Breaking: Rock Island Armory Teases the SF9

Rock Island Armory posted some pictures to it’s Facebook page at the beginning of this month that appear to show a brand new gun from the Philippines-based firearms manufacturer. These pictures reveal a striker fired, polymer frame 9mm pistol called the RIA SF9.

The new pistol is obviously on display at some sort of show. The accompanying flyers at the display describe this new offering as a 9mm, striker-fired, 17-round, full-sized, semi-auto handgun. Further scrutiny of the mobile upload pictures show what appears to be a Lone Wolf Timberwolf Frame, an aftermarket frame for GLOCK handguns. It seems to this author that Armscor is going to be selling GLOCK clone pistols under the Rock Island Armory brand. The specs indicate a parkerized finish on the steel parts, a 4 inch barrel and a 5.5 pound trigger pull.

The offering of clone of the most popular handgun in the US market makes some kind of sense if you take into account that RIA already offers GLOCK slides and barrels, although not in 9mm, with their .22TCM 9R Conversion Kits and the slide of the pistol on display looks quite a bit like the RIA conversion kit slides. While other manufacturers have and do offer GLOCK clones, most I can think of are the exact opposite of inexpensive. RIA might just feel there is room in the US market for a value-priced GLOCK clone.

You can check out the pictures on Rock Island Armory’s Facebook page here. 

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  • Twilight sparkle

    If they get the price around the same as the sd9ve or lower then it could stand a chance.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      If they come even close to glock quality at that price point I’d buy couple for backups to secure around my house and vehicles.

  • Thamuze Ulfrsson

    Looks like a Glackerooni

  • Audie Bakerson

    When is a Glock not a Glock?

    I’d like to see the completely slide sold separately, for all the polymer 80s out there.

    • m-dasher

      if theyre getting the frames from Lone wolf, chances are theyre also getting the slides from them also.

      • Audie Bakerson

        I suspect it would cost more than a Glock in that case.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Aren’t they making their own 22TCM slides? Why would they not just use their own slides, but chambered in 9mm?

        • Jared Vynn

          Just a barrel and recoil spring change would be needed to change from 22tcm to 9mm, and it looks like it is their TCM slide as it has the milled out section in front.

  • Dracon1201

    How hideous. This makes me miss the aesthetics of a glock.


    ♫♬A wise man once said, (“We all dead, f- it”)
    Just spit it disgusting youngin’, and hold your nuts while you’re gunnin’
    “I’m here to buy hearts, I got hundreds, honey
    The cheaper the parts, the better buy for the money.♫♬

    – Run The Jewels

  • RSG

    At half the cost of Glock, then maybe. Anything more, what’s the point?

  • No one

    Here at RIA, we were tired of making cheap, easily breakable 1911 clones marketed to the “doesn’t know better.”

    ….But noticing the latest market trends, It’s time we step into the present, and develop a ripoff of the Glock (as in, an actual ripoff and not just yet another polymer framed, striker fired gun.) that will probably inspire the same confidence our 1911s do!

    ….Which is to say “none at all.”

    • Steve

      Honestly, I’ve never been short of impressed at the quality you get for the price on Armscor products. The company is an absolute pleasure to deal with if you have any issues, but the worst problem I ever had (across three Armscor 1911 models) is non-standard grip screws on a double-stack.

      My biggest complaint is how long it takes to get some products to market. Have you actually had problems with their products personally?

      • .45

        I bought one of their 14y bolt action .22s, and am a little underwhelmed by the accuracy. Shot iron sights at 25 meters and got about a two inch+ group. No problem sez I, I’ll stick a scope on there and get… A group about 2 inches… Bummer.

        I also had an issue where running the bolt in the palm of my hand dragging along the side of the stock would sometimes flip the safety on, but that’s not necessarily a problem for anyone else who may favor the “grip it and rip it” kind of cycling.

        Anyway, now I’m thinking of trying to rebarrel the sucker and sticking a longer stock on it.

      • The Raven

        I own a “Big Roc” 10mm…I’ve put almost 1k rounds through it with nary a glitch.

        *It better not fail…the hogs around here have a strong strain of Russian Boar in them…*

      • Paul White

        Their revolvers I’ve seen suck, but the 1911’s are pretty good, particularly for the money.

        • Nick

          Their revolvers are also around $200 new, I feel like there’s no way to make a more intricate (than say a Hi-Point in the same price bracket) firearm reliable at that price point. They would’ve been better off selling them for closer to $300 if it meant that they would be more reliable. Their revolvers are garbage, their newer 1911’s are not. Old ones with the billboard rollmark on the slide seemed to be hit or miss.

    • some other joe

      “cheap, easily breakable 1911 clones”
      Funny. I’ve never had any problems with my inexpensive 1911. Maybe the early batches got the full monty of QC or it’s Century Arms kind of deal.

    • Bradley

      Have you ever owned one? I’ve never heard anyone say they weren’t pleased with a ria 1911.

      • Phillip Cooper

        I had a GI model, traded it to my dad. Wish I hadn’t! I’m looking for a replacement.

        • AJ187

          Their warranty is crazy. They were ready to send me a postage paid box for a minor cosmetic problem with one of their 1911’s. Took less than a minute to describe the problem when they offered. If you get a a occasional lemon with RIA, they will make it right more than any other company I’ve ever had to deal with.

    • Ryan L

      Count me as another RIA owner that’s never had a single problem. I’ve shot Rugers, Kimbers, Colts, Springfields, never a really high end 1911 but all of the production level ones were about the same. Might not be quite as tight as the colts or kimbers but dang close and just as reliable.

