Chinese Ex-Pat Underground Gun School

Thanks to Miles for sharing this.

Firearms are illegal for private ownership in China. Yet there are people who lust over them. Some Chinese people will go overseas to get first hand experience with firearms. This guy opened up a gun school in the Philippines.

The video is from Vice. They claim it is an “underground” gun school, however given that it is in the Philippines somewhat negates the “underground” aspect of it. The owner wears a mask over his face, but I question the need for PERSEC on this episode of VICE. Who would he get in trouble with? Unless his gun school is not accredited and legitimate in the Philippines. The Chinese govt wouldn’t care that he runs a gun school in a different country.

Some of the “training” seen in the video below is a bit ridiculous. I feel like they have been watching too many Instructor Zero videos. Splashing water into a shooter’s face while he or she is manipulating a firearm.

They instill fatigue by making them perform physically straining tasks before shooting the guns. I question this level of mall ninjaness when these people are new to shooting. They do mention safety and regurgitate the firearm safety rules. And yet I see them demonstrate shooting balloons held by fellow instructors.

I condone teaching people how to safely use a firearm but the “operator style” training should be left behind. I do not think it adds anything significant to people who will go back to China and not have access to firearms.

Nicholas C

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  • As with all Chinese copies of American products, its defective and inferior.

    • Nicholas C

      While that assessment has some merit, that is not always true.

      Holosun has made a name for themselves. Some of Primary Arms optics are Chinese made and perform very well.

      • Flounder

        That is because there are americans checking each of those optics and sending all the screw ups back to china.

        I think that the electronics are designed in America as well.

        Holosun I believe has americans at the helm(I can’t prove it, and i am not sure but everytime i have to call their offices it is a california number), while production is 100% chinese. But they started with primary arms and so they know what is acceptable in america.

        • Nicholas C

          Possible but not 100% true. There are other industries where Chinese people actually care. They are the exception. But they exist.

        • Bill

          I hate to say it but after working with a Chinese company you need someone hands on at EVERY.SINGLE.STEP of QC it is beyond what I could even comprehend.

          Now that’s not to say that that is every person/company because the second time we worked with a different place they were of a new generation and felt that “made in china” needed to not be synonymous with junk and really were on the ball with everything. So it’s a mixed bag but even with how good they were we made sure to have someone hands on in each hop of QC.

      • Blumpkin

        I can’t speak to holosun specifically, but a major issue with Chinese industry in general (aside from quality issues) is the fact that it’s built on a foundation of stolen intellectual property and reverse engineering.

        • Mike

          Don’t forget slave labor.

        • FarmerB

          That’s simply no longer true. I know of some tech companies that have a solid history of copying and stealing other people’s work – but that’s mostly history. I can tell you for sure that Chinese companies are fully involved in the very sharp end of hi-tech. In fact, most European and US companies (they are worse than Europeans) don’t want to spend the money to do the delevopment of next generation products – like one example, 5G cellular networks, but the Chinese are throwing masses of people, money and research at it.

          It’s a serious mistake to underestimate them.

          • Blumpkin

            Respectfully, I disagree. The issue isn’t black and white. Yes they dump tons of money into tech. However, theft of intellectual property and reverse engineering are still a major issue. My company won’t even let you take your phone and normal work computer over to china because of all the hacking. You are issued special china travel machines. You are not permitted to use wifi networks, only company issued mifi networks.
            Not only that, but corporate IT security folks know where the attempts to gain entry into secure company networks are coming from.
            I disagree that Euro and American companies don’t want to invest in product development. There’s a reason why the best and the brightest from every 2nd/3rd work nation is immigrating to western companies…. to get paid.

          • Nicholas C

            Russia used to do that. Back in the space race days. I heard a story about NASA showing off their rockets to Russian Scientists. They reverse engineered their rocket fuel in like 6 months. They put sticky stuff on the bottoms of their shoes. And from just analyzing that, they figured out how to make rocket fuel.

