IWI US Now Shipping Tavor X95 in 300 BLK

300BLK in Box

IWI US announced the Tavor X95 chambered for the 300 BLK is now shipping to dealers. The bullpup design rifle has become quite popular in 5.56 NATO, and many people have been looking forward to getting a 300 BLK version ever since it was announced during the summer of last year.

The initial shipment of guns include 300 BLK X95 rifles in black and flat dark earth. OD Green versions of the gun will also be offered, though the company did not immediately provide an approximate shipping date. The new guns have a suggested retail price of $2,049.

Boxes of 300BLK RiflesI had a chance to test the X95 rifle in 5.56 NATO recently, and I found it to be an excellent rifle. My test gun was very accurate and 100% reliable. While there will likely always be arguments about traditional rifles vs. bullpup designs (see also: 9mm vs .45 and Glock vs 1911), I found the gun very easy to run even though none of my prior formal training had ever been with the more compact design.

While I’m very accustomed to the AR design, I quickly adapted to the X95. I shot with several smaller statured shooters who had little rifle experience. All of them liked the feel of the X95 much more than that of the AR. All of them expressed an appreciation of how the gun balances and that they all felt more in control of the gun because of it.

With the X95s integral gas regulator, I would presume that the gun would be easy to tune to subsonic and supersonic loads – a significant concern for 300 BLK shooters.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • TDog

    Too bad it lacks the modularity of the AUG. If the Tavor were capable of quick barrel changes, I’d be more interested in getting this. As is, having a dedicated 300 BLK gun kind of limits the flexibility of having a round that shares the same case as 5.56. Just my two cents.

    • Younggun

      The issue is, doing something with that capability. I have been tempted by an AUG on more than one occasion but the “quick change barrel system” is only useful if there are barrels available for purchase easily on the open market which there aren’t. This is a rifle system that was created back in the 70s and there are still virtually no caliber change kits out for the civilian market.

      • TDog

        You’ve got a good point there. Hopefully Steyr pulls its head out of its rear and decides that a 300 BLK barrel is a good idea.

        • ReadyOrNot

          That’s the problem I’ve had with Steyr.. their Austrian superiority complex. In my mind, the Aug should be at the top of the bullpup market in America, but poor marketing and their inability or want to adapt to the market (i.e. STANAG mags with bolt release, AR controls, etc.) puts them behind IWI and others.

          • Klaus Von Schmitto

            “Austrian superiority complex”? Well, I never.

          • Younggun

            I think there actually are AUG variants that make use of STANAG mags which is a huge help, but given how long it has been on the market it really should have gotten some more support. Steyr just doesn’t seem to grasp that they could have a juggernaught on their hands. AUGs are proven guns with a solid track record in terms of reliability that makes L85s look like cheap crap, and modularity and controls that are far superior to even modern offerings like the X95. However it gets no support from Steyr in terms of upgrades, pushing it to the civilian market, or parts. It has a quick change barrel system that is BEGGING for a .300blk chambering. Give it a 1/2 by 28 thread and it is a stunningly appropriate setup for a suppressor and even a hunting gun with some .300 ammo with that short overall length. Instead, it remains mired in obscurity and prohibitively expensive for a design that is approaching 45 years old.

          • ReadyOrNot

            Yes, there is a NATO variant that takes STANAG mags, but at the expense of the bolt release button of the proprietary variant. But yeah your comment is spot on!!

          • TDog

            Maybe it’s Austrian export laws that make it difficult for them?

      • There was a superb 9mm conversion kit for the AUG, but then the ATF banned it from importation.

        However Steyr is currently working on a .300blk conversion kit.

        Personally I love the QCB on the AUG, but use it more like a takedown rifle. With the barrel off the gun is 20″ long and fits into a backpack.

  • Pedenzo

    Yup….the 300Blk is just a boutique cartridge….it will never catch on……

    • USMC03Vet

      boutique caliber goes perfect with boutique rifle.

    • Palmier

      Its a yuppie cartridge. No one else can afford it.

      • Juggernaut

        Or neckbearded Tacticools

        • Pedenzo

          Or how about a redneck from Idaho…..I reload….

          • Palmier

            I’m a redneck from Montana….I can buy factory 7.62×39 for about half of what it costs to reload 300blk.

          • You can buy it for 4-6 cents? Where?

