Glock Goes Full Retar… Dark Earth with Latest Lipsey’s Special Edition

It can be argued, strongly, that much of the success of Glock owes to the Henry Ford-like the mentality of mass production with a little bit of Lotus thrown in. Make a whole lot of one thing and throw in simplicity for good measure. In fact, this recipe started the end of the “Wondernine” years and ushered in today’s Plastic Fantastics.

It would seem that as Gaston ages, Glock is indeed a bit more adventurous. No longer the “choose any color so long as it is black” company, Glock has been slowly expanding a bit more into new SKUs – adding forward serrations. Prior to then, there has been a variety of special editions including minor color changes on the frame, etc.

Now, Glock has gone full Flat Dark Earth with their latest special edition and Lipseys Exclusive Vickers Tactical Glock. The limited-run production of 2,000 G17s and 3,000 G19s feature full FDE slide, frame, mag plate, and grip plug tool. All are equipped with the RTF-2 frame.

Upgrades include an AmeriGlo Pro I-DOT tritium front sight coupled with a Wilson Combat U-Notch rear. Tango Down pitches in with their own Vicker’s favorites including the extended slide catch, and extended magazine release. An allen¬†wrench is also included for rear sight adjustment.

MSRP is slotted at $750 for both the G17 and G19.


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  • Paul Epstein

    I can’t be the only one- it’s a dark brown, irregular shaped object. It’s impossible not to see it as a specific other thing.

  • cons2p8ted

    Looks like this Glock was handled by a jihadist with his LEFT hand!

  • Anonymoose
  • Edeco

    Should have released it on Sunday, 04/16

    • Alan

      Actually, Sir Colin at Lotus was more famous for “add lightness” than simplicity (just look at some of those tube frames).

      Porsche and others have taken up “add lightness” as a part of “add$$$”.

      I don’t see Glock doing superleggara without a significant upcharge, maybe in British Racing Green, a pencil barrel, all titanium ignition system with unobtanium slide.

      • Edeco

        Other shadies have been immitating for 25 years and I think Glock are still the lightest and lowest part-count, or close. Maybe the Caracal had a lower part count, but I’m not sure they’re still a thing or what.

        • roguetechie

          I’d really like carCal to be a thing. Very high cap mags etc are always a plus

          • Edeco

            I was drooling when I first saw them due to the low part count and low bore-axis. But that was like 10 years ago. Now with other low-bore axis offerings and their reliability issues undermining the value of simplicity, I’m like “meh”

          • roguetechie

            Same with my undying unrequited and undeserved love for the gsh-18 then?


            I’m a rotating bbl locking system fanatic because they’re the future of the handgun, most especially defensive and combat pistols, for the same reason rotating bolt owns everything else.

      • Edeco

        Ah, ‘scuse me, I misread. Not sure I’d call a space frame complex. Hard to make, especially without overbuilding, but the concept is pretty simple and it ends up being just one part.

        The materials, yeah, Lotus used magnesium and stuff. But Glock materials are pretty good, no Zamak. They go for $1-200 more than comparable polymer, striker duty guns…

    • Phillip Cooper

      What’s April 16 got to do with things??

      • Edeco

        Easter! People exchange chocolate novelties of fertility symbols and other random stuff, the Glock looks like one.

        • Phillip Cooper

          Oh, you mean “the first Sunday after the first full moon following the first day of spring.”

        • BillyOblivion

          Chocolate is NOT what that color looks like.

          Even bad milk chocolate.

        • retrocon

          Oh, geez. I thought it was because it’s the day after tax day… we all feel like the government just took the sh– gun from our head.

  • JJTX


  • Beju

    FINALLY, a factory Glock that looks even more like a brick.

  • Gregory

    I like Glocks but that one looks like something I just flushed down the toilet.

  • olivehead

    If you want one of these, by all means go for it. I picked up a used but like new original RTF2 (with fish gills) model 17 for $400 and couldn’t be happier. If I found a RTF2 19, I’d probably pick that up too, for a similar price. But this doesn’t do anything for me, and the grey and FDE frame ones didn’t either. To each his own.

  • Gary Kirk

    Just in.. The USMC with their current love of all things “coyote” brown has ordered them all..

  • john huscio

    I like the looks of FDE framed glocks in gen 4. I like the RTF texture as well……maybe do a run of RTF textured, gill slit Gen 4 19s with night sights with Black/FDE/Grey frames……id more than likely jump.

  • Hoplopfheil

    GLOCK: Simplify and add lightness.

    Everybody else: Complexify, and add toblerone serrations on the front, back, both sides, top, bottom, and interior surfaces.

  • Pistolero

    In reality it is more practical than black, even if it is ugly. Especially in the desert where all things black super heat to 2,000 degrees F.

  • Sean

    Those sights should be standard

    • Blake

      Why? The whole point of buying a Glock is that it’s a dirt-cheap platform that can easily be upgraded and customized to each person’s tastes. Why put a very specific and odd pair of sights on a gun that will only make maybe 5% of the potential market happy while substantially raising the price of the gun? The plastic sights that come stock on Glocks are perfect for people who aren’t really into shooting, and are replaced by others to whatever particular sights that person fancies. I would much rather have a cheaper platform and be able to put whatever sights I like on it.