          • Blumpkin

            Funny how communism does not yield innovation……

          • FarmerB

            Yes, I’m not totally disagreeing, and I’m also aware of some of their interesting activities. But that doesn’t take away from what I said – I work with it every day. But I wouldn’t totally agree with the immigration story – it’s more nuanced than that. Yes, a lot of people want to move, but there are millions of jobs being shifted to South/East Asia and I know of many going back the other way. Moving and living as a software engineer to Silicon Valley isn’t all rosy – although to me, it beats living in India.

            As an example, just look at a company like IBM and see how many employees they have in India.

    • Jtrain

      Maybe this was true 20 years ago, not any more. Ever heard of DJI? They are the top tier drone brand and they are designed and manufactured in China. They crush everyone, including the top American drone manufacturer 3D Robotics, which will no longer be producing hardware because they can’t keep up with DJI.

      A sure way to lose any fight is to underestimate you competition/enemy. Hubris can be much more dangerous anything your adversary can come up with.

      • Bill

        DJI is a nightmare to deal with, they might be the “name” in drones but they are a PITA to deal with. How about the firmware update that bricked drones? How about the bug in the software that made the drone think it was upside down and slam into the ground?

        You know what the reply from DJI was on both of those? Consumer issues, faulty controller, and it’s your fault not ours. Even though the bug was well documented and could be reproduced again and again and again they refused to address it.

        Yes they make a product that is good and yes they are popular but they have a serious ego as a company and treat the enduser poorly.

  • Raptor Fred

    I wonder how many people have shot them selves or someone else by “accident” in this Chinese gun school??

  • jialu

    Firearms are illegal for private ownership in Chinaļ¼Ÿ

    • SP mclaughlin

      Except I think some people in the rural areas still use ancient muzzleloader designs.

      • Major Tom

        Handed down over generations since the mid to late Qing Dynasty.

    • Nicholas C

      Even air guns are illegal. There are some that you can own but it is not free and easy like it is here.

    • Mike

      Mao disarmed the Chinese population long ago, just like hitler and stalin. So much easier to keep them under a boot heel.

      • ANDY FU

        I don’t know where did you get that information. Mao didn’t disarmed the Chinese. Under the ideology of “People’s War”, he was arming the farmers and workers as fast as he can. That’s his last trump card inside the CCP power struggle against other party leaders.

        After his death in 1976, and Deng took power. China began to disarm her people, especially after the 1989 Tiananmen movement. That’s how you get all those old surplus guns from China in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Then they banned the owner ship of firearm completely in the mid 90’s.

      • Friend of Tibet

        Not at all, Mao is all about firearm ownership so people can fight.

        Firearm control starts around early 90s.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I used to work at a Chinese-owned company which had many Chinese nationals living here in the US.

    Every. Single. One. of them owned guns. Usually the second they ended up with their green card.

    They were the best guys to go to the range with because they’d let me keep their beautiful factory brass.

    • This is 100% true of every Japanese and Korean and British ex-pat I’ve ever known.

      The best Pure Natural good shot I ever saw with my own eyes was a Japanese exchange student who I brought out to my place so he could shoot a bunch of guns because shooting a bunch of guns is hella fun; that guy had never even held an airsoft gun before, and the %$&# was a better shot with a pistol than I am after giving him ten minutes of basic instruction before handing him a loaded Glock.

    • Nicholas C

      Yes I concur. When I used to sell guns across the counter at a local gun store, we had a few Chinese nationals legally buy firearms. I recall one guy have tears down his face in pure joy. He commented and said “we can’t have these back home”

      Proud moment there.

      • Veloxto

        I remember seeing some home surveillance cam footage of an attempted robbery/home invasion whatever. There was at least 3 of them (thugs), and one or two of them had guns. The owner of the home was a young Asian lady, and unfortunately for them, she too had a gun. Boy, did she go after them. She did not hold back. She basically burst into the room shooting, making them all scramble, while attempting to fire back in a mini firefight, Chasing them out of the house, and then continued shooting out the door as they ran. She ended up killing one of them iirc.

