SHOTKAM: A Weapon Mounted Video Camera With All the Bells And Whistles

Designed to help on-the-wing shotgun hunters and sporting clay shooters, the SHOTKAM is a video camera with a feature set not yet available from other weapon-mounted camera makers. Most impressively, if it works as designed, is the reticle alignment system that attempts to show shooters how far the target should be lead. Intertia activation, high video quality, a barrel mount system and built in wifi also top the list of features.

Of course, all of this unique technology comes at a cost. Specifically a $695 preorder price. Still interested? Check out the SHOTKAM site for additional information and videos.

What is more frustrating than when you miss a bird and don’t know why? We believe that shooting is a sport that requires extreme alignment between mind and body. The biggest culprit for unchanging scores is a false perception of why you missed. For years, no technology could help you overcome these obstacles… until ShotKam. ShotKam captures the reality of the shot to give the objective feedback you need in order to make an adjustment. As shooters ourselves, we know what it takes to get to the next level. The way we challenge the game is by making a tool that is simple-to-use, beautifully designed, and worth it’s weight in gold.





  • The playback speed is adjustable – typically 1/4 speed for shotgun and 1/8 speed for bow
  • Videos can be played back frame-by-frame so that even the shot pattern can be seen
  • The videos record 120 frames per second. This equates to one video frame approximately every 3 yards, as the pellets travel towards the target


  • This is the red dot or crosshair seen in the videos
  • It is aligned to the gun’s point of aim
  • This reveals how much a target must be led
  • It shows your hold-point, move-to-the-target, break-point, and follow-through


  • No editing required
  • Accelerometer detects when the gun action is closed and starts the video buffering
  • Gun recoil causes the critical time before, during, and after the shot to be saved


  • The ShotKam is built with military grade materials to withstand the harsh environment of a gun shot (vibration forces to 1,000 Gs)
  • Our shock absorption system produces smooth video recordings
  • The double-layer rubber pads clasp the barrel to prevent metal-to-metal contact

MSRP – $695 

SHOTKAM – Preorder

(Thanks for the tip, Dad)


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  • USMC03Vet

    Where is the Dag cam? I like Dags.

  • Dougscamo

    Would have liked to have had one of these 3 weeks ago when a gobbler was molesting my decoys….

  • Shankbone

    I can’t wait to buy one of these on Camofire for 30%-60% off. Seriously, this looks like an awesome product, I’m just poor.

    • Sam Damiano

      $695? I’m not poor just cheap. I’d be willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on a class using one.

  • Person

    I have a few 3D printers at my disposal, so printing a SHOTKAM-esque barrel mount for the Contour could save some money. I did watch the Contour and SHOTKAM videos on split monitors and the SHOTKAM videos do seem to be higher quality.

  • Julio

    Get one and review it. Here’s my potted review: When the ShotKam works, it provides unique and valuable information, but battery life is frustratingly short, video is not full HD, and getting the triggering setting right so as to avoid false triggers or failures to trigger is a dark art. Overall, the tech is out-of-date and needs a root-and-branch revamp. ShotKam’s customer service is out of this world, however. Do I regret buying one – 100% not, but it could be so much better than it is.