NEW: Dead Air Silencers Sandman-K

The discussion about buying, owning and using silencers primarily revolves around overall sound reduction. As in, “how quiet can I get my pistol or rifle?” And that’s great – I’ve been known to chase a few decibels myself. However, when we discuss suppressing centerfire rifle hosts, especially those with longer barrels, extreme signature reduction can (and probably should) take a back seat to the length and weight the silencer adds at the muzzle. In that vein, Dead Air Armament is giving us an advanced look at their newest/shortest rifle silencer release: the Sandman-K.


At first glance, the 5.4″ long and 1.5″ outer diameter can may seem like a status quo for the Dead Air team, however weighing only 12.8 ounces and adding only 2.9″ past the muzzle device is a big deal for a .300WM rated silencer. The 5.56mm decibel ratings are 149 at the muzzle and 140 at the ear respectively. Not too shabby for a silencer with a flash hider-sized footprint.

The Kürz can features the same Key-Mount quick detach system found on the rest of the Sandman family as well as a full stellite baffle stack and  a replaceable end cap.

Dead Air is kicking off the Sandman-K with a bonus: from now until the time the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) leaves the house or senate committees, each siliencer will be stamped with a limited run HPA serial number prefix. The MSRP will also be reduced by $250 to $699 until (if/when) the HPA gains momentum.

The first fifty units are already made and will be available at a launch party held on June 20th. Details will be available on Dead Air’s Facebook page.

The Dead Air Sandman-K:

Dead Air was founded by Mike Pappas, and if that name rings a bell, it’s because Mike co-founded another silencer company back in 2008. Among others, Mike is also teamed up with silencer designer Todd Magee. Mike and Todd have set out to build the best suppressors on the market. There is no substitute for experience.

Look at any Dead Air Armament™ product and you’ll see attention to detail and aesthetic choices driven solely by engineering performance. No gimmicks or short cuts – just pure performance. As Mike puts it: “I’m finally building the no compromise suppressors that I’ve always wanted to make. No corporate bottom lines. The only thing that matters to me is how it sounds; And the Sandman™ sounds awesome…”

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  • Jedediah Pendergast

    Sandman-K, sounds like the nom de guerre of a mysterious, international assassin for hire. Do we need this kind of sensational, ominous stuff connected to suppressors at this time?

    • James Earl Jones

      I don’t know… I’ll have to sleep on it.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Yeah, they should have called it the “Always Happy Sunnytime Good Neighbor Sound Tube”.

      • noob

        how about a can called the “Ear Defender”?
        Just don’t actually put it up to anyone’s ear.

  • Alexander Nguyen

    Mike Pappas you diabolical sob! I just got my Sandman-S in March!! But I really want this. Ugghhhhhh

  • m-dasher

    sooooo….$700 for a silencer that only reduces the noise level by about 6db…?

    yeah imma take a solid pass.

    • Rob

      If it is in fact 140 at ear and 149 at the muzzle it does quite a bit better than 6db.

    • Alexander Nguyen

      I have to admit that since I always shoot with friends reducing my sound signature from a personal practical standpoint is mostly pointless, I have to double up on earpro anyways to stand by everyone’s muzzle brakes. But I find that the elimination of flash in addition to slight reduction in sound really helps me shoot faster, but the weight does not. But yeah, I see why you’d want to eke out as much performance as possible for such an expensive and painful purchase.

      That being said, these ratings are really vague and inadequate. What caliber is this for? What barrel length? The muzzle report from a .300 win mag or 10.5″ 5.56 is going to be very different from .300 blk out of a 24″ barrel. If this is, say, 5.56 out of a 16″ barrel, I’ll agree that the numbers are disappointing. If that’s the case, I do know that putting a 5.56 end cap on these helps with sound reduction for 5.56. I still just use my .30 bore but replacement end caps are available. But i’d be curious to know what the actual ratings are, these look very much like bullshit, or at least totally unspecific

    • Zach Robinson

      An AR-15 generally puts out 165-170 db at the muzzle (depending on bbl length, ammo, etc). So 15-20 db muzzle reduction isn’t bad for such a short design. Surefire has sold the 556mini for years with very good feedback regarding flash reduction, minimal back pressure, and reduced ejection port noise. I don’t care how quiet a mfr’s can is at the muzzle, that’s not where I plan to have my head when I shoot with it.

