Strike Industries Rolls Out Megafin Cali Compliant Featureless Grip

I promise we are almost done with the epic flood of new Strike Industries parts with the new Megafin Featureless Grip. I mean we love Strike parts just as much as the next guy, but do they really need to be so darned motivated with all these new parts? I guess they do, that is what makes them who they are after all.

For those of you scratching your heads like me, you really should look into California law to see how shooters have to configure their rifle. It is nothing short of baffling, interesting, and a little bit sad. Strike wanted to make sure that Cali shooters were able to outfit their rifle with some cool stuff so they released the Megafin grip that was designed to give ban state shooters as positive of an experience as they possibly could.

Strike Industries says they designed the Megafin featureless grip to be as ergonomic as they possibly could and given the constraints of a featureless grip, they did a pretty decent job it looks like. They even included a built in finger bump similar to the Accuracy Bump that we have tested in the past.

While this product doesn’t really appeal to me, there are many in California that will be adding a Megafin grip to their Cali compliant AR build.

The Megafin grip carries an MSRP of $39.95 and is currently available for purchase from Strike Industries as well as their authorized retailers. You can learn more about the Megafin featureless grip on the Strike Industries website.

Patrick R

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  • 🦑 🐙

    Erybody knows grip fins save lives because you can’t shoot with one hand. You can’t possibly go full berserker without firing from the hip like in the movies. “Say hello to my little friend”–not in California bro!

  • LazyReader

    Everytime I see a gun product from California, I giggle a little bit.

    • Jack Morris

      Really? I cry a little bit, knowing what’s possible for the rest of us under the “protection” of the 2nd Amendment.

    • RickfromPaso

      Laugh at your own peril. The next time the Democrats take control in DC, these same stupid laws will invade the entire country.

  • Haulin’ Oats

    These Cali Compliant grips from SI have been around for quite sometime.

  • Spencerhut

    Another stupid, California only gun part to work around the bureaucrats idiotic, nonsense laws. There is talk on the local CA radio stations of the only way for California to move forward is to burn to the ground. I think they are on to something.

    • Wow!

      Personally, I’d rather America stay all 50 states. If we are going to do anything drastic, deport all the liberals or gun owners decide to straight up violate the illegal restrictions. I mean heck, illegal immigrants and weed users/growers just broke the law in order for the CA legislature to support them. Maybe gun owners need to do the same thing.

  • I’ve never liked these grips. Using them just don’t seem to give you any descent amount of control on the rifle.

    IMO the FRS-15 is the best of the worst ways to setup a featureless rifle for California. As you can wrap your whole hand around the grip.

    • Wow!

      From what I have seen, the reason why lots of people have been making their own fins is because they are easy to remove and mostly universal. Some guy shows up with a fin to kind of test the waters at the range. If he sees everyone is chill about everything, the fin comes off and he does his business, puts the fin back on and leaves.

    • Marcus D.

      I tend to agree with you, but after they moved their factory, their prices went up something like 30%. The basic stock kit (no buffer tube cover) is $110, with a cover $135, and enhanced $144. this price does not include any spacers to adjust LOP. Gets pricey by the time it hits the front stoop. The Strike is a deal by comparison, especially if, as many of us suspect, the next step will be a total ban on all black rifles, similar to the Maryland law, which could happen within months of Gavin Newsome becoming Governor, a couple of years from now.

      P.S.: I just noted that Thordsen is coming out with a Gen III in a couple of weeks. Much nicer looking than before, and the standard kit is $125.

  • aka_mythos

    How exactly does California define their restriction on pistol grips and thumbhole grips?

    • Thumbhole stocks are banned. The FRS-15 and similar stocks are the only way you can get a grip where you can wrap your hand around it.

      • Wow!

        I thought there was another option like where like they made a new bullet button or something. Or am I thinking of a different state?

        • Marcus D.

          Not exactly. The bullet button was specifically included in the list of “features” that makes a legal rifle into a “assault weapon.” the law allows fixed mags that can be removed only by disabling the action, which appears to be, under the proposed regulations, pulling the rear pin and cracking the two halves. There are two devices that block the operation of the mag release until this occurs. (Google Patriot button.)

      • aka_mythos

        I understand as much. It’s just really difficult to find an exact wording to the law. I’m fortunate enough to live in a state where I’m free from this junk. I’m also an engineer with a product design and manufacturing background with experience in contract and regulation compliance and if I had a better understanding of the legal wording I would try to devise something to help out these less fortunate Americans. No matter how much looking I’ve done I can only find generic statements like “no pistol grips and no thumbhole stocks”… I see this as something between charity and patriotic sentimentality, I’m not trying to make a buck but I have a stubborn belief in my ability to work within the letter of regulatory BS to find a solution.

