ETS Group Releases Several Magazines for G42, G43 – Up to 12 Rounds


ETS Group announced the company was now making replacement magazines for the Glock 42 (.380 ACP) and Glock 43 (9mm) magazines. There are three different magazines being offered for each weapon: a 7 round flush fit, a 9 round extended (4.25″ long) and a 12 round extended (5.5″ long).

Like the factory magazines, these ETS mags are a single stack design. Unlike the factory magazines, the flush fitting models offer a total of 7 rounds of storage. The factory magazines offer only 6 rounds of capacity.

The 9 round magazines are only 0.75″ longer than the flush fitting magazines. The extra length provides more of a gripping area for the hand. This may offset the slight increase in overall size depending on your needs. Well, that plus the additional two rounds of ammunition.


Longest in the bunch, the 12 round magazines are a full 2″ longer than the flush fitting magazines. This is a significant increase in overall height of the gun, and is not likely to┬ábe ideal for all methods of concealed carry.

ETS Group is making the bodies of these magazines translucent. While visually interesting, I don’t know of any practical reason someone might prefer this over a black bodied mag. Maybe someone can educate me on this in the comments.

The flush fitting magazines have a suggested retail price of $16.99. All of the extended magazines carry a MSRP of $21.99.

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  • RSG

    From what I’ve seen, the ETS mags haven’t been particularly reliable. I’d have to see lots of new evidence that these new additions were different to consider them. If proven, I’d be interested in the 12 rounders for each model.

    • PK

      I’ve found them perfectly fine, personally. They’re not as durable since they lack a liner and of course since the chosen translucent polymer isn’t as strong as a glass-filled or fiber reinforced type, but they feed and function well in my experience. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky!

    • SGT Fish

      my 22rd 9mm mags have all been 100% reliable. though I never load more than 21 rounds. Ive even had them thrown 30ft plus onto gravel fully loaded and not had an issue. I plan on buying more when I get a chance

    • Haulin’ Oats

      Do you even own any ETS mags? If so, which ones?

      • RSG

        I don’t own any. I’ve seen various negative reviews that convinced me my money was better spent elsewhere. I own a small “arsenal”, and all of my pistols and rifles are strictly for self defense. I don’t own range toys or sporting firearms. Anything I own I have to be willing to bet my life on. Would love some spare, higher capacity mags for my 42 and 43. But until ETS proves they are reliable, I’ll have to wait.

        • Haulin’ Oats

          Botach has them for $9 each in packs of 6. It’s a small amount of money to find out if they work for you or not. Push comes to shove, you can always sell them during the next gun frenzy for double your money.

      • Gabriel

        I own 50 or so of ETS mags. The 17 rounders have been working fine. The 22 rounders failed to lock the slide open. The 31 rounders have fail to feed issues.

        • ARCNA442

          I had pretty severe fail to feed problems with steel cased ammo in my early 22 rounders. I think they may have updated the design since then though.

  • PK

    I keep hoping ETS or Magpul will release 10mm extended mags, much like the 9×19 and .45acp available for other models of Glock.

    Still, it’s nice to see the single stacks getting a nod!

    • somedingus

      I had hoped that with Kriss having released a 10mm Vector this would have happened already.

      • PK

        I’ve been waiting for a while, now. Even before the Vector came out in 10mm, you’d think someone would have gone ahead and released a run of 10mm extended mags. I know the market isn’t anywhere near as large as for 9x19mm or even .45acp, but I can hope.

    • Raptor Fred

      45 and 10mm mags would be wonderful.

      • Cal S.

        Forget that. .40 first. They’re practically the same size.

        Of course, one must consider how thin a polymer wall can be before it loses strength…

        • Raptor Fred

          They already make them in .40

          • Cal S.

            ETS does, but Magpul? I did not know that.

          • Weeteef Cyubee

            No just ETS

  • Lawbob

    How does being able to see instantly how many rounds are available strike you ?

    • Rick O’Shay

      but if they’re hidden inside a grip….

      • PK
        • SGT Fish

          I really kinda want to do that

          • Just Say’n

            Or you could just count the number of “Bangs” and reload before the “Click” (or when your slide locks to the rear).

          • SGT Fish

            it wouldn’t be for function. just for style. Though I don’t really own any guns just for style right now

          • PK

            Calm down, Sterling. We can’t all keep track like that.

        • BattleshipGrey

          Gen 5?

      • Lawbob

        Spare mags.

        So, you think that glock should eliminate the witness holes, too? What are those for?

        • Rick O’Shay

          If you only have half loaded mags, you’re doing it wrong. Full or empty. No in-between. I can’t think of the last time I used witness holes on any mags, except to load and double-check it was full. You don’t need an entirely clear mag to do that.

          • 3 of 11

            Do you even “production” division, bro?

  • Flounder

    ETS is making them clear because that is what they do, all their mags come as clear, I think it is just their signature due to the type of plastic they use in their manufacturing process.

    Remember how long it took for magpul to get other plastic colors out there? Years if not a decade if I recall correctly. (I mean only production colors commercially available, not tests or limited runs or anything short of full production.)

    • SGT Fish

      the production models are more of a smoke color anyway. they are the super clear plastic like in the pics. not sure why ETS uses those for pics but sells different ones

  • Raptor Fred

    3 of these mags or 1 Taran base plate. Think the decision is pretty obvious.

    • Ben Pottinger

      I haven’t tried these yet but I can tell you the Taran base plate is flawless. If your using it for ccw get the baseplate (suck it up and get 2). I carry the flush fit mag in tight pocket carry and the +2 Taran mags when I’m wearing loose pants or am carrying in a belt holster. I will still probably buy a couple of the 7rnd flush fits to test and 1 each of the longer ones to play with on the range.

      My prefered method of carry for years with a g19 was to carry a spare magazine with a 17rnd mag and +5 extension. Now the magpul glock 22rnd mags seem to be really reliable so I’ll probably stick with those as my back up spare mags. So you have the better concealment of a flus mag but plenty of firepower if you need a reload.

  • pablo4twenty

    I bought 2 of the 12s and 2 hyve plus 2’s for my G43 for Range / Desert use only. Haven’t yet received them.

  • 3 of 11

    The 12 round mags make for great “vehicle” reloads. Keep a couple or three in your car stuffed with FMJ. Turns your “get off me” pocket rocket into a half decent “duty”/SHTF level pistol. .

  • Paul O.

    They need sleeves for the 9 & 12 rounders.

  • simmoc04

    Got a twelve rounder in the mail today we will have to see how it functions. It is quite long though.