CRKT’s Daktyl Knife


Columbia River Knife and Tool recently announced a knew folding knife called the Daktyl. As you can see in the photos, the knife is a bare bones kind of blade that the company claims opens very quickly.

Daktyl is an interesting name. It is a variation in spelling on the word dactyl which is a medical term that refers to digits – like a finger or toe. CRKT references this on its website saying the knife was named after a finger.


Perhaps unknown to CRKT at the time of naming, but still apropos, Dactyl is also the name of a mythical race in Greek culture. The Dactyls were considered to be excellent metal workers and are said to have taught the Greeks metal working skills.

The Daktyl has a 3″ plain edged blade made of 420J2 stainless steel. It was designed as a modified wharncliffe. I’ve found that wharncliffe designs tend to put a lot of cutting power toward the blade tip.

This knife uses the same Hole In One slide lock mechanism that the original Hole In One knife did. Both this mechanism and the minimalist frame are made of 420 stainless steel.


The knife is light – only 2.4 ounces. It can slide into a pocket to be carried without any undue burden. When needed, it is easy to deploy. The pivot end of the closed blade has a carabiner that allows it to be attached to a belt loop and can also serve to remove the top of your favorite refreshment – be it a cold beer or a warm Sunset Sarsaparilla.

Richard Johnson

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  • Anonymoose

    I imagine this is how Rodan opens his beers.

  • KN1719

    Pretty sure this use to be called the Hole-in-One before becoming discontined. Glad to see it back again, it was a neat knife.

  • Jeff Smith

    Man, I really like that. Any word on pricing? If it’s in the $30ish range, I’ll buy one without thinking twice.

    • Jeff Smith
      • Mystick

        That’s not horrendous… could have been worse.

        • Jeff Smith

          Very true. The price isn’t horrible, but I was hoping the price would be a little cheaper for a minimalist knife.

          I was hoping for a price of $30ish because that’s right at my “ah, hell – I’ll buy it” price limit. I have a edc knife that has served me well and $60 is just a little out of my range to buy something I don’t really need.

          • Sianmink

            $60 MSRP means $25 on knife webshops once the ‘new thing’ rush is over.

          • Jeff Smith

            Very true.

          • Shawn

            And thats when I plan on picking one up, because I like it.

    • cyber5

      $60 MSRP

  • Southpaw89

    Sneaking in a Fallout reference I see.

  • noob

    The lockup looks very strong but the side opening trajectory means you can never have more than a wire grip.

    • Matt Taylor

      For this knife, yes. The wire grip allows it to open either direction. I have seen some that the knife only swings out one way to allow for a fully panel as the grip.

  • Kevin Harron

    Edit your stuff before posting. ‘new’, not ‘knew’… blatantly obvious on the front page.

    • Brian Menin

      You must be knew to this site. Lol.

  • Bill Robbins

    To remove the cap on a beer bottle, use a bottle opener. To cut things, use a knife. To defend yourself, crack the beer bottle over the assailant’s head.

    • noob

      To drink a beer, pour it down the fuller on the knife blade?

      • Matt Taylor

        Only if it’s a ritual Seax.

        • noob

          And when I get that feeling/
          I want seax-ual healing

  • New Vegas was the best Fallout and I’ll raise a Sunset Sarsaparilla to that.

    • randomswede

      OT as F but; yes.
      I think it’s because they were closer to the original game(s), i feel 3 and 4 did something along the lines of “over simplify” or “water down” the “fallout experience”.
      Technically it could just be that the post apocalyptic east coast is very different from the west, no broc flower or xander root.
      At least they didn’t chicken out of keeping the BoS “true to form” in 4. Lyons’ Pride is practically the reverse of the BoS being all sensible and unhypocritical.

      • New Vegas had a more grounded setting which aligned with 1,2, and parts of 3. Available technology was just plausible enough. In New Vegas people were making their own guns in factories. In Fallout 4 everyone was carrying old high-tech weapons or new favela pieces.

        New Vegas also had really compelling factions to choose from. Caesar made a Hegelian case for his Legion. The NCR brought back representative government adapted to the Wasteland. In Fallout 4 your choices are mostly cartoonish groups with agendas almost solely based around synths. At least the Minutemen cared about humans.

        That being said, Fallout 4 is still fun even though it’s an action game with RPG elements. Far Harbor added the player choice and compelling groups lacking in the storyline. I *hope* that Bethesda will follow a similar direction in the future.

        • mosinman

          FO4’s Pipe rifles and pistols trigger me

          • Shawn

            Only when I find them in safes that have supposedly been locked for over 200 years.

            As far as the games go, fallout is fallout, I love them all.

          • mosinman

            they bother me by the way they functioned and are designed

      • Andrew Duffey

        To me that actual variety of of endings and the overall story is the contributing factor of New Vegas being the best. That and the weapons didn’t seem overly big and clunky like in FO4. The assault riffle from FO4 looks like and old water cooled machine gun that belongs on the back of a bi-plane or on a zeppelin.

        • randomswede

          Not much better but; the assault rifle shroud is probably modeled on the Lewis Gun which is “force air cooled” and was used on the back and front of bi-planes not sure about zeppelins.
          I’m only aware of two forced air cooled weapons, the Lewis gun and the Pecheneg and they both have a jacket around the barrel through which air is moved/forced by firing the weapon.

          • noob

            On a bi-plane you could save weight by pulling off the lewis gun’s shroud and throwing it away – you were already flying through the air above stall speed so there was plenty of airflow. I think later aviation lewis guns were made with higher rates of fire and weight saving simplifications like that.

          • randomswede

            Not sure about tail gunner guns but the fixed guns were used without the forced air cooling in all cases I have seen.

  • Arie Heath

    Nice fallout reference.

  • MrFN

    And you don’t even need 50 sneak to conceal it! Neat!

  • Hoplopfheil

    I can’t wait to seriously injure myself with this, like I did the CRKT KISS.

  • Bruce

    I really wish CRKT would start using real steel. 420? Really? Great steel, for a fork.

    • Sianmink

      420J2 is okay. Probably selected for how easily it machines and inexpensiveness, but it hardens well and is very harsh-environment resistant. Takes a good edge but doesn’t retain like a high-end knife steel.

  • Sianmink

    ok that’s.. pretty slick.

  • Klaus

    It’s a toy not a tool by any means. That being said,he who has the most toys wins,no?