POTD: Another Glock 19M Sighting

Daniel B. got an opportunity to try out a 19M.

I recently had the opportunity to handle and shoot the Glock 19m. I only had about 100 rounds through it. Upon inspection of the frame and slide, I noticed as most would know the trigger is similar to the 43. The 19m I used had extended slide release levers, I was surprised, as I haven’t seen them in any pictures of this platform before. I am super excited about the 19 and or 17m I hope Glock releases them asap.

Fellow TFB writer, Pete, posted about another 19M two weeks ago.


  • cons2p8ted

    I a lifelong Glock guy but Glock’s evolution (if you can call it that) over the year is slower than the Ice Age. All these features they are bringing forth now should have been standard by Gen 3!! Sorry but my money is going or should I say have gone…to a CZ P10C!

  • somedingus

    You morons keep double posing stories. Please stop.