RECALL: Daniel Defense Safety Notification

Daniel Defense has issued a recall that includes Daniel Defense firearms manufactured between April 1, 2016 and March 3, 2017. If you believe that you own a firearm that is affected by the recall, please refrain from calling them and use the serial number check on their website, the link is posted below.

The safety concern stems from a few cases of a double-fire when the trigger is pulled for a single shot. There have not been wide reports of disconnectors failing, but you should still check your firearm’s serial number. If you own an affected rifle, Daniel Defense asks that you stop using the rifle immediately and follow the instructions on the safety site posted above.

Daniel Defense states in the recall notification that they have a commitment to a high level of quality as well as ensuring the shooter’s safety. The repairs to the affected firearms will be performed at no cost to the owner as part of their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Again, please do not call Daniel Defense about the recall, instead visit the website posted above to check your firearm’s serial number. If your rifle falls into the serial number range affected, do not use the firearm and follow Daniel Defense’s instructions to have your rifle repaired.

Patrick R

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  • Some Rabbit

    How could this happen if you use the mil-spec trigger group?

    • RSG

      Heat treat issues would be my best guess.

    • Drew Coleman

      Probably something out of spec.

    • Ebby123


      It’s hilarious that people think that actually means something in the commercial market.

      • Some Rabbit

        Maybe I shoulda’ said cheap, readily available military surplus parts.

    • If I paid $DD for a rifle and it came with a mil-spec trigger group, I’d use it to club the nearest sales rep like a baby seal. The whole point of expensive high end rifles like Daniel Defense makes is that you’re paying for high end components.

      • Some Rabbit

        So clearly the expensive “high end” ain’t so high when cheap mil-grade parts are better.

  • Jon Fox

    So this wasn’t a feature….

    • FearlessFarris

      I know! Sounds more like a benefit than a flaw, to me.

  • BH

    Ole Marty needs to tighten his ship up. Ole Cindy needs to stop banging employeees and focus on quality

    • Ebby123

      That’s a particularly nasty accusation. I don’t suppose you came equipped with little things like.. i don’t know… evidence? :-/

    • Joe


  • JV Mason

    Story’s like this are why Id never spend thousands on a rifle made by a ‘mom & pop’ AR15 maker. Id like to think customer service is a huge chunk of operating costs for companies like ruger or springfield. lets hope the ~90 employees of DD can get the job done

    • john huscio

      Springfield doesn’t even make ARs

    • Mark Willis

      Far from being a mom and pop. They are one of the best rifles on the market today.

      Just because a company advertises a lot like Ruger doesn’t make them the best.

      • Inline5Turbo

        One of “the best” that just pulled a Remington.

        • supergun

          Everything is fallible. Even Mercedes, Porches, BMWs, Fords, Chevrolets, Dodges, skyscrapers.

  • Does this also affect Daniel Defense lower parts kits? I would assume the LPKs use the same faulty components.

  • Veteran for Trump

    So they mean a slam fire?
    Fire a round, it cycles and chambers the next round and fires.
    I had that happen once to my homebuilt lower a couple years ago.
    Jammed it up tight. Hasn’t happened since.

  • They missed a chance to market it as a free duplex trigger group upgrade.

  • hammer

    But the government monitors the internet and will link me to the serial number if I use this form

  • hammer

    Slam fire can get you arrested for having an automatic weapon

  • Renski

    How many people out there with DD rifles have the stock trigger group in their lower still? I know I don’t. I had the gun one day before a SSA was plopped in. I seriously don’t see the issue here. Haters gonna hate I guess.

  • Inline5Turbo

    It is kind of funny these people spent 2-3 thousand dollars on AR15s that got recalled.

    • Rogertc1


  • Rico Balagbag

    >disconnect malfunction that makes your AR fire in two round burst
    No thanks I’d keep it this way

  • supergun

    At least they are not acting like VW.

  • uisconfruzed

    Sounds like it’s got a very light trigger with a short reset.
    My 6.5 Grendel (not DD) did a double fire a couple times with the first mag when held lightly.

  • Mark Hollingsworth

    If the M4A1 and Mk18 uppers are good enough for socom I’d say they’re good enough for 99% of the public. Crane did extensive testing with tons of weapons systems and DD came out on top. DD is up there with the top manufacturers Noveske, KAC, LWRCI, HK, and LMT.