    • teesquare

      sooooo….*IF* you understood decibel ratings – you could recognize that every 3 decibels indicates a doubling in sound levels, when increase in sound occurs. Conversely, 3db reduction in sound indicates a “halving” of sound impact.
      Do your own math to understand what 6db represents in actual sound signature reduction, and impact on you or others nearby.

  • Daniel Avrit

    >The MSRP will also be reduced by $250 to $699 until (if/when) the HPA gains momentum.

    This is the most confusing sentence I have ever read. Is it $699 UNTIL the HPA gains momentum, or $699 WHEN the HPA gets big?

    In other words, right now, is the price $950 or $699?

    • Cymond

      The price is $699 now.
      The suppressor industry is struggling. Everyone bought a bunch of cans before ATF 41F, and now everyone is waiting for HPA. Suppressors are NOT selling well.

      If the HPA passes, or looks like it’s going to pass soon, the demand will skyrocket, and so will prices until demand stabilizes.

      • JackGalt

        Easily fixed…The NFA made the cans restricted and the market responded by driving the prices way artificially high… If they want to stay in business, tool up to produce like there was no NFA and the market will respond, tax stamp or no…Make up in volume what is lost by smaller sales at the ridiculous premiums they have now…

        • Cymond

          So, you’re basically saying they should lower prices?

          Sounds a lot like what they’re doing.

          A lot of that premium comes from the premium materials, design, machining, etc. Cheap cans exist, they don’t sell very well, and they’re usually badly reviewed. Just look towards Rebel or Huntertown Arms.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      $699 now. $950 if/when the HPA advances. Sorry about the confusion.

      • teesquare

        …Which is completely anti-market strategy ( as well as stupid…) and designed to make us feel a sense of “urgency”…
        Look, *IF* suppressors become a non-NFA item – prices WILL DROP, after a brief period of “lemming like” demand – just because folks want one. ( Most – without cause…but we still “want”…)

        • JackGalt

          Hear, here!

    • JackGalt

      you were confused?… by $250 to $699… man I will take that $699 discount. Better writing would have said by 250 off of their regular MSRP of $950 down to $699. Another opinion heard and probably wrong. 🙂

  • noob


    • mig1nc

      Exit money. Enter stamp.

      • Alex Ortiz

        Enter wait.

  • Cymond

    “Not too shabby for a silencer with a flash hider-sized footprint.”

    What flash hider is 5.4″ long and 1.5″ wide???
    Yeah, it only adds 2.9″ to the muzzle, but that’s in addition to the already present flash hider serving as a QD mount.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Good point, I saw it as the additional length is equal to a FH.

  • mig1nc

    I love it, but to be honest, I will only believe the 140db claim when MAC or SilencerShop or somebody else posts a test video confirming it.

    • Secundius

      In 1937 the Germans SS-Waffenakademie (SS Weapons Academy) produced a Subsonic 7.92x57mm Nahpatrone (Near Cartridge). And when used with the HUB-23 Sound Suppressor, only produced a Sound of 38-decibels when fired…

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      That would be terrific. I’m also skeptical, but I hope it’s true.

  • Veteran for Trump

    I wish I could get somebody to check the dB reduction on my 2 Form 1 suppressors.
    To my ears they are awfully quiet.

  • Ced Truz

    “The discussion about buying, owning and using silencers primarily revolves around overall sound reduction.”

    I thought it was about how ridiculously expensive they were.

    • JackGalt

      artificially ridiculously expensive.

  • Ian M

    What about 9mm performance? Any dB ratings on those? Trying to decide between this and an Omega 9k for a SBR MPX.

    • Joshua

      Considering it’s a 30 cal can and not a 9MM I’d say go with the Omega 9K over the sandman.

  • Joshua

    This would be more at home on a 300blk SBR than a 556 I think.