    • Ryan Snow

      It’s the 10mm guy that loads his own bullets. Nobody cares

  • I would totally volunteer to be the guy who holds the video camera to watch some dumbass get shot in the hand by a second dumbass.

    • Matt Taylor

      You have to have many balloons under your belt before you get to be the video camera guy. šŸ˜›

  • PBAR

    I read an article in a Chinese English language newspaper a few years ago that was about the PRC government cracking down on sales over the internet of illegal things like counterfeit goods, drugs, etc. Buried in the middle of the article was a statement saying that the government had shutdown, in one year, over 10,000 (!) illegal gun factories. That was probably a translation error to call them “gun factories”, when most were probably just one guy in a machine shop with some simple tools, but I was still staggered at the number considering the draconian penalties they have for firearm possession in China.

    • Friend of Tibet

      Most of these reports are airsoft gun productions, when it comes to the year end, local PD always want to show off some “accomplishments” so they get more funding from central government, hence all airsoft guns and even plastic guns are “real firearm” in their report.

  • Brett baker

    Another reason to sing-a-long “The Star-spangled Banner”! An exchange student from India shot my Sten and a buddy’s 1919a4 . He was grinning. Of course, so where the Americans who’d never shot full-auto.

  • .45

    Is no-one going to comment on the fact that a student wound up with some metal in his leg?

  • Jeez Louise

    Like all tyrants before him, Philippine president Duterte is starting to show his gun-grabby ways. He has hinted that he will, by executive order, severely restrict the sale of bullets, and even putting a 20 round limit in the purchase of ammo. He has instituted martial law in the southern Philippines, which automatically suspends the citizens’ PTCFOR (similar to a CCW license). He has instructed private security companies to surrender their long guns for “safe keeping”, and is planning to further include all semi-automatic weapons. He wants private security to use only revolvers while criminals carry automatic weapons.

    Pretty soon, he will go after all of our guns, and schools like this will definitely be “underground”.

    • CSA45

      Yep, the shooting incident at Resorts World Manila is a direct result of the “safe keeping” policy of the Philippine National Police (PNP). The security at Resorts World Manila could not respond as all their center fire rifles were in the possession of the PNP, they had to wait for the PNP to give them back their guns before they could go after the arsonist. T Duterte sounds like another Marcos all right.

  • Badwolf

    “They claim it is an ā€œundergroundā€ gun school, however given that it is in the Philippines somewhat negates the ā€œundergroundā€ aspect of it…Who would he get in trouble with? Unless his gun school is not accredited and legitimate in the Philippines. The Chinese govt wouldnā€™t care that he runs a gun school in a different country.”

    Nick, the Philippines government would care. Umm where to start… you need permits to own a gun, permit to carry or transport it, permit to operate a range…

    And you said he’s Chinese ex-pat? Foreigners aren’t allowed any of those permits, hence “underground”.

    • Irfan Zain

      I think the range and guns belong to a local Filipino. The chinese guy goes there to conduct the lessons.

  • argh

    as a expat living in China, trips to the Philippines to go shooting are my safety valve-even though in one of my local Shanghai bars you can shoot pistols and if you really work at it you can shoot Olympic shooting sports on state ranges with state firearms. You can buy a lot of real gun related stuff on local websites that there would seem to be no need for if there wasn’t people with real guns, lots of underground shooting clubs in rural areas Im told. The Chinese people seem to take there ancient saying ” the mountains are high and the emperor is far away” very seriously.

  • valorius

    I have videos of the LAPD shooting team back in the 1930s, shooting lit cigarettes from fellow officers mouths.

  • El Duderino

    “Me Chinese. Me play joke. Me charge big bucks to let people shoot my Heckler & Koch.”

  • Friend of Tibet

    A little correction, Firearms are legal for private ownership for certain minority ethic group in China, they store the guns and local PD and take them out for hunting season.But for most people, shooting range is the only place to go.Or, if you know local military, they can take your to their military range as well.