CARVER Competition Holosun Mount For Glocks

I recently got a Holosun red dot and was researching various mounts available for them on the market when I stumbled upon this interesting Glock mount from CARVER Competition made specifically for Holosun optics. The mount is CNC machined out of aluminum and fits the Glock 17, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35 and 37. It also works with Gen 4 Glocks. The CARVER Competition mount looks very similar to the 6 Second Mount from ALG Defense, they even use the same mounting points. The CARVER Competition mount looks way beefier though, and maybe heavier. The ALG Defense 6 Second Mount was designed for use with the Aimpoint T1 and RMR or any other optic that uses the same base style.

The CARVER Competition mount works specifically with the 503 model red dots from Holosun and is easy to install, no gunsmith needed. Unlike the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount the CARVER Competition mount is only available in Black or Silver and Black. While the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount retails at $250, the CARVER Competition mount retails for a much lower $134.95 on their site.

The CARVER Mount Holosun Model has been added to our master crafted list of mounts and designed to fit any of the following Glock Models including Gen 4’s: G17, G17L, G17C, G22, G22C, G24, G24C, G31, G31C, G34, G35 and G37. All mounts have interchangable parts to allow easy conversion to other CARVER Mount models. NOTE: No need to lower the ejection port when using this mount. Installation is easy and should not require gunsmith assistance. All parts of this mount are CNC machined from high quality aircraft aluminum. This model is the “newest” addition to our many mini-sight models for Glock handguns. This scope mount is an exclusive for the Holosun sight 503 models. If you have a mount and want to convert to this mount, the base plate will be available soon. For information about Holosun sights, please visit This mount is only available in black at this time but an option for silver/black is available. The silver/black option would include silver sideplates with black top plate and bottom plate. Sight picured is not included with the mount. Picture is display only.

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  • Steven Calvaresi

    Holosun HS503C works just fine on the ALG mount….no modification to optic or mount. The Holosun uses the same pattern as an Aimpoint T1/T2, so you could likely also use those on this new Carver mount.

    • Nicholas C

      I was just about to say, this doesn’t do anything special that the ALG 6SM doesn’t do already.

      • Steven Calvaresi

        How you like the Masterfire holster? I’m debating getting one, I already have an Armordillo Concealment X-FER V2, but I’d like some more retention…not that the X-FER is bad, but I’d just like more.

        • Nicholas C

          Interesting. Did not know about that holster. I like the Masterfire as a competition style holster. My only concern is that the holster holds onto the light and not the gun. So im not sure if it is possible to break the gun off the light if you tried hard enough.

      • Nicks87

        Well, aside from being more modestly priced the CARVER mount can be installed without having to remove your rear sight. ALG should be ashamed of the 6-second mount’s price and the questionable marketing they use to sell it. R&D costs… blah, blah, blah… you wont be getting my money ALG.

      • Haulin’ Oats

        What is that thing attached to the picatinny rail? It’s surefire, but what?

        • Nicholas C

          It is the Masterfire holster

      • Matt Taylor

        It does a lot of special things… roughly $90 dollars worth of special things over the ALG mount.

        My guess is ALG holds the patent using holels for an Aimpoint. So Carver made theirs for the “Holosun” which conveniently has the same mounting pattern…

      • DIR911911 .

        except cut the cost in half

      • Edward Franklin

        I believe the basic Carver design is several years older than ALG’s own design. It used a C-More originally.

      • civilianaf

        yay, more of the same thing, just what we want.

  • Nicholas C

    Is there a rail underneath to mount a light?

    • Steven Calvaresi

      doubt it. There aren’t any of their other similar mounts.

      • Flounder

        The ALG six second mount has a rail. And there is really no reason one couldn’t have a rail underneath it.

        • Steven Calvaresi

          I know, see pic above. I was remarking about similar carver mounts. I suppose you could drill and tap holes on the bottom and screw on a picatinny rail section if you really wanted to.

    • Edeco

      That’d be nice, the glock rail is floppy, the added mounting point on this might help.

    • Sianmink

      Looks like a pure competition mount, so go fish.

  • Flounder

    The holosun is an Aimpoint clone… It has the same screw holes on the bottom as the aimpoints and can use any mount designed for them…?

    This is literally just a manufacturer testing it and telling their marketing department.

    • Ebby123

      Only one model shares the mounting pattern with the Aimpoint. The rest are proprietary.

      • Blake

        Yeah it seems more like a commenter not knowing what he is talking about.

    • 360_AD

      Yes, you can use Aimpoint mounts. However, if used on an AR, because of Holosun’s battery tray and resulting height difference… if you use a T1 or T2 absolute co-witness mount with a Holosun, you will not get absolute co-witness. Same goes for a T1 or T2 one-third co-witness mounts. SLR Works makes a Holosun specific absolute co-witness mount.

  • Juggernaut

    It is nice to see Holosun gaining in popularity- I love mine for $160 and many of my shooting mates have bought them as well. It’s one of those products that works great and yet, for the $, you don’t fret over beating them up.

  • 360_AD

    What’s that up-swept angled piece before the optic? blast shield for ported barrels (C-models)?

    • Steven Calvaresi

      Nope. Ported models just bend that shield up (it’s only aluminum). That being said, my holosun, on a ALG mount, is on a 17C, with the shield removed, and I haven’t had any issues with the lense getting covered. It DOES get a slight film after about 500+ rounds, which is easily wiped away with a rag/t-shirt/lens pen.

  • Reef Blastbody

    What is the ski ramp in front of the aperture on this and the ALG mount for? Debris protection for the glass on the front aperture?

  • civilianaf

    Good to know, I have no experience with Holosun. Can you tell me why this is a better option than mounting a micro dot on the slide? Im not a competitive shooter, so i dont get it. To me it looks like the 1980’s called, and want their firearm designs back.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      The slide-mounted optics experience 10+ times the amount of G forces that the frame-mounted optics experience. Frame-mounting setups (like the subject of the article) extend the life of optics exponentially, not to mention also being cheaper than getting existing frames milled by a third party. Also, the extra weight of the mount makes the gun shoot softer, and flatter.

      Basically the only reason to get a slide milled for an optic is if you are carrying it EDC, which is what a lot of people are doing. It also gets you a lot of likes on Instagram.

      • civilianaf

        I get it, Im not a competitive shooter, but I do carry. I have a bit of experience w micro dots on slides, and have never had an issue w them. I do know when they first came online, the optics couldnt handle to inertia, but have not seen any issues with mine.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Sorry, meant to add that even though the only point to getting a slide milled for a micro red dot is only better for carrying, that’s still the vast majority of people getting a micro red dot on their pistol, so really slide-milling is still the default option for most people.

          And what red dot do you use? And how many rounds have you shot under it?

    • Steven Calvaresi

      Frame mounted generally is less finnicky and lower recoil due to not adding mass to the moving slide. Slide mounted optics mess with the physics of how the slides reciprocates, and requires further modifcation, such as springs or slide cuts to account for that added weight. Frame mounted allows you to leave the slide essentially stock (and at its most reliable configuration). This also leaves the slide with less mass, making for less snappy reciprocation.

      We still use 1911 style pistols and tilting locking barrel operation from the 1911 in nearly every moder pistol design. Older style doesn’t mean less effective….

      • civilianaf

        Thanks for the info, I get it now.