Philippines M16 Disassembly Time Trial

Remember those Russian teens taking turns field stripping and reassembling an AK47?


Well the Philippines are doing the same thing. While not as smooth and fast as the Russian teenagers, it is nice to see people practicing this skill.

I do have to critique her method of disassembly. There are a lot of wasted movements and slamming of parts on the table. If shortest time is her goal, she has room for improvement. Also she has her finger on the trigger.

Nicholas C

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  • Nandor

    I giggled when she did the standard USB stick insert, flip around, insert, flip around, insert on that magazine.

    • oldman

      Not as well drilled as the crew on the AK but not bad either and she was better dressed.

  • freedom

    And we, european vassals indoctrined in being summisive and antibelicist, accepting tyranny without questioning nothing:

  • Madcap_Magician

    You just never know. One day, your life may depend on your ability to disassemble and reassemble an AK-74 faster than a Russian teenager… because if you don’t, in Soviet Russia, AK-74 MAY DISASSEMBLE YOU.

  • Uniform223

    Being a 1 generation AMERICAN Filipino, this made me grin. The accent reminded me so much of my uncles. Then when I heard them say, “Hoy” when she was taking out the bolt out of the BCG. She was rough too, I guess that shoes the M16 is a lot tougher than people believe.

    • Jon

      She was slamming it on a plastic cloth covered table, not concrete.

  • B. Young

    IMHO – I think the M-16 throw down was a trick to get those pivot pins out just a little more than you can push them through with just your beauty contestant fingers! lol
    Reassembly-you got to get that front pin in first, then pivot the lower into place. It’s usually harder to get both pins in with the whole lower in place. This must be later in the day as I see a pile of fancy white heels in the background abandoned for flip flops-that’s defiantly something American and Philippino ladies have in common.

  • Guido FL

    As the owner of several of both of these weapon types I say. You gotta be kidding me ! The AK platform is way simpler hands down !