Cobalt Kinetics Releases Limited Edition PRO Muzzle Brakes & Announces General Availability

Cobalt Kinetics, known for their beautifully milled AR-15s and various ambidextrous technologies, has announced the release for sale of their PRO muzzle brakes. The PRO brakes have until now been closely-held products reserved only for Cobalt’s sexy rifles and used only by Cobalt Kinetic’s rifle team including well-known shooters such as Keith Garcia and Kalani Laker.

The brakes take the muzzle brake all the way to the limits of competition, measuring 3.4″ long and 1″ in diameter where most circuits allow up to 3″ added length and 1″ diameter devices. For recoil reduction, the brake features small main bore (about .240 – .245″) which decreases the area gases can vent around the bullet increasing sheer and therefore reducing recoil. Venting ports are symmetrical at the 3 and 9 o’clock, with no muzzle rise mitigation. With no bottom porting, the device’s dust signature is minimized.

The PRO is manufactured from stress-proof tool steel and finished in Black Lithium-ifon (LiFe) surface conversion, which Cobalt claims increases durability and longevity. According to Cobalt, the treatment also “The LiFe treatment increases the density and hardness of the metal, which not only stiffens the brake, but also reduces friction. ”

Retail pricing for the brake is advertised at $190, but the first 100 customers will get a limited edition featuring serial numbers. The limited edition PRO brakes are listed at $160. 

Nathan S

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  • Toxoplasma

    Can these be converted to silencers? They look like internal baffle structures kinda like the ones Sig Sauer came out with.

    • VeriAeq

      Now that the cat is out of the bag, watch out for the ATF!!!

  • RSG

    Apparently, they will be releasing other parts to be sold separately, too. I’ll bet both their handguards and stocks, two of the most oft requested parts by customers, hit the market at around $600 each. I’m guessing each of these will be the most expensive on the market.

    • Anonymoose

      Still not as much as some Battlecomps, or the KAC MAMS.

    • Flounder

      The aluminium stock sucks. XD The milled pistol grip was interesting, and the handguard was just right as far as feel. But it was kinda heavy, had no useful rail space for me and if they ever sell it by itself it’ll be crazy expensive and probably use an exotic barrel nut.

  • micmac80

    So every test made thus far ,shows rapidly diminishing retournns for more than 2 rows of ports yet these guys go for 6 , so is this at least part of a silencer where only can is missing

    • PK

      Two ports per side, properly designed, should lessen about 70.4% of the total recoil impulse felt by the shooter. Three should remove 76%, four should remove 78.4%, and so on, getting closer but never quite reaching 80% of recoil impulse at best. It’s a head scratcher as to why anyone would bother with more than two per side, knowing that.

      For some super-light, heavy recoil gun like a 15lb single shot .50BMG I could understanding wanting a few percent more, but for a 5.56x45mm?

      • micmac80

        I think its just design project , 99.999% of muzzle brakes made with foremost concern about the looks , only far down the line about effectivness.

      • drambus

        Chasing the few percent is what race car engineers do. Why not race gun engineers?

        Besides, who cares, with the overall proportions of their weapons, that muzzle brake is perfect, it just looks cool.

        • Because more material = more weight at the end of the muzzle, which makes the gun heavier to move around, and hard to stop during aggressive swings.

          It is the same reason most competition gun hand guards have moved from heavier designs to lighter designs.

      • iksnilol

        Well, I can see why three would be appealing for heavier guns. I mean, from 70 to 76 is some difference.

        • PK

          Fair enough, but in general it’s less of an issue for heavier guns (until you get to artillery and so on) than lighter guns.

    • Flounder

      The biggest test, one done by ttag i think (shockingly it is the best) showed that you are right. Most of the time. However, they tested one that was long and ridiculous and it showed a significant (measurable) improvement over all others.

      The point is you can get measurable improvements over bigger breaks. Efficiency isn’t what people are going for, they are going for the absolute best.

      Will I buy this? Nope! Forget giant ridiculous overpriced guchi breaks! I’ll take my Titanium A2 Flash hider. Or a Ti break that is 1/3 the price and has 80-90% the reduction and is shorter! Some will say Ti sparks or flashes but I have yet to notice anything like that and I think the weight reduction is worth it. And it justifies paying money for a stupidly expensive part.

    • ozzallos .

      So they can charge $25 more per individual port?

  • VeriAeq

    Neighbors on the range are gonna love you. But who cares with somewhere near 70% reduction in recoil from ur suppa duppa high caliber 5.56mm

  • Spencerhut

    It’s like AR’s are the VW of the gun world and Cobalt is the company making Ferrari or Lambo kit conversions for them so you can fool people into thinking your VW is better than some guys stock VW. This is stuff for the guys that spend all week at the gym looking in the mirror and buying protein shakes.
    And yes, I’ve shot Cobalt’s guns.

  • M.M.D.C.
  • Raptor Fred
  • pablo4twenty

    “Venting ports are symmetrical at the 3 and 9 o’clock, with no muzzle rise mitigation.”

    What’s the point in having a brake like this then except to blast your buddies with concussion.

  • Mr Silly

    Wow. Looks like a gun from a computer game, like Planetside 2 or similar. Art imitates life or…?

  • iksnilol

    Much baffle, very wow, such impress.