Colt Announces Series 70 Competition Pistols

Colt Series 70 1911

Series 70 vs Series 80 is a bit of a holy war within the 1911 community. Many purists believe that Series 70 pistols are a superior version of the gun (and they can make a good case for it.) If you prefer Series 70 guns, I have good news: Colt’s Manufacturing Co is now making the Series 70 Competition Pistol.

Until now, the Competition Pistol line has been limited to Series 80 builds. However, going forward the company will also offer Series 70 versions in .45 ACP, 9mm and .38 Super. Both blued and stainless steel models will be represented in the Series 70 line.

All of the other features will be identical between the Series 70 and 80 guns. For example, both guns will have 5″ National Match barrel, custom blue G10 grips with the company logo, front fiber optic sights and a rear adjustable Novak sight. Also, these guns use the company’s Dual Spring Recoil System.

Prices will also stay the same. This means no one will have to pay a premium for the gun they prefer. According to a Colt press release, the standard Competition Pistol with blued finish will run you $899 for either 9mm or .45 ACP, while the .38 Super runs a bit more: $949. However, the company’s website shows the blued Competition Pistol in .38 Super with a MSRP of $999. The Stainless Steel Competition models are $100 more for each model.

Richard Johnson

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  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    This is a buy for me. I bought the stainless 38 Super last year and have a blued one too. I’m thinking Mrs vS will never know the difference as long as I never have the stainless 80 and the new one side by side.

  • Jeff Smith

    Revolvers and Series 70 1911s? Did someone at Colt fall, hit their head, and figure out the laws of supply and demand?

    • Hoplopfheil

      Maybe they hired Lee Iacocca?

  • BlueMarlin Blues

    Another groundbreaking release from Colt.

  • Spencerhut

    Where is your argument FOR Series 80? Oh that is right, there isn’t one. Except maybe for people like me that make money taking the Series 80 junk out for people that want to be able to disassemble / reassemble their gun without tweezers.
    Series 80 is an abomination. Only Kimber was able to make Series 80 worse with years of research and profit driven consumer advertising designed to lock people into a gun that looks like a 1911 but requires you to buy parts from one source.

    • valorius

      Many of us have an unreasonable expectation that, should our firearm fall, it not go boom when it hits the ground.

      Crazy, i know.

      • Spencerhut

        Titanium firing pin, duh

        • valorius

          Well i will say it’s good there is a workaround for the lack of a firing pin safety. Sadly, not all series 70s have them.

          • Spencerhut

            So take like 5 minutes and $25 and put one in. Problem solved.

          • valorius

            I’m guessing 99% of the series 70’s out there dont have a Ti firing pin.

          • Spencerhut

            100% of mine do.

          • valorius

            And yours make up .000000001% of the series 70s in existence?

    • Flounder

      Not shooting your child accidentally
      Not shooting the dog
      Not shooting yourself…
      The list goes on. But I think anyone reading your comment and seeing my reply will understand.

      There is a very obviously lack of details on how colt is making this series 70 safe. My guess is that it absolutely would fail any drop test out there.

      • alex archuleta

        If your that concerned about a 70’s series then just add a heavier firing pin spring from the original spec, which is probably what Colt and every other company that makes series 70 does.

        • Flounder

          They have tried lightweight firing pins and different springs. They still are not really drop safe. And i mean from the waist drop safe. Like sub 3 ft.

      • RetroG

        Exactly how high do you drop your guns muzzle down?

      • Spencerhut

        Same thing Springfield did, put in a titanium firing pin.

    • Bill

      As much as I love the Series 70, a fighting gun has to be drop-safe.

      • Spencerhut

        So put A titanium firing pin in it.

        • Bill

          I dunno. I’m not sure that’s a %100 solution. My preference is to leave my fighting guns stock, and frankly I’ve never found the Series 80 trigger unmanageable.

