Guns built by Italian pensioner

Pictured are several homemade firearms discovered by police in the cellar of a 70 year old man in Italy who was arrested following an altercation with a neighbor. Impressive are several large entirely handmade revolvers which appear to be chambered for .410 shotgun shells. Also present are what appear to be a number of guns disguised as walking sticks, seemingly also chambered in .410.


  • crackedlenses

    I…like these. They look like the misshapen generic guns from low-graphic-quality video games.

  • codfilet

    Guns are simple devices, and any decent machinist can make a functional firearm with just a few hand tools, and a drill. All the laws in the world won’t stop someone with the skills to make one, if they are determined to do so.

  • M.M.D.C.

    Spaghetti Western!

    It’s too bad they didn’t show the gun belt and holsters those two six shooters are obviously intended for.

  • Mystick

    Nice work! Making firearms isn’t magic – it’s only impossible the first time… after that, it’s all a recipe. 😉

    The long gun on the bottom looks like an air rifle.

    • shooter2009

      Yes, looks like a Diana Model 23.

  • jamezb

    LOL, those are several cuts above the typical South American or Asian homebrewed revolver. It appears they use a hand and pawl arrangement, rather than a manually rotated cylinder, and I just love the Colt style ejector rod. The aesthetics leave a little to be desired, but then they arent much worse than a H&R or Iver Johnson design, either….
    I suspect they are safe to shoot!

    • jamezb

      I wonder if the single shot “revolver” works like an old Colt Camp Perry single shot, except opening to the right rather than the left?

  • Dougscamo

    Must have been a long day at the police station….notice that someone had to take a break and then left his cup on the table….but it is Italy…what’s the hurry?

  • ozzallos .

    Altercation with neighbor = search of house. Wonderful.

  • John

    Taurus, hire this man. He’ll improve your work.

    • valorius


  • valorius

    What the heck were the cops doing in his cellar over a fight with a neighbor?

  • Hammock mechanic

    You haven’t seen nothing yet! Wait till the old guy has even more time on his hands.

  • B. Young

    where did he get the ammo?

    • oldman

      Shotguns are common in Europe and ammo is not that hard to come by.

  • Marcus D.

    I didn’t know they made .410 slugs–or are those homemade too?

    • Dougscamo

      Factory item, still manufactured….

  • Edison Frisbee

    First the Judge, then the Governor….now, the “Consigliere.”

  • American Spartan

    …And? The crime? He clearly has skill, why punish this old carftsman?