Breaking News: Lithgow Arms USA ATRAX Up For Pre-Order

Josh Whi, over at Lithgow Arms USA , clued me in that they have launched a new website and they are taking pre-orders right now for the ATRAX.

The Lithgow ATRAX was recently in the new Aliens Covenant movie.

According to Josh, the pre-orders will ship in September 2017. I pressed him on this and he assures it will happen given their strict testing. So no worries of the ATRAX becoming the new MDR.

When the pre-order goes thru, they will contact you and they will ship the ATRAX direct to your FFL of choice.

On top of the pre-order and new website, they have published their new Facebook page. Check it out and follow them for news and updates. Go to to put in your pre-order for your very own Atrax.




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  • rklk

    recently did work experience at a Aus army base with fitter/armourers and they where very positive about the EF88

  • Stu

    So, it’s just an AUG?

    • Ike

      With a lot of modernizations from experience in Afghanistan/Iraq and Timor. New stock design, end user ejection side switching; reshaped stock; fluted barrel; accepts AR mags by default, doesn’t need a new stock anymore; improved internals; picatinny rails are lower profile and have the future ability to be upgraded to powered rails; I’ve also heard from the F90 trials for the Australian army that the trigger weight was reduced byt that was a consequence of the manufacturing techniques used, not a design goal.

    • aka_mythos

      These are the newest modernization of the AUG and have been produced for the Austrian military since 2014. It’s held to stricter specs than the majority of AUGs that made it to the US before. The biggest difference is that its 1.1lbs lighter than the most comparable AUG. It also has little adjustments to improve reliability, like a larger ejection port to reduce FTE.

    • That’s kinda like saying the M4A1 is just a CAR-15.

  • Jack Morris

    These look like a modernized AUG clone. Anyone know if they have the same operating system?

    • Frank

      They’re an upgraded version that the Australian government uses. The patent expired for the AUG, these are made on modded original AUG blueprints and are for the most part the same as the Australian military guns. Unless something is whacked up with the assembly or the manufacturer of the compliance parts they should be GTG. Surprised the Australian government would allow guns to be sold to civilians like this, but it might have just been an oversight in writing the contracts for them.

      • Dave

        only firearms licence holders of a Category E licence can buy the semi/auto versions so pretty much government contractors

        the F90 is mainly made for export, hence the different name and being dealt through Legacy International

        • Richard

          They won’t sell the F90 or ATRAX to any Australian civilian -except for John Bowring apparently.

          I asked, several times.

      • aka_mythos

        Thanks, exactly what I was looking to hear. Everything you just said should really be up in the article.

        • Ike

          if you click the tags up top, TFB has been covering the development of this rifle for like… 5 years, back to 2012. If you’re a regular reader and don’t know it’s an Australian-made AUG upgrade of the F80 Austeyr, that’s on you. Not the author.

          • aka_mythos

            True. But Frank took a moment to type it out and spared me from having to go looking for the link.

      • Renato H M de Oliveira

        I don’t see why they would need to forbid it, even more so if the sales are overseas.

        • FarmerB

          Because they are sh*t scared of a media witch hunt about war weapons being used on the streets of gun crazy America. Locals will find it almost impossible to buy. I don’t know if the story about Korea is true or not. I’m signed up regardless, although I would prefer to have a Lithgow stamp on it. I suspect chunks of it are made in US to fulfill 922r.

          • Richard Webb

            It is literally impossible to buy them from Lithgow. I think since 1988 they agreed not to sell military weapons to the public.

            I’m importing some back from the US once they’re released, under the AG professional shooter scheme. Mostly just to prove a point, though I would like to evaluate one.

          • noob


          • FarmerB

            We have our name down as well 🙂

          • Renato H M de Oliveira

            That totally makes sense – enemedia is all over.

      • Richard

        The Australian government wouldn’t allow F90s from Lithgow to be exported, you are right.

        That’s why these ATRAXs will be made in Korea.

