Customer Service Compliment – Magpul Industries

In this industry more than many others, customer service often comes second. With the breakneck pace to develop and release new products, firearms companies often put non-revenue generating customer service at the bottom of the list for funding and support. There are notable exceptions to this, which have well-deserved stellar reputations, but most of the time its rather hum-drum – especially with the larger companies like Remington, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, etc.

But, the large company rule is not a law. I was recently and pleasantly surprised by MagPul, who replaced a X-22 stock that one could make a compelling argument not to.

Specifically, I had an X-22 stock that when I sent the action out for some service that was having trouble, was returned in a broken condition. The forearm section had broken cleanly from the stock section, likely at the hands of the shipper (surprising, as it was shipped in a hard case), but it was broken nonetheless.

I contacted Magpul and asked for options. They requested photos not believing me (I had a hard time believing it too), and upon receiving them sent a return label and immediately dispatched the new stock, without receiving the old one.

Considering most warranties specifically absolve companies from non-standard use, that I did not disclose my affiliation with any publication and was treated as a normal customer, and their quick-turn around, my hat’s off to Magpul.

Thank you for the service!


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  • Giolli Joker

    Sounds good!
    Might be that they know how strong that component should be and they identified a mfg defect to be the root cause of the damage.
    Anyway, they behaved as few Companies do.
    Good to know.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Being as mystified as they were, Im surprised Magpul didnt request the broken part simply for failure analysis.

      • Veteran for Trump

        They sent him a prepaid return label to send the broken stock to them.

        “I contacted Magpul and asked for options. They requested photos not
        believing me (I had a hard time believing it too), and upon receiving
        them sent a return label and immediately dispatched the new stock, without receiving the old one.”

        • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

          I misread that

        • Person

          I had to return a pair of Salomon GTX boots and Salomon only requested photographs of the inside tags and the faulty area. Although I couldn’t really photograph a leak, I took a picture of the area that leaked, and Salomon sent me new pair of boots without asking for the older pair. I think Magpul could save money by finding a return service policy that works around a prepaid envelope.

  • neckbone

    Please share the pictures. Sounds like it takes a huge amount of force to snap that.

  • hikerguy

    A few years ago in Iraq a serviceman was issued some general issue magazines that were not functioning well in his weapon. He asked his parents to buy him some MagPul mags and send them to him. The parents called MagPul to order them. MagPul sent the serviceman 10 of the magazines and did not charge the parents.
    It is good to see this company stand behind what it sells, and how it treats its customers. I have never done business with them, but if I ever buy a firearm that uses accessories that are made by MagPul I will be sure to consider their products. Kudos, Magpul.

  • Brett baker

    Sounds like a reason to buy magpul

  • Connor Christensen

    I neglected to lock tight one of the mounting screws in my Zhukov stock and it fell out of course and when I emailed Magpul I just asked if I could buy a new one, but they just sent me both new screws with threadlocker already on them no charge. I’m glad they actually have good customer service and take care of customers like that.

  • bjeremy

    Sadly my experience with Magpul has been the opposite of what you describe. I had a PSA upper that had a Magpul FDE handguard (original handguard fit perfectly, dropped right in). Moved it to a lower with black furniture, so I ordered a replacement Magpul handguard in black. The new handguard didn’t fit at all (wildly out of spec), so I called Magpul and they sent me a replacement, which was also out of spec (and severely warped). Called ’em again and they said my upper must be out of spec, and when I stated the original Magpul handguard fit perfectly, they basically said oh well you’re pretty much SOL. Needless to say I was not impressed, as their QC seems to have taken a dive in recent years and they’re not really owning up to that fact.

    • Duane Liptak

      Bjeremy, it’s nigh on to impossible for one of the handguards to be made out of spec, and for two…that would be like winning the lotto. Did you send pics into customer service to show where the issue was? Was the first tan one a regular MOE and the second and third MOE SL handguards? The MOE SLs can be tricky to install unless you follow the directions exactly or until you do a few.

      • bjeremy

        Both were MOE handguards…just different colors. Also, I have a quality set of dial calipers so it was pretty easy to compare the first handguard to the other two and determine that dimensions were quite different. Also, dimensions aside the top half of the replacement handguard was warped like a banana. This was shortly after they moved operations and were putting out lots of defective products.

    • Steve

      I had the same experience on two separate occasions. First was a Magpul polymer MLOK rail section that was obviously undersized. Magpul didn’t believe me (told me I didn’t have the tools to measure a 1913 rail properly) and gave me the runaround until I ultimately just bought the metal version at a local store and, ‘surprise!’, everything fit snug.

      The second issue was that the Hunter 700 stock was not compatible with the sling cups manufactured by Magpul without modification. Included screws were either too long or too short causing the protruding screw thread to block a QD sling loop from being inserted on one side. Again, they didn’t believe me over the phone. I remedied the issue by buying some washers at a hardware store and drilling them out.

      I have much more of a problem with the ‘we’re Magpul, we don’t make mistakes’ attitude over the phone than I did with the minor product issues.

      • bjeremy

        Yeah I felt the same way. Everyone makes mistakes but Magpul doesn’t seem too interested in acknowledging that when they screw something up.

  • Wild Bill

    I always cringe when I read great customer care stories. Why? Because they encourage dishonest thieving azz holes to get free stuff from a good company. Free stuff that all legitimate customers end up paying for.

    You know the guy I’m talking about, buys, uses and then returns an item when the need has passed. They guy that knowingly misuses something until it breaks then returns it expecting a refund or replacement. Worst of all is the unreasonable guy that wouldn’t be satisfied if the CEO of the company flew to his house presented him a gold plate replacement and bought him dinner.

    After the internet battle, the fanboys and the haters will come in to bayonet the survivors.

  • cruzo1981

    Daniel Defense also has excellent customer service!

  • ajhengineer

    Who has had poor customer service from Ruger? From my dealings with them they stand out as the rare exception as a company who actually listens and cares about their customers.
    I’ve never dealt with Magpul but have heard good things about their customer service.

    • Jay Abramson

      Have to agree! I sent a MkIII 22/45 for servíce the week of Thanksgiving a few years ago and it came back repaired the week after. Less than 7 days including a 4-day holiday weekend!!

  • Jim_Macklin

    Most companies in the firearms field do a good and fair job at CS. Maybe that is because the customers are more honest than the typical retail customer that never reads the instruction manual and wonders why the product doesn’t work perfectly after being buried in the sand.

  • Andrew Dubya

    Afraid I`m on the other side of the spectrum. In the two times I`ve contacted them I`ve had to wait literal months for a response. The first went well enough, just asking information about an old, early-gen red Magpul follower in an AR mag I bought. Second was a bit more recently, I was asking about their AK74 mags and if there were plans to introduce them with steel reinforcements. I received a definite “No”, but only several days later Rob Ski at SHOT show got video of them saying that there were indeed plans. They danced around answering why they keep pushing release date back as well.

  • ChupaMe

    I had ordered some AR mags from them. Fedex showed them as delivered, left at door and bell rung/knocked. The day and time they claimed delivery, I’d been there all day, and no one knocked on the door.

    I contacted MagPul, who verfied the shipping information. Within a few days I had a replacement, which showed up in a few days.

  • Brian Menin

    Magpul replaced a stock for me, no questions asked. CZ replaced my polymer RAMI with the alloy one. No questions asked, they covered FedEx both ways. S&W paid the postage so they could swap springs, and get my daughter’s M&P 15-22 running. Savage sent me a screw at no charge, because their rep felt $10 postage on a $3 part was silly.

    If customer service is bad, I wouldn’t know about it. Maybe it’s about how politely you ask? 😉