Aridus Industries Remington 870 Co-Witness Ready Optic Mount (CROM)

Following the popularity of their Beretta 1301 Co-Witness Optic Mount, Aridus Industries has turned their attention back to the Remington 870 and has announced pre-orders for their CROM (Co-Witnessing Ready Optic Mount).

I got a chance to play with the CROM when we tested it on my Vang Comp 870. Click here to read the review on the Vang Comp 870.

The CROM allows the use of Aimpoint T1 or similar optics to be mounted on your drilled and tapped Remington 870s. The CROM is designed to work on the Remington 870 Tactical Express models which have tall front sights and a picatinny rail. You replace the factory picatinny rail for the CROM and now you have an optic that co-witnesses the irons.

The CROM comes with an XS rear peep sight that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation.

Right now the CROM is on sale for those who pre-order. Click here for more info.

Nicholas C

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  • TDog

    CROM: Conan approves! 😀

  • Raptor Fred

    Wheres the Magpul 1301 stock adapter?

    • Nicholas C

      Still in development. He has a working prototype. But there was an unforseen disruption. Tech Shop Pittsburgh is closing. That is where he makes everything. So he has to scramble to build up inventory.

      • Raptor Fred

        Understood. Hope everything works out for him. These mounts look to be great, and also for the new wave of 14in “weapons” coming out. Be Neat to see a Mossberg optic mount also

  • A hundred bucks for just a short rail section…
    Beotch, please.