      • noob

        the two big changes is that the barrel is now permanently attached to the receiver and the formerly vibration welded stock now is a two part bolt together affair so the powered smart rail can be installed at a later date.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      These are the units that were engineered precisely to Hans Gruber’s specs for the next shot at Nakatomi Tower.

  • Raptor Fred
    • Frank

      My guess at least $1800 street price. So 90% of the comments will be complaining that they can buy an Anderson AR15 for $500 so unless this is cheaper than that they won’t buy one. Sad thing is I think a lot of companies actually listen to those idiots.

      • Raptor Fred

        Hahaha, right. Gotta say, I have really been digging the 14in model for a while. I wonder if they will do a weld and pin to bring it to 16in?

        • Frank

          Seems like barrels would be one of the easier parts to make over here for compliance parts, not sure.

          • Raptor Fred


        • PK

          Pin/weld a nice QD mount to that and I’d have a new home defense rifle. That’s all sorts of nice!

      • PK

        If it ends up being sold for under $2,000 street, I’ll be delighted! Even for a bit more, I feel the distinct need to buy one. They’re the next step in refinement of bullpups, so far as I can see.

        The Atrax/F90 is to the AUG what the M4 is to the M16.

  • MrPotatoHead

    Bored with 5.56… First company to offer an affordable and reliable bullpup in 6.5 Grendel will get my $$$.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      Desert Tech will have the 6.5G MDR conversion kits available Spring 2037. Maybe.

      • PK

        Right in time for everyone to switch to cased telescoped ammo!

        At this rate, DT will be running their machinery with fusion power when the MDR enters production.

  • PK

    No, no, I don’t need…. but it is nice, but I don’t need… well, it’s a pre-order, so…

  • UWOTM8

    Didn’t we have a bet on how long it would be before this gun would be in a sci-fi movie?
    In other news, I’m positively erect at the thought of these actually shipping.

    • SD

      It’s featured in Alien: Covenant.

  • LazyReader
    • .45

      I haven’t seen the new movie, but am I the only one who hates the new Aliens with the pointy head design? It just seems funny looking to me.

      • tazman66gt

        They are the “younger” variation of the ones we are more used to. The whole Prometheus movie was a crap hole.

  • USMC03Vet

    No price “pre-orders”?

    Sign me up for 500.

  • Sense Offender


  • Dave

    Guessin’ Australia didn’t get the “bull-pups are so 15 minutes ago” passé memo…

    • Richard

      The ADF doesn’t do tests any more, they just buy whatever Thales Lithgow offer.

      True story – the ADF asked Thales Lithgow if there were any advances on current weapons. Thales Lithgow replied that their new F90 which they make was the best weapon of it’s type in the world. Army bought it.

      Australian defence force procurement is legendary for ultra-expensive procurement screw ups.

      The ADF units that see the great majority of combat – SASR and Commandos – won’t even use the F90.

      • Dave

        Thanks. Heard some “diggers” reviled the F88… Wasn’t sure what to make of it. Ol’ Lithgow could sell me an F1 9mm SMG anytime that’s for sure. “Take my money, please!” Oh, wait. Darn screwy firearm laws…!

        So Australian special forces types use M4s and HK416s? Or the Kiwi U.S.-made LWRC AR?

        • Plythios

          I saw two diggers at my local McDonalds and I asked them how the new rifle was, one said it was crap, the other corrected him and said “I think he’s talking about the new black ones”

          To which they both replied that it was a dream to use.

  • Zingbex

    I’m sorry, but that is one ugly gun.

  • TJbrena

    I handled one of these at SHOT and damn was the 20 incher nice. I mean, handy, compact, well-balanced, felt nice to move around, and not too heavy.

    If there aren’t any significant teething issues, this might be my first bullpup once I save up.

  • Sense Offender

    It would be nice if the links worked-

  • Richard Lutz

    Obsolete design like the AUG. If you use your weak shoulder to fire around a corner you will get a face full of brass. The only 5.56mm bullpup to address this weakness is the ludicrously complex FN F2000.

    • Vanness Zhu

      It has a brass deflector.