Back in 2012, I went to Istanbul to attend two of my friends’ wedding. While touring around I noticed police and guards were armed with MP5s. At the time I did not know about MKE, Turkey’s manufacturer of MP5s. I suspect these were probably MKE MP5s.

The picture above was taken at Cappadocia while touring the indigenous carved rock homes and stuctures.


This Turkish Officer was controlling this entrance. I saw him on the way to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.


This guard was standing outside Topkapi Palace in Instanbul.


  • John

    I see fingers on triggers. That is all I see.

    • miniguyvegas

      And now that is all I see too. Although we had a SWAT incident locally on the news, and a group of officers were chatting behind the SWAT van all with one hand resting on the top of their slung rifle, 2 of 3 with fingers on the trigger, or at least in the guard, with gloves. Maybe they’re on safe, maybe….but that’s bad form that would get me kicked out of my local range.

    • neckbone

      Surprised you didn’t say he’s missing his safety glasses and hearing protection too.

      • John

        Nah. Couldn’t care less about his safety. Really only concerned with what stupid things he does that could kill me.

  • USMC03Vet

    Wonder if these guys are still alive considering that purge occurring over there right now.

    • moonstar

      Sure, they are alive. Only army officers who related coup d’etat were jailed.

      • Oregon213

        Not true, lots of police got the purge as well.

        • JoelC

          And plenty of ordinary people got beatings… even here in the USA during the last Erdagon(President for life) visit.

          • AYIDAYI

            PKK terrorists are nothing ordinary. Can you imagine ISIL militants beating American citicens outside the building where some president of the USA visits?

          • JoelC

            Your analogy is a bit of a failure there. The “Militants” in your comparison, got beat, not doing the beating. They had fully followed all protocols for a peaceful protest and there were police there to monitor it. Perhaps you didn’t see the news camera footage that ran live?

            The correct comparison would be to imagine on Turkish soil, a group of Turkish citizens who formerly lived in the USA(or had family in the USA) having a peaceful protest, and the American president ordering the secret service to go out (from the US Embassy and onto Turkish soil) and beat the protesters. No, I can’t imagine that.

        • AYIDAYI

          So what? There’s only one police officer in the photos above. Others are gendarmery soldiers, i.e. army.


      You don’t know what the fork you are talking about, of course they are alive. But that policeman might be dead if he happened to be around Gölbaşı SWAT Station when those Gulenist zombies hit the building with a MK84 bomb! More than 50 officers martyred in that building just because Gulenist maniacs thought they would probably resist the coup attempt!