A Euro gunshow in Luzern, Switzerland

Mike B managed to secure a press pas to the annual gun collector’s show in Luzern, Switzerland, at the end of March 2017. Here are his impressions of the gun-filled event.

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Mike B

Mike was lucky enough to go to a school with a 25 yard smallbore range, only 25 minutes from the centre of British shooting at Bisley, and had a firearms certificate before he had a driver’s license. Moving to a more gun-friendly country has allowed him to service his milsurp habit. He lives up in the mountains in Switzerland and vlogs at YouTube as Bloke on the Range. He can be reached at mike@tfb.tv.


  • Maxpwr

    Hope Switzerland can successfully fight those recent further firearms and magazine capacity restrictions which just passed the EU Parliament. Nice video. Wish we could own some of the things more easily in the US which are common in Switzerland.

    • Cal.Bar

      I think you would blanch at the restrictions they DO have on ALL weapons there. Notice no PISTOLS? Even the Swiss are nowhere near the US for firearms freedoms.

      • Calimero

        They have pistols, rifles and with special licensing full auto/MGs (but pretty difficult to actually fire them legally, as taking MGs to the range requires a license for each range trip …).

        Only time will tell what they’ll be able to keep with the upcoming changes coming from the EU.

        I really hope they managed to get out of Schengen!

      • Maxpwr

        I saw Lugers there. Did I say I wanted their laws? No, I would just like access to what they have access to.

    • Cahal

      Switzerland is not part of the EU.

      • Calimero

        Yet they’ll get f*cked too as they have treaties (Schengen among others) that require them to implement the new gun prohibitionism package that just passed.

        The Swiss managed to get themselves into a deeply stupid position: having a mandate to follow EU directives without having any say in their content as they’re not a Member State and have no MEPs.

        Well, no that the EU is a model of democracy anyway. It’s just a highly centralized, corrupt system heavily based on French administrative law (ie: laws are empty shell with defer 95% to unelected administrative bodies).

        • Blake

          Britain is far down the same path…

      • Maxpwr

        No kidding, but they are bound by other treaties. Do your research.

  • RSG

    The Belgian mafia currently has this video under strict scrutiny at this very moment. Someone there is plotting feverishly to have these very assault weapons decommission into harmless lumps of metal. Smh.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      The Belgians have some of the best gun laws in Europe. EU Commision =/= Belgium, even if they do meet in Brussels.

    • Jason Culligan

      You can thank Sweden for Europe’s new gun laws. It was, after all, one of the ministers in their government that wrote the thing.


    Oh son of God, Christ, Good Shepherd, Jesus, King of Kings, Lamb of God, Lord of Lords, Messiah, Prince of Peace, Redeemer, Savior, Son of Man… what I wouldn’t do for a Luger collection like that… ♡♡♡

    • oldman

      Asking for help from on high is a long wait for a train don’t never come.

  • Anonymoose

    I didn’t realize “Bloke” was his last name. 😮

    That’s an awesome selection there. I actually kind of like the tacticool SG510 and K31, and I wish someone would produce a modern straightpull that doesn’t cost over $3000 and is only available in Europe.

  • Ken

    What was that shorty flintlock you were fondling near the end? That one really got me going. An old relic or a modern repro?

  • SGT Fish

    NO BEANIE BABY OR JERKIE DEALERS!?!?!? what is this, a GUN show?