Derek Giddings is a shooter for the H&K Shooting Team. Check out the MP5 he is using. It is setup purposefully for racing.

The optic is set high as well as the stock.

The position of the stock actually lowers the bore of the barrel helping in minimizing muzzle climb. If low bore axis works in handguns, it should work well for PCC. With the optic set that high it allows for a clearer sight picture.  Cowitnessing Irons on an MP5 can get a little crowded and since this is a purpose built race gun, speed is the priority.


  • Haulin’ Oats

    Full auto wins the race every single time.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Looks like it might be semi-auto only though.

      • More than likely, I doubt I anyone would put a transferable machine gun through the abuse that is competitive shooting.

        • Flounder

          Why not? You can have the full auto parts repaired/replaced if you have all your paperwork done. I think it involves atf approval or paperwork to destroy the old ones. Or maybe the guy i am thinking about just went to extreme lengths to have the parts repaired since the gun is sooooooooo valuable.

          And MP5’s have a massive aftermarket. You could easily replace all the non NFA parts.

          Also, who said it had to be transferable? Do cops and FFLs not compete? Is there any rules against dealers using dealer sample only guns in competition?

          • Destroy and replace is no longer an option AFAIK. The ATF revoked that a while back as people were abusing it.

            As far as dealer samples, and cops both are extremely rare scenarios.

        • Wolf

          He is sponsored by H&K, they have MP5’s just sitting around that are non transferable. The gun could very easily just belong to H&K but Derek gets supervised visitation rights for training and competition.

          • I am friends with a couple of Hk shooters (competition shooting is a small world). Granted I don’t know the ins and outs of the relationship, but it sounds like it isn’t that close of a relationship that they would be lending out machine guns.

            With exception of a few shooters actually employed directly by the gun companies, the sponsorships are no where near as lavish nor as close as people imagine.

            ETA: He replied above that it is a SBR with a semi-auto trigger pack.

          • Derek Giddings

            Hi Wolf! While I do run my HK SP5K in matches, the firearm featured here is a Dakota Tactical D54-N (MP5). It was built with all HK MP5 Navy parts on Dakota Tactical’s amazing receiver. It is almost impossible to distinguish the real MP5-N from my D54-N (even the welds are identical)!!!!!!! There is no full size MP5 varient currently available in the US from Heckler & Koch. If you are not familiar with Dakota Tactical, I encourage you to check them out!!!!

      • It looks like a legitimate S-E-F trigger group. Note that it is pinned with a flapper magazine release. The HK94 trigger group did not have the forward pin and lacked the flapper.

        That said, while USPSA Rifle, Shotgun and Multigun rules allow for the use of registered machineguns, you are not allowed to shoot in either full-auto or burst modes (Rule 4.2.13.) I believe they are taking the same attitude for PCC. However, unlike the rifle rules, sound suppressors are not allowed for PCC. They were reportedly afraid that the timers could not reliably pick up the fired shots.

      • Derek Giddings

        Correct, that one is a SBR with a semi auto trigger pack

    • Major Tom

      And looks a lot more spectacular.

  • QuadGMoto

    Other than a folding stock for concealability, why would such a setup be “race gun” specific? Speed and accuracy seem to matter a great deal on working guns, too.

  • Joel

    The magazine release is probably hurting him on short stages with mandatory magazine changes. One suspects other setups are faster.

    • Derek Giddings

      believe it or not, the release is not that bad but I think a flared mag well would add to speed on reloads with this platform

  • Lance

    Prefer a standard MP-5K folding stock.

    • Derek Giddings

      I like the K folders as well….they don’t work well with raised optics which is why I use the Spuhr adapter to raise my cheek weld. This allows me to get the dot above the front sight tower for a sight picture I prefer and gives me the option to add magnification. In 3 gun PCC Division, we often have to hit tiny steel targets past 100 yards.

  • USMC03Vet

    Look at all that Magpul on HK. This is how WW3 is going to start…

    • Gus Butts

      Literally just a stock?

      • Derek Giddings

        Correct, the stock is the only Magpul item

        • Gregor

          Derek, why did you choose the MOE SL stock? Best mix of added cheek rest and simplicity oder other reasons? And who makes that 40 round magazines that are supposed to work well enough for IPSC? 🙂

          • Derek Giddings

            The MOE SL was generously given to me by Magpul to try and I loved it! It is simple, light weight, and provides a great cheek weld. I tried it and it has not come off the gun! The 40 rounders are max capacity products

  • Gabriel

    What’s that red dot?

    • Ken

      Aimpoint, either a T2 or H2. Probably the H2 since I think the forward cap on the T2 doesn’t have the see-through capability.

      • Derek Giddings

        Ken, you are spot on!!! H2 as I don’t need night vision capabilities for competition

  • SMH

    I guess that 40 round mag he has there must work. I need a few of those.

  • Brett baker

    Still no last shot hold open.

    • Derek Giddings

      While the 9mm MP5s don’t have a last round bolt hold open like the 40s and 10s, it has never been an issue. I usually suffer from the hold open on a 40 because I forget it’s there!!! 🙂

      • Brethren Armament

        try our EMR. It may improve your reload times. Email us an address and we will send you one.

  • Andy

    Not sure how an AR stock and higher optic make a gun a “race gun”, but that’s on the writer, not the shooter. I have shot and won matches with my MP5s and one of the main benefits I saw was the low bore axis for consistent accuracy on paper. I had my rails welded on to get even lower and have good iron cowitness. I personally don’t like this setup, but he’s on the HK shooting team, so he probably knows more than me. But a race gun? No.

    • Derek Giddings

      Hey Andy, I come from shooting iron sights on the 90 series guns and can appreciate what you say about bore axis! In 3 gun specifically, we have to engage tiny steel targets at distances past 100 yards while still having close in hoser targets. This set up allows me to easily add a 3x magnifier and have a clean sight picture (just a dot and no front sight hood). As with all guns and set ups, there are trade offs…..for the shooting I am doing it was an easy adjustment to learn my poi with a higher dot and get used to my hold overs in order to gain the ability to add flip to side magnification. For me, having the dot above the front sight hood makes it easier to see and shoot the dot faster. I also am a purist and still love to run irons when I can! Hope to see you at a match sometime with our MP5s!!!