Voda Consulting Is Still At It, Showing Improper Firearm Safety And Use

Lucien Black is the man behind Voda Consulting. We posted about him in the past and his questionable approach to demonstrating firearm manipulation by pointing an actual gun into a student’s chest. He and the student let it slide in the fact that the gun was “empty” and it is all safe. Click here to refresh your memory.

Here is a video someone edited to point out the flagrant safety violations.


So what has Voda Inc been up to?


He is showing off by shooting at nothing and gets close to shooting his hand off. Oh and good job shooting the ceiling. I feel like he has been watching too many youtube videos of people drawing knives and pistols like Anton Beukes (sadly his videos have been taken down)

Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • somedingus

    Wow, that knife stuff is especially ridiculous. If this guy is somehow licensed, then these videos should be enough proof for someone to get it revoked.

    • RSG

      Licensed for what?

      • Hax Bond

        Licensed to kill obviously

        • Gary Kirk

          “Licensed to kill”.. What… Ceiling tiles?

          • iksnilol

            Don’t forget flooring and T-shirts.

      • Saint Stephen the Obvious

        He USED to be an NRA instructor and rumor has it the indoor range he did this knife/gun abortion banned him.

        • lucusloc

          Link? I am discovering that I love reading about this guy getting his comeuppance.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      His instructor certification was revoked this week.

      • civilianaf

        Imagine that…

      • lucusloc

        Link? I would love to read about that. . .

        • Sunshine_Shooter


          My bad, his credentials got revoked in 2015. That’s what I get for not vetting information.

          • lucusloc

            oh good. this guy needs to be blacklisted by everyone.

          • Cal S.

            He was kicked out and banned by that range. He-predictably-said it was because of racism.

            The consummate martyr…in his own mind.

          • lucusloc

            Wow, that’s makes him even more of an ass than I though he was.

          • Cal S.


  • Giolli Joker

    I don’t think that he really risked shooting off his hand, but this stuff is really dumb.
    Moreover, from a practical perspective, I guess that he’d be much more effective by using his weak hand to aid the extraction of the pistol, rather than taking the knife.

    • BattleshipGrey

      Spot on. If he were trying to use this “tactic” in a real life situation he’d be dead. He was not proficient at drawing either of his weapons. If you’re that close you may be better served to use both hands to subdue the attacker’s weapon depending on the situation.

  • gunsandrockets

    hashtag thugtactical?

    No. Just, No.

  • Jim Slade

    Indoor gun range ninjas are the best ninjas.

    • civilianaf

      What he said…

  • Some Rabbit

    He be so gangsta’. I think he learned everything he knows by watching Steven Segal movies.

    • πŸ¦‘ πŸ™

      Segal is a master with a pistol though.

  • Phillip Cooper

    “Thugtactical”. Tells me everything I need to know about this asshat.

  • Nicks87

    You already have a GUN why do you need a KNIFE?!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Look man, when you are face to face with someone and take 5 seconds to draw a handful of tshirt, you might need options!

      • Bierstadt54


      • Cory C


      • Giolli Joker

        To his defence, there’s a lot of real estate in fabric there…

        • Matt Taylor

          Voda Tactical – When your skills are this good who needs fitness?

    • Some Guy

      anime was a mistake

    • David Vasta

      To cut his shirt lose when he snags it.

  • BaldEagle

    In the first video he is rambling about scanning sides and back exactly like a certain Instructor Zero video (“Clear. VUOT clear?”). Feels good to know he has a role model at least.

    Or maybe not.

  • Phauxtoe

    the Dude is BAD ASS!

  • Mike

    He could be the technical director for any movies coming out of hollyweird these days.

    • Charles Applegate

      Whoa – when the ‘e’ is capitalized, you know the Education is real.