        • int19h

          If you can wrap your hand around the grip such that the web between your thumb and your index finger sits lower than the protruding part of the trigger, it’s considered a pistol grip / thumbhole stock.

    • Marcus D.

      California law works on a “features” ban, meaning that if your rifle or pistol has any one of specified features, it is an “assault weapon.” One of the banned features is a “pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon,” which is defined in the most current (proposed) regulations as: “means a grip that allows for a pistol style grasp in which the web of the trigger hand (between the thumb and the index finger) can be placed beneath or below the top of the exposed portion of the trigger while firing. This definition includes pistol grips on bull pup firearm designs.”

      As interpreted by manufacturers, if one is able to “grasp” the grip like a pistol, it is a banned feature unless 1) the web of the hand is above the base of the trigger (see e.g. Thordsen stock), or 2) the thumb cannot be wrapped around the grip, such as this Strike product or the Hera stock.

      • aka_mythos

        Thank you.

  • USMC03Vet

    In California gun laws make your firearm unsafe.

  • FearlessFarris

    Strike Industries and all other firearm and accessories manufacturers should take a stand and refuse to sell any product to a local, state, or federal agency that the citizens of the state are prohibited from owning.

    • Cal.Bar

      The firearm loving citizens AREN’T the problem! And should not be abandoned. We are besieged and outnumbered, but even so, there are more gun owners in CA than PEOPLE in many of the rest of the U.S. States.

      • pablo4twenty

        FF said “… local, state, or federal agency”

    • Wow!

      That does nothing except advance the liberal agenda. You aren’t taking a stand by backing down and doing what the liberals want. You would be making a stand if you import in “contraband” despite the illegal laws.

      • FearlessFarris

        Tell Barrett Firearms that.

        • Wow!

          I’ve sent them an email (that probably was never read) saying exactly that a decade or so ago. I understand the sentiment and applaud making a voice for 2A, but they should (or do) realize that it does nothing. Departments in CA that want barret 50 cals for anti material use around power plants and other potential terrorist targets get them anyways through their own supply lines.

          I keep saying, and will always say that the only way for gun control to be stopped is for gun owners to stop following it. If people are too afraid of jail to exercise their rights, then they never had rights to begin with, and the whole point of 2A is wasted on them from the start. The founding fathers risked DEATH when they signed their independence for their lives. People seem to forget that.

          • rc_vic_kerman

            Wasn’t it Patrick Henry that said;”Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”

          • Wow!


  • valorius

    “What in the wide world of sports is going on here?”

  • valorius

    If i lived in commifornia i would buy a .357 magnum lever action and a good revolver to go along with it, and call it a day.

    • Marcus D.

      Why not go all out for .44 mag? (Actually, my first choice was .357, but ended up finding a great deal on a Winchester in .45 Colt. It goes with my favorite SAA clone.)

      • valorius

        .44 magnum seems like a poor choice for a defensive handgun to me.

    • int19h

      Why not SKS? Or Mini-14? Or Saiga or Vepr in its original import configuration?

      • mazkact

        I’m afraid that cali politicians will get those shortly . Should take them a while to around to lever actions.

      • valorius

        They’d all still be stuck with 10 rd mags. Same as the lever gun. A lever gun which you can keep topped off with ammunition at all times. A lever gun that, with a bit of practice, is darn near as fast as a semi. A lever gun that fires a nice big expanding .355 caliber bullet (I’d go with underwood 125gr gold dots at about 2400 fps) with just as much muzzle energy as 7.62×39. And a lever gun that wont make a prosecutor try to portray me as some kind of rambo using a “weapon of war!” I’d have the side benefit of having my rifle and handgun both use the same ammunition.

        Plus it would look really nice hanging above my mantle. 😉

  • AD

    Looks like the one in the photos is configured for right-handed use. I wonder if they have a left-handed version?

  • Marcus D.

    They have a prior version of this grip that is plain, but sells for only $6. It is, of course (conveniently?) out of stock. Maybe I’m just cheap (well, not maybe), but I will take cheap and functional first.

  • Thamuze Ulfrsson

    This is horribly depressing.

    • Blake

      Tell me about it. But at the same time it’s actually kind of working out. Before our only option was to use a bullet button, but even with specific nubs on my ranger plates magazine changes were never fast. With the new laws I can just add a Cross Armory mag lock and Quick Pins and 1) stay legal, 2) not have to go featureless, 3) avoid registering as an assault weapon, and 4) reload way, way faster than ever before.

      The painful thing is that’s a $200 upgrade to all 3 of my ARs.