Lone Wolf Distributors Teasing Billet Glock Extractors

Despite being bemoaned by many a “learned” firearms enthusiast MiM, or metal injection molding, is a common process used to create small parts. It is expensive to set up.  But when used in high-volume applications for small complex components, it can create cost-effective ready-to-go parts in just one go where machining billet is too costly. When done well. MiM has 99% of the strength as billet construction.

This process was not lost on one Gaston Glock, who’s use of modern materials and processes produced the Glock that we all love to love (or hate). From injection molded frames, stamped rails, and various other cast components, typically only the barrel and slide are from “old” manufacturing techniques like forgings and billets.

But, that does not mean there is not a market for well-machined billet parts. A classic example of this is the reasonably unreliable Remington 870 extractor who benefits from the better machining. So, it comes as no surprise to see Lone Wolf Distributors teasing a stainless steel billet Glock extractor for 9mm handguns.

While Lone Wolf is not the first to the market with a billet replacement/upgrade, it’s arguable they might be the best, having been offering parts for the platform for over a decade. The new extractor is not yet ready for prime-time, but some lucky shooters were selected from Lone Wolf’s Facebook page to do some T&E.

No word yet on price or availability, but knowing Lone Wolf, it will be widely available and value priced.


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  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Is there any part of a Glock that is perfect from the factory?

    • R. Kenneth Thorstenson IV

      Not according to an aftermarket parts manufacturer. I wonder why.

    • Big Daddy

      The gun is a great design but has to be kept correctly, that means changing out the recoil spring on schedule, cleaning a certain way(it doesn’t need a lot), oiling it correctly. I have shot ones with a few hundred thousand rounds through them, original ones Gen 1 & 2.

    • Spencerhut

      Not when there are people out there with money in their pockets.

  • Johnsmyname

    Interesting idea for Lone Wolf share holders, but find me one example of an extractor failing under normal use. Waste of time and money.

    • Spencerhut

      Have yet to see one break on a Glock.

    • HSR47

      Newer Glocks, especially 19s, tend to start suffering from the “brass to face” problem at around 1,000 rounds.

      The part commonly blamed for the issue is the extractor, because the rest of the parts involved haven’t recently undergone any drastic changes, and the problem started appearing right about when Glock moved to the current MIM LCI extractor.

      As a result, a common treatment is to replace the extractor with an aftermarket extractor machined from billet.

  • Matt

    This is like buying cold air intake for your Honda Civic…

    • Tim

      With or without the “fart can”, kazoo inspired, exhaust?

  • Pedro .Persson

    That is about one of the most inefficient, time consuming and expensive ways to make an extractor I could possibly think off. Just cast the past properly and give it a proper heat treatment and you’re done… as pointed in the article.

    Real engineering is about results and efficiency to choose the right process and material for the right task, not the perceived image or feelings of a processes or material, that is with the marketing guys and the public that bought the snake oil. One of the reasons why I profoundly dislike 3D printing and the geek fanboys around it.

    • Big Daddy

      I’m no metallurgist but a good quality metal rated for the amount of stress, cast and hardened should be an upgrade. Billet is overrated, it’s a high performance method and not really for prolonged stress as far as I know. It’s better for machining to a certain spec and changing it for better performance quickly and quickly making new upgraded versions, that’s what was going on in auto racing years ago. A head or manifold design can be made quickly with billiet and tested modified and so on for best performance. I would not to use this in a carry gun I shoot a lot at the range.

      • Pedro .Persson

        I would… if if it was up to modern and future standards which most likely will be machined from a blank who went to all the heat treatment and precipitation and aging and all bells an whistles of proprietary treatments before being machined… and most shops wont be able to do it in an economical scale.

        Frankly depending on the geometry of the extractor I would go for powder metallurgy for a more reliable and consistent product.

        • noob

          The one thing I like about the photo, is you can see the claw of the next extractor to be machined emerging from the billet under the nearly finished extractor that is about to be broken off. At least that shows that they are not totally insane when it comes to manufacturability. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/25f75caf4de1e09e36080171c8370363860ac8be09ba38c36341a7385262563e.jpg

          • noob

            WAIT I’m wrong. It’s impossible that there is another extractor so close to the finished part because the cylindrical spring interface would have no metal to be made out of (it has to be level with the claw). That whole billet will need to be cut off and start from square this idea is like a gold plated toilet seat.

    • Phillip Cooper

      So you say that real engineering is about results and the means to achieve it.. then talk down about one of the leading methods of getting those results.

      Brilliant. Oh wait, no, I mean stupid.

      No, it doesn’t work for everything- but seeing as how they are literally printing rocket engine pieces (like the nozzle!) now and having no problems, I’d say you are missing the point.

  • Dan

    If they’d machine little tiny dimples that hold onto my FireClean longer, I’d definitely be interested. Can’t tell you how many extractor failures I’ve had in crummy stock Glocks over the years. It’s, like, almost uncountable.

  • Will this extractor keep my G19 from pummeling me with brass to the face? If so, count me “in”.

    • Big Daddy

      It is supposed to help but a lot of Glocks do that. Not everyone though, enough do. Do you keep the extractor clean? There’s a groove that needs to be kept clean, you can see it, there’s a lot of buildup there. I also go with 6lbs springs. If it’s an older one also try a new ejector. I don’t know for sure but it could be the ejector. I have noticed little differences in them over the years. I try to fine tune mine without losing the reliability of a carry gun. It’s hard to do that on a firearm built like that.

    • Spencerhut

      Stop limp wristing your gun.

      • Rob

        This problem goes beyond limp wristing.

    • Joshua Graham

      Buy the Apex part and install it. I did. Fixed brass to the face issues that popped up around 1000 rounds when the extractor spring weakened.

      • Phillip Cooper

        umm, what Apex part?????

        • Joshua Graham

          Failure Resistant Extractor

          • Phillip Cooper


          • Phillip Cooper

            Thanks very much!

  • A.WChuck

    Wow, look at all that wasted material that you get to pay for when you buy one of these.

    • Edeco

      They should have an extra deluxe version that’s the same but made from an unnecessarily large cube of billet.

      • Jason

        That’s awesome

  • Dougscamo

    Apparently, my 870 Wingmaster has a machined extractor since it hasn’t failed to extract in 50 years of use including 31 years of LE….and at the level of use was high enough to where I am on my 3rd firing pin….

    • Spencerhut

      Older ones are machined. The new ones are MIM and I’ve replaced a bunch of them.

      • Dougscamo

        Just my curiosity…are Wingmasters still made with machined extractors or are all 870s now using MIM?

        • MiamiC70


          • Dougscamo


      • plumber576

        I have a hard time not buying every sub-$300 old Wingmaster at gunshows for many reasons including this.

  • PeterK

    Seems superfluous. But also awesome.

  • Raptor Fred

    Grok gen 3 9mm no extract right evar, need more sparkle trinkets inside. SHOOT HOTTER AMMO!! 115gr bulk ammo loaded with fairy dust is a major contributor to many ejection problems.