      • From his website:

        “VODA INC.
        is a Non-Profit firearms education and consulting Corporation that utilizes a trans-disciplinary learning method when it comes to learning and implementing Personal Protection Applications and Solutions. Meaning: we look at the totality of the client – Holistically.
        We accomplish this through integrating the following academic disciplines: Sociology, Organizational Science Psychology, Case-Management, Physics, Biomechanics, Physiology, Anthropology, Medicine, Case-Studies, Quantum Mechanics, Chaotic Social Systems Theoryβ„’ (proprietary), Economics, Statistics, Current Events, History, Law, Cybernetics and life experiences to name of few.”

        I was ready to write him off as a small “e” educator, but when I saw he is using a trans-disciplinary learning method that includes both quantum mechanics and cybernetics, I realized I was seeing the work of a big “E” educator.

        • crackedlenses

          This guy should write comic books. You can’t make this stuff up.

          • Evan

            I read somewhere that he claimed to have gone to some special secret squirrel Army school that doesn’t exist, too. What an oxygen thief.

        • .45

          Oh, buzz words. I like those too. He could have a chance at becoming a politician or upper class businessman with lingo like that.

        • There is no corporation, llc, nonprofi, or fictitious name filing for Voda or Lucian Black in North Carolina. He also never filed for any trademarks for the TM symbol he misuses.

        • Sulaco

          Quantum mechanics????

    • lucusloc

      So he has problems not just with basic safety, but with reading comprehension too? Its pretty easy to “debunk” his training as horrendously unsafe, and I have seen it done many times already, so the problem is definitely not on my end. . .

    • Ebby123

      Educator Dumbass.
      You shot the f**king ceiling and got banned from the range. (so the rumor goes).

      By all means, keep doubling-down. Its going so well for you thus far.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      “Remember I’m an educator.”

      Debunked, his instructor credentials got yanks years ago.


    • SPQR9

      You are a dangerously incompetent clown who can’t fire a Glock without inducing malfunctions.

  • Edison Frisbee

    This is what breaking through the “Tier 1” plateau looks like….

  • BillC

    VODA got trolled haaaaaard by Bar Stool Operators. They legitimately made him think that he was on the cover of RECOIL magazine.

    • iksnilol


  • Charles Applegate

    Maybe he can’t afford a dedicated training dummy-gun.

    • lucusloc

      Presumably when you *are* the training dummy that precludes you from needing a dummy gun.

  • Raptor Fred

    This is how the ceiling gets holes in it.

  • Raptor Fred
    • Ebby123

      You win the internets. All of them.

    • David Vasta

      Just goes to show you how terrible RECOIL is as a magazine if they had him on the cover.

      • Tyler Browne

        It’s photo shopped…

        • David Vasta

          Ahhhhh. Thanks…my head was exploding….This guy is within a few miles of me.

    • Cal S.

      Oh, I just died. If you showed him this, he’d probably think it was real!

    • LilWolfy

      Maybe there’s a market for gun industry satire printed publications…

      Dying over here!

  • Ebby123

    WHAT. THE ACTUAL. F***. did I just watch?

    1- Flash the attacker by grabbing lifting the front of your shirt (your gun is at 4:00).
    2- Grab a handful of shirt
    3- Let go of a handful of shirt, grab your gun.
    4- Poke the attacker lightly with your knife while pointing a loaded gun at your hand.
    5- Shoot the attacker in the chest
    6- Flag your knife hand some more, finger on the trigger this time.
    7- Shoot the ceiling.
    8- Congratulate yourself. You are now a samurai master… or… something.

    This guy gets it:

    • .45

      $20 says if they faced off at ten feet, the guy with the katana you posted would win…

      • lucusloc

        I bet the katana guy can get his sword out without grabbing a ton of shirt, so yeah, no bet.

      • Ebby123

        I would pay good money to see that happen…. for the good of the species of course.

  • .45

    Considering how eager he is to put his knife hand out in front of his muzzle, I wonder what his views are on press checks. Hahah. I crack me up.

    Any who, I get the vibe his super stupid tacticool knife/gun combo is more geared toward sucker punching someone than self defense, I kind of wonder who his intended market segment is…

  • K-Gunner

    He missed out on the perfect weapon for his advanced edged weapon bang bang technique. Totally tactical. Totally concealable. Totally operator. I’m going to write to him and make the suggestion. Maybe I’ll luck out and get some free training from him. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/faa29c1d9788f82afac5612611331654506c60afee42d766740b680db103c33b.jpg

    • Squirreltakular

      Oh please. Try to make it sound convincing. Maybe even suggest that you have a friend that can provide kydex holsters.

