Ruger LC9s: Now with Stainless Slide

Ruger LC9s

Sturm, Ruger and Company announced a new version of the LC9s: one with a stainless finished slide.┬áThe new guns are certainly not revolutionary, but they do offer the consumer another option when selecting a gun for purchase. In times like these – where there is a seeming drop in demand for at least some kinds of firearms – companies are able to focus on broadening consumer choice. It would seem that this LC9s is one such example.

The new pistols are functionally identical to the base Ruger LC9s. However, the latest introduction has a stainless finished slide. The barrel remains blued. For this version of the gun, the MSRP increased $20 to $499.

If you are not already familiar with these guns, the LC9s is a striker fired, compact pistol chambered in 9mm. Size-wise, the guns are larger than the LCP series, but smaller than the SR9 line of handguns. The pistol holds 7 rounds of 9mm in the magazine, and they have 3.12″ barrels.

While Ruger offers a number of LC9s pistols with a stainless slide, all of them before this one have been special runs made for various distributors like Talo and Gallery of Guns. Some of these special run models have different colored frames and elaborate scroll work on the slide.

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  • Raptor Fred

    This is not an LCRx 3in in .327 or .357 magnum. This gun is invisible to me until those are made.

    • Gary Kirk
      • Swarf

        What is– why…

        Can you give me some context for that picture?

        • Gary Kirk

          Sin city, the slide somehow flies off the back of the frame and inbeds itself in the shooter’s forehead..

          • Raptor Fred

            LOL , You know the .327, .357, and 9mm models are all beefed up.

          • Giolli Joker

            It happens because the ninja girl (forgot the name) swiftly throws a metal rod in the barrel just before the trigger is pulled.
            (not that it would happen in real life, just explaining the “somehow”)

          • Gary Kirk

            “It’ll backfire”

  • valorius

    I find the LC9 to be disappointingly large. I also hate the wannabe glock trigger.

    • Swarf

      I find the mag release to be disappointingly easy to activate unintentionally, and I am especially disappointed that I didn’t figure that out until I had paid for it, brought it home and taken it to the range the next day…

      Hopefully I can train my way around it.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Having shot and cleaned a LC9S, I must say I have zero interest at all. The version I shot had a safety (which I know is optional) but that safety was harder to disengage when you wanted to than most safeties I have used, the field stripping process is a huge PITA and made no more convenient by the magazine disconnect, and it didnt shoot well enough to negate any of those other downsides. Id rather have a Shield and for me thats saying something.

  • Obviousfakename

    With Smith offering a $75 dollar rebate on the Shield, I’m guessing that sales of the LC9S have cratered. This isn’t going to fix anything.