Grappling Hooks To Lawn Darts – X Products .308 Multi Use Launcher

How do you take an already awesomely fun product and make it better? By supercharging it with .308, of course. X Products has just announced a battle rifle caliber version of their Can Cannon – a blank firing upper receiver that can launch soda cans, t-shirts and more. Why, you ask? Because life is too short to not have a bit of pure fun. The Multi Use Launcher or M.U.L. retails at $499 and is compatible with any .308 patterned AR lower.


Multi Use Launcher



X Products .308 Multi Use Launcher

The long awaited .308 Multi Use Launcher (M.U.L.) finally available in limited quantities. This launcher uses our proprietary .308 blanks and our pantent can cannon design to push heavier objects further than our standard 5.56 can cannon. Designed for use with heavy walled objects as well as the X Products Grappling Hook the Multi Use Launcher, or M.U.L., gives you the ability to heavier objects at a much faster muzzle velocity and further than its smaller counter part. Designed using an Aero M5 upper deciever it should mount to any standard DPMS pattern lower, just drop it into your lower install your BCG and charging handle and you are good to go.

We are currently designing the following accessories for this product:

  • Grappling Hook (For Sale Now!)
  • Net Launcher (In Sketch)
  • Dog Training Toys For Duck Hunting and Retrieval
  • T Shirt Launching
  • Lawn Darts
  • Harpoon

Harpoon WARNING: Use only X Products Provided .308 blanks, other manufacturers blanks will not fit or function with this design. Do not point at people or personal property


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  • Giolli Joker

    “a blank firing upper receiver that can launch soda cans, t-shits and more”
    I don’t really know what “T” stands for, but I definitely don’t want to be down range when t-shits are being shot!

    • BattleshipGrey


      • pun&gun

        Always tactical.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Lol. Crap. Fixed. Thanks.

  • zellgato

    I wonder.. I dont’ think i’ve ever (knowingly ) seen blanks to purchase.

    • Rick O’Shay

      If I remember right, they’ll sell you blanks too.

      • And there are blank crimping dies for reloaders.

  • faxification

    Nice idea.
    So we can shoot some varmints with a t-shirt in the face.

  • Rick O’Shay

    Any DPMS-patterned .308 lower. It won’t fit on an Armalite .308.

    • Nicks87

      Plus DPMS has two different patterns of .308 lowers.

      • AK™

        Since its on a AP upper,it’s gotta be Gen 1.

  • Some Rabbit

    So I’m guessing they got a pass from ATF. As I recall the feds had concerns that the long fat tube could easily be converted to a suppressor by adding a baffle stack and end cap.

    • The issue wasn’t that it was a silencer, but that it could become a SBR. IIRC it could chamber normal rounds, and the barrel wasn’t strong enough to actually stop the bullet.

      • Giolli Joker

        IIRC it is designed to not be able to chamber normal rounds.
        If I had to guess an ATF concern, I’d say it would about it falling in the DD category.
        However the .223 version has been in the market for a while.

        • The recall letter said it would be a SBR or an AOW (depending on what type of lower it was put on).

          • Giolli Joker

            OK, I see I was trying to apply logic to an ATF letter, my bad.
            Pretty sure it is a blank only barrel, however.

          • Cymond

            “Pretty sure it is a blank only barrel, however.”

            It is now.
            The first gen models had barrels that were plugged with a threaded cap that could be unscrewed.

        • Machinegunnertim

          The barrel has to be rifled and larger than .50 to fall into D.D. status.

  • B-Sabre

    “Designed using an Aero M5 upper deceiver
    I got nothin’…

    • Giolli Joker

      Actually they wrote “deciever”, so they did not get even the spelling…

  • Ahab

    I’m still holding out for the .50 bmg harpoon hit. That should be a whale of a good time.

    • Ebby123

      A wholly excellent post.

    • AlanHan

      I’ll just call you Ishmael, if that’s OK…

      • iksnilol

        Don’t, he might feel tempted to knock the hat right off your head.

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    Great! Now lots of mall ninjas shooting grappling hooks but are too out of shape to climb the rope.

  • Ebby123

    Is it compatible with DPMS GEN-1 Lower receiver or a DPMS GEN-2 lower receiver? They are definitely not the same thing.

  • b0x3r0ck

    Someone really needs to make an T.R.D.D (Tactical Rapid Deployed Drone) for this thing.

    • GaryOlson

      I was thinking of using this and the net for a Tactical Rapid Drone Disabler. Guy down the street has been warned.

  • Renegade

    X-Products has been “designing the following accessories” since before the .223 can cannon was released.

  • Kevin Craig

    “Proprietary blanks”?

    • bluecheesedressing

      Killed my intrest right there.

  • 22winmag

    Firearns not T-shirt throwers.

  • Brett baker

    It IS cheaper than an M79. COLA OUTBOUND! FIRING FOR AFFECT!

  • Raptor Fred
  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Just announced? Wait what? I’ve owned one of these for a couple months now (Yes, the .308 variant.) They were even running a 30% off sale.

  • Matt Taylor

    Gen-1 was not designed that way if I recall…