      Caveat I don’t care about machining marks or MIM on the inside as long as it goes bang reliably. I’ve got about 1500 rounds through it so its by no means a torture test – but it’s a damn good gun for the money.

    • Bal256

      >Rock island a more breakable 1911

      Said No one.

    • Andrew

      RIA sells more 1911s than any other company. I highly doubt they would be the category leader if their guns broke easily as you claim.

  • Cactus Air Force

    I bought a glock back when you still bought glocks from Glock, and not sum daggone third-party Glockufacturer. Kids these days.

  • El Duderino
    • noob

      So, will this glock be compatible with my computer?

  • Raptor Fred
  • Raptor Fred

    I just want one with $100 dollar bill hydro dipped grafix and a gold trigger. I don’t even need sights.

    • Beju


  • noob

    they could include a 22tcm9r barrel along with the full bore barrel for a little extra dollars, like they used to with the original 22TCM pistols when the cartridge was new. that would be pretty sweet.

  • neckbone

    And it takes glock mags, good deal

    • noob

      needs more keymod

      • Peter Nissen

        And Bianchi Cup style barricade wings….

  • Ben Loong

    I got to handling it at the expo on Sunday. It is pretty much a Glock clone built off of a Lone Wolf frame and trigger and a Rock Island slide/barrel. But that’s not the interesting thing.

    Rumor has it that there was supposed to be a follow up order from the law enforcement agencies for for more Glock pistols (Glock won the bid way back in 2013, beating out IWI Jericho and the Armscor MAPP/Tanfoglio Force). Supposedly the during the required test trials, the Glock test gun failed (no info on what happened), which caught the attention of the local Sig Sauer distributor and Armscor, since that effectively means the contract is open to competitors (contract calls for a striker fired pistol). I neglected to ask the people at the Armscor booth about it, but I expect they’ll announce more when they’re ready.

    • Jeez Louise

      I was at the expo last Sunday too. I even took two of those SF9 flyers. Not a glocktard but I am somewhat interested especially if the price is right. My question is, will they be able to mimic the tennifer/melonite finish, quality and durability-wise, with their locally-produced slide? We have all heard/read reports that the US Glock slides have inferior finishing compared to the Austrian ones.

      I ended up buying a lot of SD ammo (Hydra-Shoks!) at the expo. I hope to get some boxes of HSTs on next month’s DSAS gunshow.

      • Ben Loong

        Technically, yes. But I considered correct documentation to be part and parcel of the bid.

        That said, Armscor originally won the bid with the MAPP, but lost out because of a broken firing pin on their test gun 3/4ths of the way through the 20,000 round endurance test. It would be greatly ironic if they end up winning this contract by putting in a Glock clone.

        • Jeez Louise

          Knowing how “biddings” work in our glorious country, technicalities are part and parcel in disqualifying undesirable bidders. I have seen it first-hand, how otherwise qualified bids get DQ’ed for “incomplete documentation”.

          Let’s meet in the middle. All three of them “won” the bidding.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      Any word on holster compatibility? Looks like it could be just different enough to cause problems.

      • Ben Loong

        No word on anything beyond what was already presented. The pistol came almost out of nowhere. That said, I honestly would be surprised if it didn’t fit a Glock holster, considering how close the slide and frame profile is. The biggest difference I noticed was how much slimmer the grip Lone Wolf frame was compared to a standard Glock.

        …I didn’t even know you could get a third party Glock frame until now.

        • Jared Vynn

          There’s actually aluminum frames for Glocks available.

          • Joe

            Used to be, closed up shop.

      • plumber576

        My timberwolf has worked with every single Glock 17 holster it’s come across.

  • FWIW: Given the overall length cited (same as the Glock 17), the barrel length is likely a typo.

  • A.WChuck

    Seems unlikely that a guy who can afford a Dan Wesson Valor would ever buy a RIA. Seems fishy…

  • Phillip Cooper

    Glock clone pistol with a Timberwolf frame, 1911 grip angle, right out of the box? Heck yeah, sign me up

  • Nathan Means

    I still dont see the reason to introduce a new striker 9. Everyone has one and unless you can make it better than what is out there, why try? It just looks like a glock you buy from Chine where they mispell the name to avoid a lawsuit.

    Introducing RIAs new Gluck pistol!

  • Jeff Smith
  • Sunshine_Shooter

    “RIA might just feel there is room in the US market for a value-priced GLOCK clone.”

    So did Canik about 2 years ago.

  • Rush Watson

    Law suit just like glock sued smith and Wesson

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Owning two Timberwolf frames, my knee-jerk reaction to the first image was that it must be plagiarization. So Rock Island bought rights to the Timberwolf and will sell them as Rock Island handguns that are Glock-compatible? Lone Wolf has a good thing, hopefully they can continue selling them directly. I was never keen on the XD series because the company that bought the rights to the original Springfield Armory company then bought a turnkey handgun. This feels like that.

    I would really like to own a Lone Wolf-branded Timberwolf G20 frame when they come out. I hope they didn’t sell the rights entirely.

  • Andrew Dubya

    Breaking news: Rock Island Armory does literally anything to draw people back after selling out IL gun owners – RRA to follow suit?

    • Jeez Louise

      Fake news. RRA and SA sold gun owners out.

    • Andrew

      Wrong company. Please learn the difference between Rock Island Armory and Rock River Arms.

  • Phillip Cooper

    I have to assume the internals are going to be significantly different, otherwise Gaston and company would be all over them…