      • lucusloc

        I’d volunteer to be that friend. I’ve never made a kydex holster before, but I saw someone do it on the internet once. Judging by his “training” that should be way more credentials than he needs.

        • Ebby123

          I second that. I’ve made some kydex holsters before. This would totally be worth it.

          • lucusloc

            See, your experienced, and that’s bad. We can’t have someone even remotely close to qualified involved or it will ruin the whole thing.

          • K-Gunner

            Done. I tried to post screenshots but TFB moderators would not allow it. You can find his video on YouTube. It’s the slow motion “Matrix” edition of the video.

          • lucusloc

            if he bites let me know and I’ll order some kydex. . .

          • K-Gunner

            Bummer! TFB has been deleting my posts here and my comment is gone from the YouTube video of slo-mo awesomeness that is Lucien The Tactical Manatee.

          • lucusloc

            Yeah, I looked at the video and *all* the comments are gone. Same for all of his other videos. Seems someone cannot take the heat. What a looser.

    • lucusloc

      Do it. See if you can get him to post a video. Bonus points if you can get him to use one of the cheap Chinese knockoffs with the plastic handles and soft steel. You can get them for like $15 at any gun show.

    • Mike Lashewitz

      That will fit nicely in the IWB appendix position.

    • Capn Stefano

      This would only work if you had a matched pair in shoulder holsters, like Chuck Norris

    • RobertNorwood

      Well, if you had to throw it when empty at a bad guy (does Voda teach that?) the right spin might put it in his chest. Takes practice, I’d suggest a fake gun unless one really wants to bang their’s up. This of course is all tongue in cheek, the whole idea is preposterous.

    • Jason Adams

      That picture is priceless! LOL… I will be asked to make a holster for that someday…LOL

    • RetiredSOFguy

      If only you mounted a LER optic, with some 45 degree offset BUIS so you can roll the pistol and use them for close shots, then you’d have a totally tactical operator handgun that let’s you zap tangos out to 400m or something…

  • Gun Fu Guru

    I don’t mind that he took a headshot.
    I mind the extreme angle that put a hole in the ceiling. Hopefully the range owner recognize this guy and sue him for damages.

    • Lyman Hall

      The range owner booted him permanantly after several members threatened to cancel their memberships.

  • 22winmag

    Skilled shooting.

    A predominantly caucasian endeavour!

    • TheSeaward

      Don’t do what you’re doing.

    • lucusloc

      I think you need to stop hanging out in the inner city. . .

  • M-dasher

    If someone is that close to you, and prese ting a dangerous threat…..the LAST thing you want to do it tie up both hands trying to draw 2 different weapons…..

    Use your off hand to strike the attacker in the face or chest, and strike firmly to push the attacker off you and create distance….ooooor use your off hand to restrain the attackers wrapon while you draw

    But i guess thats not #thugtactical enough

    • iksnilol

      I pull my piece, and my backup gat then just Max Payne backwards in slow mo… that’s the CQB I know.

      • LilWolfy

        Pop some V, go into bullet time.

      • jonp

        Darn! I just put it into Matrix slow mo time, throw a knife between us and jump in the air, do a backflip crane turn around thing and kick the knife into his chest. I’ll try you way as it seems easier

        • iksnilol

          I dunno, your way seems cheaper. One knife vs 2 guns+ammo.

          • jonp

            it also bags me super models dressed in latex or leather. Total win

  • Hoplopfheil


  • John Browning’s Ghost

    Voda The Legend Continues.
    Raise the roof!

    • lucusloc

      The guy is like a real life Gecko45.

    • ElevenBravo

      At least out of ballistic range anyway…

  • Evan

    This dumbass is why gun control is a thing.

