC9s and LC380 pistols. These rigs are available with either paddle or belt loop attachments. The RU2ND holster is an injection molded holster with a friction retention system that can be adjusted through the use of a single screw. Steel rivets attach the holster to the belt or paddle attachment. These rigs have a lifetime warranty, and the company set the suggested retail price at $38.99.

Kimber Micro, Micro 9

Fobus also announced that it had developed new KMSG holsters that fit the Micro and Micro 9 pistols. These rigs are similar to the RU2ND holsters as they are injection molded rigs with friction retention. They can also be had with a belt or paddle attachment system. These holsters share the same MSRP: $38.99.

SIG P238, P938

In addition to the Kimber products above, Fobus said it had new fits for the SIG SAUER P238 and P938 in the KMSG holster. These are identical rigs to the Kimber models and have the same price point.

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0

Rounding out the recent announcements from Fobus is support for the M&P 2.0 pistols from Smith & Wesson. Versions of the SWMP holsters for all calibers (9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP) are supported with the paddle, belt and roto style attachment systems. These are injection molded rigs that start at $38.99. The roto system rigs cost $42.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • D

    Ancient Chinese Proverb: Friends don’t let friends carry Fobus.

    • Scott Tuttle

      what’s wrong with fobus?

      • James Swan

        I love fobus but the elitist people do not like any holster that does not cost $90 and up.

        • Bill

          You get what you pay for. I budget 25 to 50% the price of a handgun for holsters, mag carriers, etc.

          I’ve used Fobus holsters on the range for demo guns that I didn’t have a real holster for. I’ve also used them in DT and weapons retention classes to demonstrate the risks of paddle holsters.

          • James Swan

            As a 47 year old man,I am surprised I have not hurt myself yet.

          • Gabriel M

            I have owned Fobus holsters. They tend to have a lot of friction and require a fast, snappy draw to break the gun free. The paddles are not that comfortable and for another $20, you could probably get a nicer Kydex holster made by someone reputable that prints a lot less and draws much smoother. I used to use fobus glock mag pouches in USPSA but I eventually ditched them too. I’d wear a serpa before wearing a fobus, and that’s saying a lot.

          • Gabriel M

            they were designed to require a hard and straight upwards pull in order to prevent someone (ie a Palestinian terrorist) from grabbing the gun out of your holster. I love supporting Israel, but their holsters and a lot of tactical equipment are cheap and inferior to other offerings

          • Hoplopfheil

            What are the risks of paddle holsters?

          • Bill

            They can get dislodged under high exertion or pulled off in a fight. Less well made ones in plastic can be broken off. It isn’t easy, I’ve struggled to do it, but I’m not a 350 pound biker on pcp.

          • Hoplopfheil

            Huh. Seems like that could happen to any plastic holster, presumably the plastic is weaker than the metal rivets or attachment points?

          • Kelly Jackson

            Really? Because you’re going to buy a $250 – $500 holster to carry a Sig P226? Because I’m sure a $75 Galco would be fine.

            Do you even hear the dumb things you say?

          • Bill

            Read what I wrote and how I wrote it. Holsters plural and mag pouches.

            My Sig P226 Holsters:
            Safariland Duty holster: Approx. $150
            Duty Mag pouches: Approx. 50.00
            Kirkpatrick TSS plainclothes/off duty holster: Approx. 90.00
            Off duty/plainclothes mag pouches: Approx 50.00
            Kydex rough duty holster and mag pouches: Approx 125.00
            G-Code Tac Holster: Approx. 125.00

            Do the addition yourself. Really. Then please explain how I’m dumb. Granted, I carry for a living, but my original statement still stands.

            And compare your $75 Galco to the $15 dollar more Kirkpatrick and tell me who got the better holster at a reasonable price.

            No one’s forcing you to get a $250 Del Fatti. If you’re happy with a $25 Fobus, rock on, but don’t disparage those of us who hold to a higher standard.

  • Gun Fu Guru

    FOBUS: For When You Need a Crappy Holster That Is Not From Uncle Mike’s

  • Hoplopfheil

    I tend to think that anyone who hates Fobus holsters has probably never broken one in.

    That being said, I can’t imagine why I would carry something that small in an OWB paddle holster. To each their own?

    • Ben

      Yesterday I saw an on duty officer carrying a p938 owb with the factory holster that comes in the box. I couldn’t figure that one out.

      • Hoplopfheil

        Well, at least it’s (hopefully) the right fit for his gun?

  • Jim

    I purchased a number of Fobus holsters and mag carriers when Fobus first entered the U.S. market way back when. The prices I paid then were from $
    9.99 to up around $20 per holster. They were and still are excellent quality holsters. I have holsters for both autos and revolvers, paddle and belt slide-on. They excel at CCW by hugging your body and being easy to draw from. I can carry a Glock 22 in a Fobus paddle with no more bulge than my S&W M60 in it’s Fobus paddle. The composite material is impervious to moisture, excellent design and clean lines. Like the Glock, Fobus holsters are now being copied by everybody.


    Sooooo….. new job this year. No guns allowed on body, in car, on parking lot, on premises. Best protection we’re allowed is dog spray FOR DOGS ONLY.

    My life is more valuable than my job, and a recent visit/investigation to a potential drug dealer’s home had me wondering…

    86°F, tucked in dress shirt.

    Ended up taking the thick backing off a legal pad and folding my LCP inside of it like a .380 death taco and sticking it in my front pocket.

    It printed like hell, but looked like a block of sticky notes, not a gun at all.

    Trigger covered, easy to get to…. I may have stumbled onto something… @Harry’sHolsters???

    • Tim

      … price special for you! Only $47!

  • Vizzini

    I own a the typical huge box of old holsters that the long-time handgun owner often accumulates. There are three Fobus paddle holsters (for different firearms) in the mix. The remarkable thing is that they have not been relegated to complete obsolescence. Yes, I have other holsters that are better carry holsters, but Fobus paddle holsters are durable, and sweat-proof and a paddle holster is the perfect “stick this on real quick while I go take the trash out, or check on the horses, etc.” holster. One of my Fobuses is for my Ruger Mark II, and I really couldn’t ask for anything much better for a range/farm holster. It’s not like a Mark II is a concealed carry gun.

  • Nick

    I read this as “Fobus announces new holster fits in trash”