C&Rsenal (Finally) Tackles a Uniquely American WW1 Firearm – The Remington Model 10 Trenchgun

While the US education system tends to highlight and overemphasize the effect of the United States in World War 1, C&Rsenal has not. For the first 50+ episodes, the channel has been covering the various primarily european weapons from The Great War (though there has been some US history sprinkled in). Finally through the glut of .32 ACP sidearms in the plethora of forms, Othias, Mae, and crew tackle perhaps the most feared weapon of the war – the Trenchgun.

Designed primarily as a competitor to the Winchester Model 1897 pump-action, the Remington Model 10, later known as the Remington 10 was offered as a solution to many of the Winchester’s perceived problems. Notably, the weapon moved to a 100% internal action with no exposed hammer, bolt, carrier, etc. Where the Winchester had an exposed hammer, ejection port, and loading port, the Remington had the single ejection/loading port on the bottom of the shotgun. This greatly increased the base reliability of the weapon in adverse conditions (though the Winchester models beat the Remington for commercial market success).

Perhaps my favorite feature of the gun and well ahead of its time is the nearly 100% ambidextrous controls. Using a Garand-style safety before there was a Garand, only the action lock release button was biased to one side versus another.

For the full details on the gun, including the nitty-gritty and utterly delicious details complete with Othias’ dry humor, check out the video below:

Nathan S

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    • BattleshipGrey

      To quote ARFCOM, Get both. Aren’t the Ithicas more numerous?

    • TechnoTriticale

      Are there any M10s available in original WW1 configuration?

      The C&R presentation makes it pretty clear that relatively few were made, and most of those were converted to standard M10 riot gun config after the war, including shortening of the barrel.

      C&R apparently couldn’t even find a full original for the show. What’s depicted is an M10 that managed to escape the barrel chop, but they still had to add back the upper handguard and bayo mount.

      Which is to say that the odds of an M10 at the local gun show being an actual unrestored M10 are perilously close to zero.

      • codfilet

        And if you do happen to find one, the price will have a couple of zeros behind it,too…….

    • b. griffin

      Winchester 12, ’nuff said.

  • BattleshipGrey

    “Edutained” is a great term. I’ll have to remember that one.

    After learning about that terrible wooden heat shield, I’m surprised the high-walled fore grip didn’t get invented right then instead.

  • codfilet

    I have a Model 10. Very complicated action-you need a Youtube video to figure how to take it down and reassemble it. The large bolt carrier assembly travels way back into the area of the pistol grip in the stock, leaving it paper-thin in that area-cracks are very common. Not my favorite shotgun at all-I’d much rather have a Model 97.

  • Major Tom

    This gun is OP as f*ck in Battlefield 1.

  • Full Name

    If you aren’t watching this channel’s videos, you are missing out.

    • ActionPhysicalMan

      If you hadn’t already watched the video and been supporting them via Patreon, you are negligent;-)

    • Othais

      I dunno, I heard it’s pretty boring.

  • CharlesH

    But the exposed hammer is what makes the Model 1897 so cool

    • LCON

      Mud just groupies it

  • The_Champ

    “the most feared weapon of the war – the trench gun”….. lets just ease up on the hyperbole a bit.

    Between C&Rsenal and daily videos from our lord and saviour gun Jesus(along with decent related content from inRange), we really are spoiled with gun videos. Almost every other firearms related video out there just tastes like bile in my mouth in comparison!

  • LCON

    Skeet shooting with Grenades…