    • lucusloc

      Nah, gun control is a thing cause tyrants want control, and guns are pretty much *the* symbol of self determination and personal responsibility. There are dumbasses in most hobbies, but even if we got rid of all of ours there would still be a push for gun control. At best he is someone whose stupidity will be use as a prop, and he deserves to be shunned for that alone, but he cannot bear any of the actual blame. That blame is reserved for the asshats who actually want to infringe on our rights.

      • Evan

        Actually, you’re right about people wanting gun control for Orwellian reasons, but jackasses like this guy just make it easier for them. It’s true that there are idiots in every hobby, but gun idiots are worse than most. Apart from guns, my number one hobby is home brewing. An idiot homebrewer will just make bad beer, which will only negatively affect his friends who have to drink it to be polite. Guys like this will get people killed, and in doing so give those who would take our gun rights from us talking points. That’s a lot worse than some subpar beer.

        • lucusloc

          There are idiots who get themselves and other killed in any dangerous hobby, from firearms to kayaking to rock climbing. You only ever see the push for control over the guns. It is arguable if people like him make things easier for gun controllers. If he did not exist for real they would just make up someone like him. Those that want to believe will. Regardless, statistics show that idiots like him are a statistical outlier; the shooting sports are safer than many sports considered “safe”.

          • rennsport4.4TV8

            There are definite limits to kayaking and climbing (i guess rock climbing too). You can’t just do either one anywhere whenever you want. Just saying.

          • CommonSense23

            Guess you have never seen urban kayaking.

          • .45


            (I used to dabble in Parkour. Actually did fall once and was sore for a few days. Good exercise and lots of fun, but people frown on it like it is all about jumping off the highest building in the area and trespassing. Not like we in the US have an obesity problem and people need to exercise more or anything like that. You must exercise only in ways I see fit!)

          • Can’t (legally) just start popping off rounds wherever you want, either. “Wearing” a gun is wholly different from “shooting” a gun, much as towing a car on a trailer isn’t the same as driving it, which is why you can quite legally tow your non-road-legal race car down a suburban street, despite it not being legal to hop in, fire it up, and leave rubber tracks on the public road in front of your house while working on your 1/4 mile splits…

            In fact, wearing a gun for self defense is even closer to another activity — wearing a parachute while flying a plane. You’re not supposed to go skydiving with a bail out rig, but then again, the guy wearing a bailout rig has no intention of actually using it by choice.

          • rennsport4.4TV8

            That is true, but I was responding directly to what he said. His idea that other dangerous hobbies are not restricted is the topic on hand. I completely understand the difference between guns and extreme sports.

          • Evan

            An outlier he may be (and I’ve certainly never seen that kind of idiocy at the range), but the gun control types aren’t exactly concerned with facts. This idiot accidentally shoots someone on a slow news day, and all of a sudden he’s the face of gun owners in America, and living “proof” of how dangerous concealed carriers are.

      • 8166PC1

        Gun control is a thing because people want a safer society rather than some paranoid fantasy about obtaining control.

        • m-dasher

          did you have to eat a lot of lead paint chips as a kid?…..or were you naturally born this dense?

          • 8166PC1

            I don’t know have you?

        • JT Wise

          Don’t you have anything better to do Troll?

        • lucusloc

          That may be why some of the the public votes for gun control, but that is not why the leadership promotes it. Considering that it is common knowledge among those who follow this topic that gun control does not actually make you safer it is really hard to make the case that the gun control leadership only wants safety, unless you are also willing to make the case that they are somehow mentally deficient.

          • 8166PC1

            If gun control doesn’t make you safer then why does the UK,Australia, and Canada have far fewer gun deaths and injuries per capita than the USA does?

          • lucusloc

            Because you are using the metric of “gun death”. Sure banning guns reduces gun deaths. Banning cars would likewise reduce “car deaths”. The question is does a gun ban actually reduce the rates of violence and death. The data says it does not. In fact, in Australia the violent crime rate went up after the ban, and their homicide rate stayed more or less the same as the year before the ban. Similar trends were observed in the U.K. and in other locations that saw actual declines, they were less than what the U.S. experience while expanding gun ownership rates.