  • Ryan

    Ok now that is funny

  • LL1684L2

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
    I don’t like the color or the price (I’m too used to “blue label” pricing to go for a $750 Glock).
    I like the sights; the frame/grip texture (rtf2); and it coming with regular slide serrations & not coming with “fish gill” serrations as the original “rtf2” Glocks had.

    If I had a need to color code my Glocks, then I suppose it’d be ok.
    If I needed to go into earth-tone camo mode, then I suppose I’d need something like that, but I don’t. Black-color with pricing at $550 would be a “buy” for me.

  • jonp

    $750 for both? That is a deal but I’m still not buying them.

  • SteveK

    What an UGLY color!!!

  • Hervoyel

    While I like an AR here and there with OD or FDE furniture I’ve just never been able to warm up to handguns in these colors. It’s just not my thing but if one of you guys wants it then by all means enjoy.

  • really.really!really?

    Looks like it’s made out of Silly Putty.

  • J.E.Walker

    Could have been worse… I guess.

  • MP

    I love my poop Glock.

  • twr

    Maybe Glock jumped the gun ordering the paint before the trials were decided, and now thay have to get rid of it?

  • retrocon

    First, and I checked this on two devices, that looks like flat dark purple, not brown.

    Second, if they’re going to paint the brick, I would have preferred a “John Milner Edition,”. You know, a cross between piss yellow and puke green.

    Show it off a little.

  • darrell_b8

    The sights are a definite improvement; the mag well plug?? the color?? Show me the PRICE!!

    • Andrea Goldstein

      They did: $750 MSRP.

  • Military Arms Channel

    I hope the white balance is just off because that looks like a turd colored Glock to me.

    • Andrea Goldstein

      Could you think of a more appropriate color for a Glock?

  • Nicolas Elstner

    Henry Ford-like the mentality of mass production with a little bit of Lotus
    More great reasons to stay away from glock

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Mass production is bad now?

      Which production guns do you believe are not, you know, mass produced?

  • Bill
  • Bill
    • RetiredSOFguy

      I’ve been considering getting all of the house guns in pink or purple. In the event they are put to use and some unscrupulous litigation follows (especially on the civil side) I’d like the visual reminder to a jury that my wife and kids aren’t “hardened vets” and if I’m the shooter, kind of de-nut the argument “he just wanted to get his kill on again…look at his scary pistol.”

      Hey, those arguments happen (which is why we are advised to use things like the same ammo local cops use, not go full armchair commando on accessories, etc) often to the good guys’ detriment. Or at least that’s what I read from Ayoob.

      • Ringolevio

        There’s a lot to be said for that approach, which the great sage Massad Ayoob [no sarcasm intended; Ayoob is one of my heroes] has been advocating for years. Also, I have a G17 in coyote (along with one in black) and, if I had the wherewithal, I’d probably have a couple more in “unconventional” colors; I was in Cabela’s the other day and a bunch of employees there were wearing sidearms in Hunter Orange. I could have one to match every outfit (although most of my non-work clothes tend to be “desert tan” or “coyote brown”). I like my leather (or other holster/belt/mag carrier material, such as nylon or kydex) to match (even though nobody else ever sees it); why not the pistol itself?

        Another advantage of the colors shown above (or similar) in Bill’s post is that they can help you to “hide [your handgun] in plain sight”. I was once tempted to pick up a used H&K VP70 (which already looks like something Flash Gordon would use) and paint it purple and yellow and hide it among the toys in a kid’s toy chest (I have no little kids in the house), where it wouldn’t seem at all out of place. A Glock in Barney the Dinosaur colors could have the same advantage.

      • Bill

        Yep. My wife has a Muddy Girl AR, and it looks as harmless as a squirt gun. My personal pet is an IDF clone and all it has is a sling. The Glocks just look weird to me, though.

        • RetiredSOFguy

          My little girl is 4 1/2, but she already likes the Muddy Girl patterns at the outdoor shows…so I know what’s in her future (likely Christmas 2018).

          • Bill

            That is awesome!

  • Ringolevio

    Just a nitpick: Is it “Vickers” or “Vicker’s”? Of course it’s the former, but this is just one more example of this site’s sloppy writing. The Comments often seem far more literate than the articles.

  • Corey

    That’s definitely a game changer..

    • Andrea Goldstein

      Ha! Ha!

  • euragone

    I saw a Glock the other day at Academy Sports and I swear it looks like the all Rust Edition!

  • Raguel A’septem

    Glock’s new sh*t for 2017… front serrations and Cerakote for the same ergonomically off, bad trigger, bad sights piece of sh*t… YAWN!
    No wonder the m17 is a SIG
    Go ahead haters and Glock fanboys, flame away about how your crap is somehow still “state of the art” and I’ll sick the 1911 fanboys on ya! LOL!

  • Humpy


  • Richard Lutz

    I prefer the Gen3 Glocks as the Gen4 variants violate the KIS principle.

  • squareWave

    I simply do not get this love affair with all things Flat Dark Earth.