PHLster Releases New Innovative TuckStrut

The hardest part of concealing a firearm is, generally speaking, the grip of the gun. Where the muzzle looks relatively natural in its vertical or near vertical position, the grip of the gun has a tendency to look unnatural in both shape and appearance. Various firearms and holsters set up the gun at a perfect 90-degree angle to belt clips, which lead to the butt of the firearm angling away from the round body.

Various companies have tackled this in various forms. A notable offering is from Bravo Concealment, which angles the gun in relative to the belt clip, keeping tie grip closer to the body. However, this is unique to their offerings. Into help the rest of the CCW population is PHLster, which has announced the release of their TuckStrut, an IWB belt adapter meant to do the same – angle the grip into the body.

Instead of physically angling the gun in the holster, the TuckStrut uses an external wing to angle the holster itself into the body. Simply put, it uses the pressure of the belt to help conceal the weapon by applying force outside of the normal pressure points on the holster.

While designed for PHLster Skelton Holsters, the simple mounting architecture of the TuckStrut will yield itself well to various Kydex IWB options popular in the market today. The TuckStrut retails for $19.99 direct from PHLster and is available in black. 

Nathan S

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    For someone not in the know, these photod are confusing as anything. They could have been MC Escher droppings for all I know. 😥😥😥😕

    • Beju

      I think they need to zoom in even more.

    • DanGoodShot

      Thats funny because it’s true! Ha!

    • M.M.D.C.

      As far as I can tell, it’s an add-on that attaches to various kydex holsters and serves to pull the pistol grip in tight to the body. So it’s not a holster but a small part, hence the close up shots.

    • Matt Taylor

      From what I can gather it works as such:
      The belt goes through the loop and then runs into this little doo-dad. The way the doo-dad pushes into the belt which pushes against the belt loop on the holster causes the whole holster to angle back. That angle makes the grip of your pistola push towards your body instead of out into open space to reduce printing.

  • Raptor Fred

    The PHLster Skelton Holsters with the addition of a Raven claw makes an incredible daily minimalist CCW set up. This tuck strut certainly looks like something worth trying out. The Raven claw really helps concealment. This may be even mo betta

  • ShootCommEverywhere

    Uses the belt to apply force to pressure points, you say? Sounds comfortable.

  • DanGoodShot

    I got me some extra kydex layin’ around. I’m gunna try this. Sooo simple, yet…. effective? I’ll find out!

  • Button Gwinnett

    Based on the photos…No. What is it even I can’t tell…

  • Bill

    Please, jam my pistol into my side even harder.

    I know concealment is a thing, but instead of making “normal” holsters more uncomfortable, try something radical. No one said that kydex holsters have to be plastic boxes.

    • Seth Hill

      Officer: “Why didn’t you shoot him, you had a gun?”
      Victim: “I couldn’t draw my gun because it was wedged against my left hip”
      Officer: “But you carry on your right side”
      Victim: “I have a Phlster TuckStrut”

      • Christopher Wallace

        ima tuckstrut yo moms straight in tha phlster

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Innovative design for sure. The one thing that would have been a good edition would be texturing on the claw like portion of the strut.

  • R H

    So, very similar to the “claw” that’s popular on many AIWB holsters?

  • Toxoplasma

    I have no idea what’s being said in this article. And he really likes the word various. Lots of other English and writing mistakes too, makes the whole thing unpleasant to read.

  • AndyT

    Those pictures are useless and do nothing to show how the product actually works. Thanks for that!


    I’m curious about this product, but I have no idea what it is after reading this review? The pictures seem totally random as well.

  • valorius

    Is the FBI forward cant no longer a thing?

    • Matt Taylor

      It has now been “aptly” labeled tacticool and mall ninja-esque and no longer popular.

      • valorius

        Oh. I always liked forward canted holsters.

  • valorius

    I hate kydex IWB holsters.

  • valorius

    A picture of someone wearing the holster with a gun in it would be extremely useful.

  • Matt Taylor

    Without trying it I can’t be 100% sure but it just doesn’t look like the strut/claw/protrusion of this thingamajigger is going to be enough to cause enough angle to matter….