            Measuring gun deaths is just a way for politicians to lie to you, claiming success when there is none by hiding the trends that really matter. Anyone who uses the metric of “gun death” to justify some policy or other is at bets ignorant of the wider argument and impacts, at worst deliberately trying to mislead you. What you should ask anyone who uses that metric is “but what about the over all violence and murder trends?” That will either get them to equivocate or flee the discussion, because the numbers never look good from that perspective. Australia did this when pointing out that their gun ban did lead to a reduction in homicide rates more than 6 years after the ban, but ignored the fact that this reduction both mirrored a worldwide trend, and that the trend started well before the ban. Taking these data points into consideration and it seems likely that the gun ban actually paused an existing downward trend. The U.S. enacted no such ban (and actually lifted the “assault weapons” ban during that time frame) and experienced a longer and steeper decline in both violence and homicides.

            If you want to get really detailed, violence and homicide rates track far closer to economic indicators than they do with any gun related legislation, pro or con. So if you want to really reduce violent crime and homicide, the best way to do that seems to be to promote rapid (and legal) economic growth, rather than trying to legislate what in the end is only a tool. Legislating tools does not change underlying behavioral incentives, only what options are available to achieve an individuals desired end goals. If there is still a motivation to murder, that murder will happen with or without the gun. But gun control proponents would have you believe that the murders that happens with knives, bats and fists are somehow less worthy of attention than murders by guns. They have to frame the discussion this way, because it is the only way they can cast their policies in a good light. Any other angle shows those policies to be heartless, pointless and uncaring, seeking to control their fellow man to soothe their own baseless phobias.

            So the short of it is look at all the data, not just the data that is presented to you.

          • Dan

            You think getting rid of guns is going to deter anyone from trying to kill someone? Nope, people will just use the next tool they come across to do it. Killers are killers with or without guns. Look at Manchester and London recently. People will shed blood whenever and wherever they feel like it and no law will stop it.

        • jcitizen

          That is because they believe what the controllers tell them. An unarmed society is one that can be taken over by organized crime and oligarchs like Putin.

          • 8166PC1

            So the UK,Australia, and Canada are corrupt like Russia? What a load of bullshit.

          • jcitizen

            Last I checked violent crime is up this year in Australia, and knife crimes are up four times in the UK by recent statistics, but the BBC says the way the statistics are gathered is flawed. According to them the number of violent crimes has risen consecutively for four years. Canada does not have the draconian laws that the other Commonwealth nations do, even though they have recently instituted more restrictions; so it will statistically insignificant to compare rates, as theirs were falling before the anti-gun measures were only recently put into effect.

            Given time and any sweeping political trends it is just a historical given that the people will lose more control over their own fate. For hundreds of years the UK lords and barons fought battles for more rights and won the Magna Carta – a good start to more rule of law to the people – the idea that only royalty had the right to arm was later practically abolished – In world war 2 there were home guards on almost ever street corner to assure no German infiltration, or to help stave off an invasion – the US had to send them the weapons because there weren’t enough of them to go around – since then it has been a British policy to throw them into the sea – and almost all firearms ownership is prohibited – how long before the winds of change put the common man back in chains? Time will tell – but history repeats, so we will see.

  • plumber576

    This should really just be a link to everydaynodaysoff. TFB can keep its nose clean and ENDO can take out the trash.

  • n0truscotsman


    Nothing to see here.

  • David Vasta

    I love it that he has three accents he uses in his videos. So far I have found three. He might have more. Dude is mentally unstable.

  • Eric

    I like his bracelet.

    • uisconfruzed

      Wears it like he stole it… from his daughter.

    • Marcus D.

      No matter what other people say, pearls go with anything.

  • Jim_Macklin

    I was thinking about offering a course in dueling. $100 an hour. But I’m having trouble with the liability waiver.

  • durabo

    It’s as clear as “voda” (Russian for water) that this fat impostor should be sent back to wherever he is from, to teach his Third World compatriots how to kill each other via range accidents.