          • Brian J. Schmidt

            Mmmm, no you can’t…

      • Brian J. Schmidt

        You couldn’t be more wrong, but after reading some of you other comments, that’s to be expected…

    • I can’t decide if this is sarcasm. Wait – yes, but the other commenter’s missed it. As a caster and reloader, 300 BO is near perfect. Now that it is down to around 30 cents a round for commercial ammo, it’s cheaper than a 30-30 or a .357 mag. IMO most of the formerly valid objections are null. Also the notion that you can chamber it in a .223 gun is kind of over blown. That’s only applicable with grossly bad projectile selection and incompetent lack of solid crimp. No cartridge is immune from willful negligence or dodgy commercial reloaders.

      • D

        Please tell me where I can buy it for 30cents a round!

      • Pedenzo

        “Wait – yes, but the other commenter’s missed it.”

        Yeah….they kinda did…wink wink….

    • Get over it fanbois

      As a Tavor owner. It really is a a boutique round that isn’t worth buying.

  • USMC03Vet

    As prices decrease, IWI prices increase. Bravo.

    That’s a whole lot of plastic for $2k.

    • Younggun

      While I would tend to agree (and thus stick to an AR) we do have to take into account this is a new design only being manufactured by one company. The reason why ARs are so cheap is because its a design that has been around since the late 50s, has parts that are so readily available it seems like they are growing on trees now, and has such ubiquity in the industry that competition naturally drives the cost down. They are probably still recouping R&D overhead as well as the economic fact that no one else is producing the same rifle. There are competing designs, but unlike the AR pattern, there are really no companies that are producing the same exact gun and thus increasing supply which drives down price.

      That being said, $2,000 plus feels a little steep. Also, the AUG has been around for years and is still far more expensive than it should be.

      • USMC03Vet

        All of their commercial offerings are significantly overpriced simply because they don’t have to compete in the civilian market due to their primary market being government sales.

        • Younggun

          To what offerings are you referring to? Both the Tavor SAR and the x95 are proprietary offerings that might be overpriced when compared to something like an AR pattern rifle, are not in the same boat. Perhaps there is an argument to be made that their Galil series is overpriced? But for $1,800 MSRP $1,600 street price its not THAT far outside the realm of higher end ARs and AKs and the Galil is supposedly an evolution of the AK platform.

      • 757_Magnum

        Although MSRP is $2000, street price is closer to $1500 if you shop around. After totaling the build sheet for an SBR I was planning, the price including tax stamp was pretty close to that. Better balance for me, 18″ barrel at SBR length, no NFA approval times or travel restrictions. I was sold and haven’t looked back.

    • JoelC

      the pre-order Lithgow F90s are going for $2k too. Once they are on the market a bit, I’m sure they will drop.

  • Raptor Fred

    Silver lock ring on the barrel “differentiates it” from it’s 5.56 counterpart. I wonder what twist rate they chose? Guess that is still top secret.

  • tsh77769

    If I wanted a bullpup in .300 BLK I would wiat for the superior AUG in .300 BLK that is coming soon.

    • Younggun

      If Steyr was smart they would ALREADY be offering barrels in .300 BLK since they have a weapon system with a built in quick change barrel system. The fact that they don’t or haven’t so far is totally mind boggling. Just taking a few seconds to look up all the convoluted ways people have been trying to get an AR platform rifle to change out its barrel using expensive and jerry rigged aftermarket parts just displays there is a huge desire for this. Not only that, Steyr could corner the market with just a few upgrades:

      A modular rail in MLOK/Keymod
      Quick change barrel for 300BLK that is suppressor ready
      Possibly .22lr conversion kits for plinking.

      Just like that you have a gun that can use the most common military cartridge in the western world (.223/5.56) a blossoming 30 caliber cartridge that uses the same parts and magazines as .223 which is easily suppressed taking advantage of the recent surge in suppressor usage, and one that is modular with a short overall length that caters to the crowd that wants something easy to transport and manipulate without paying $200 to the government. Its a home run.

  • 8166PC1

    Watch out for the AR fanbois it’s blasphemy to say there’s something that can challenge the AR.

  • Put a can on it and it would be a perfect truck gun… for a $75,000 Super Duty dually with all the bells and whistles and not a speck of dust on it.

    • Brett baker

      Right on TUA!

  • Haulin’ Oats

    How about a Tavor in 458 Socom?

  • ReadyOrNot

    Throw in a silencer and some subsonic ammo and you have a great HD gun IMO (but an expensive one at that).

  • USMC03Vet

    It’s min 49 cents per round for anything not remanufactured as listed by ammoseek.

  • Devil_Doc

    When are we going to see the 5.45×39 that they promised us?

    • Hardwood83

      It would be easier if Trump would throw a bone to his Russian puppet-masters and remove the 5.45 ban.

    • They promised it just before cheap 5.45 got quasi permanently killed.

  • Robert Ryan Ramos