          • Spencerhut

            Yeah, what does Springfield know? They have only been making drop tested 70 Series 1911’s for how long?
            Titanium firing pin and an in spec FP spring. Done.
            Series 80 is an abomination.

          • Bill

            I carried a Springfield 1911 before I went to an agency that prohibits SA autos, and was never under the delusion that it was drop safe. But I also carried a Series 80 Colt and never noticed a significant difference under practical conditions.

          • Spencerhut

            What delusion? A S70 with a good Firing Pin Spring and titanium FP is drop safe. You don’t seriously think the commies in CA would allow it on the CA Handgun Roster if it is wasn’t . . . do you? A proper Firing Pin Spring and titanium FP makes the entire S80 / Kimber Firing Pin Safety BS more redundant and worthless than it was when developed.

      • Zebra Dun

        A rough ride caused me to drop from a holster my Series 70 locked and loaded it fell from horse back at speed. all it did was bounce.
        a 1976 model dinged it up, scratches and dirt I cleaned, stoned the nicks down and it’s still working fine. I personally love mine.

    • Flounder

      If you look at the specs sheets there is no mention of a lighter firing pin or any additional safety measures.

      It just has a list of states that it is illegal in. Possibly due to the fact that it cant pass a drop test reliably.

      Lighter giring pins only make a gun safer, not actually safe. I kinda approve of them. But would prefer competent manufacturers to design a better solution.

      • Spencerhut

        1911’s are perfectly safe. You are being a chicken little.

  • S Spitz

    Meh, still no double stack from dolt.

  • Hoplopfheil

    I guess it depends, which series is the Star Model B Super?

    I guess that’s more of a Hi-Power…

  • Rogertc1

    Can you say double eagle?

  • Joshua Graham

    JFC. Make something new already.

  • valorius

    More innovation from Colt.

  • valorius

    Still waiting for a 2017 series.

  • Lawrence Dolha

    Personally I prefer the Series 70 over the 80. I have nothing against anyone who likes the 80 for safety reasons, but I have never found the 70 to need anymore safeties than it already has. The only thing potentially unsafe about it is the person attached to it or for that matter any gun. I have two 70’s, a Colt Gov. and a Ruger Stainless. I haven’t had any safety issues with either. The Ruger does have a stronger firing pin spring and a titanium firing pin. I usually carry my 1911, locked and loaded. (with a chambered round, Hammer fully cocked, and safety on). This is the way it was meant to be carried by John Browning. I’ve had my Colt 1911 Series 70 since around 1975, I’m turning 65 this year in October and to be honest, I’ve never dropped either of my 1911’s. If you leave a chambered round and the hammer down and drop it It may very well fire. If you are afraid to carry locked and loaded, then don’t chamber a round.

  • Mark Horning

    I just wish they would drop that horrible humped grip safety.

  • mazkact

    I’ve never owned a series 80 1911 but 90% of my other Semi auto handguns have firing pin safeties and are reliable and have good triggers. Mostly they are CZ 75 and clones thereof with the odd Hi Power , Stars and certain polymer framed ones. What exactly does the addition of a FP block do to a 1911 that is so different from other designs ? Just wondering.

  • maodeedee

    The series 80 safety system is totally unnecessary. Ruger figured out that if you just replace the steel firing pin with a Titanium firing pin and use a stiffer firing pin spring, no kind of added mechanism is needed.

    And any 1911 can be fitted with a titanium firing pin an da stronger spring if your worried about dropping your gun.

    • georgesteele

      Increasing? A lighter firing pin should *decrease* lock time.

  • uisconfruzed

    Such passion!

    BTW- Ford sucks

  • Zebra Dun

    I own a Colt Government model, series 70 MK IV in .45 acp made and purchased in 1976 it is still going strong.
    I use it as my Horse back riding weapon.
    It is my favorite handgun.

  • bob

    Until Colt moves out of one of the most anti gun States in the U.S. I will NOT buy anything from Colt !!