  • iksnilol

    I believe in Voda, he believes in me so I should believe in him.

  • Andrew

    All the sudden got an accent?

  • Donald Darr

    Pearl bracelet is very nice!

    • BraveNewWhirled

      All the girls are wearing them.

  • Scott825

    It’s the pearl double-band bracelet, that’s what is causing all the problems.

    He needs to switch to giant hoop earrings, something outside his field of vision.


  • Sasquatch
  • Jedediah Pendergast

    What’s the over/under on how many ranges he’s been banned from?

    • Grey Beard

      I will be the first to go all in and say every single one that he demonstrated his awesome skillset at that had somebody over the age of 6 in charge.

  • David L. Willis

    are those tactical pearl bracelets? EDC pearl necklace?

  • Jason Bourne

    My favorite quote at 1:03-1:05 in the first video: “We will draw back the knife, for compression…”

    Really? Compression??

  • gun lub member

    Who is this moron ?

  • gun club member

    speaking of morons , in my initial post ,I spelled “club” incorrectly . At least I did not point a pistol at some one .

  • I read it—He just doesn’t know what he’s doing it has nothing to do with race.

  • Rogertc1

    Least isn’t holding gun sideways

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      He is for his second shot.

  • RobertNorwood

    Stupid, in firearms as in life you have to have rules you do not break. One is never point a frirearm at someone else – unless you must use it. Voda breaks that rule, or may I say -First Commandment of gun handling?

  • pcjunkie429

    Such a shame. I just went to this video, and all the comments have been removed/deleted. I wanted to see what he (or anyone else that believes in his BS) said to you lol. He just can’t stand the fact that he’s a dumbass that violates every firearms safety rule known to man.

    He thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, but he’s nothing more than the crumbs at the bottom of the bag.

  • Jason Adams

    I have seen enough. It would behoove him to buy a bluegun or two. And one of these days someone is going to find a firearm that was overlooked for a safety check and it is going to be embarrassing at best. But it is not my problem except it will give our industry a bad rep if he gets someone hurt or killed. If he feels he needs to use actual firearms he should flag or strap them at best.

    The Darwin awards come to mind…

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Disobey the basic principles of safety you will pay for it, sooner or later you’ll pay.

  • Dirk Dasterdly

    Okay, I can’t top Raptor Fred. I read the reviews and then just had to watch the video. WTF is the best I can come up with. Also, did his accent in the second (or third) video change a bit? The knife attack one? Is he watching too many Mastro videos? Props to Raptor Fred, though. I actually thought that cover was real until I read it all more closely. I thought, “When did Recoil start doing bits on Geo Metros?” …ahhhh. Okay. A little slow on the uptake. Breathing too much lead dust I guess.

  • TBW

    Wait a minute, I’m a bit slow…
    Did the dude say he stabs the assailant in the throat with his left hand to act as an “anchor” while he uses his right hand and a “fowdy” to shoot em in the head then chest? Then he withdraws so he can shoot somebody else around the still standing stabbed and shot tango using him as cover? Thats the definition of tactical!

  • KiwiGuy

    Curious, does the indoor range know of his behaviour and shooting holes in the ceiling ?

  • jonp

    Im not a professional operator and dont play one on tv but who in their right mind lets anyone point a firearm at them like that jackass?
    Oh, if your move is jamming a knife into someones throat then pointing it downward as an “anchor” why are you doing anything after that unless you just attacked The Terminator?

  • BeoBear

    Surely he gets points for developing the double draw pistol and knife technique right? I mean it’s totally ridiculous, will probably cause you to shoot your hand and completely ineffective but it’s bound to end up in movie at some point lol. Seriously though, I’ve never heard of this guy before reading the article and watching the videos, I can’t believe he’s even allowed to carry a gun let alone teach people. Scary….I feel bad for the people who are “taught” by him and I feel even worse for the people who get negligently shot by the people who are taught by him.

  • FuLL eFFekT1

    The hashtag #thugtactical tells you ALL you need to know about “Voda Consulting”