Scalarworks “On Point” High-Speed Low-Drag Sights Now Available

Not yet able to get the teased LDM/PRO complete, Scalarworks has been known to divert off the beaten path to beat another path – perhaps one that has been beaten quite a bit. The latest divergence is the introduction of a set of iron sights which as much as I want to make fun of them – are so high-speed low-drag that they are indeed cool.

I mean, they are even blessed by one LAV.

“Two years ago I approached Scalarworks about making a set of fixed iron sights; what they came up with has exceeded my expectations. I’m now running Scalarworks iron sights and Aimpoint Micro mounts on my BCM carbine in all of my training classes. Scalarworks Low Drag Mounts and On Point Sights are the current state of the art.”

In all seriousness, if iron sights could be the definition of what one says is sexy – these are it. Using Scalarwork’s penchant for ultra light weight designs, solid machining, with a dash of innovation, the sights are standard AR-15 height – yet optimized for a 15″ sight radius – not the usual 20″ found on most irons. Sights are the near-perfect .5 MOA click adjustment.

Construction is of the usual high-speed, low-drag materials including 7075-T6 aluminum, they are finished in the other high-speed, low-drag Type III hard anodizing and are what many might describe as “stupid light at just 26.6 grams or a total of less than one ounce.

I want a set – though they are a high-speed, high-drag of $199 for the pair or $109 each if you wish to buy them separately


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  • noob

    hmm if snags are coming from the front like branches and vines, would the rear sight’s flat front surface get hung up on things? or are snags going to be your web gear and sling coming from the back?

    • USMC_grunt2009-2013

      Snags are like the VietCong…..THEY COME FROM ALL SIDES!!!!

  • Stompy

    Poor BCM, still clinging on to keymod. Just let it go, MLOK won. I want a KMR in MLOK. I guess that would be a MMR. Nice irons, Scalarworks makes great stuff. Might have to replace the fixed Daniel defense that I have now.

  • Walter E. Kurtz

    No horror here….damn these things are well thought out and beautifully executed! Do they deliver to the heart of darkness?

    • Tim

      Those are assault sights: not legal in California, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, or Maryland.

      • Walter E. Kurtz

        No I meant Cambodia.

  • Hyasuma

    and ….its $200 for a set

    • Haulin’ Oats

      $200 is about average for a durable set of sights from a quality competitor like Troy, Daniel Defense, or Samson.

      • Steve Milliron

        MSRP on a set of Daniel Defense sights is $125, so they’re quite a bit cheaper, and they’re only .56 oz heavier (i.e. no one will ever be able to tell the difference).

        • lolwat

          Never underestimate the hipster portion of the gun community. They just need to sell them in red and they will make millions.

          • Haulin’ Oats

            $200 is still cheaper than HK (Hipster and Koch) Pricing, like their nice Diopter sights.

          • James Earl Jones

            Oh but those lovely diopter sights… Turning that rear sight barrel makes my pants tight.

          • DonDrapersAcidTrip

            Never underestimate the obsolete old timer portion of the gun community. They’ll never miss an opportunity for hipster backlash to tell you how all you really need is a vietnam era ar15 and a ww2 1911.

            christ we get it already. every after market part ever made is unneccessary mall ninja crap because either you personally can’t envision a use for it, or can’t afford it

          • lolwat


          • USMC_grunt2009-2013

            Got ’em!

          • 1LT Homer

            The future is now, old man!

        • Haulin’ Oats

          You can easily spend $200 on a set of Magpul MBUS Sights. Magpul Part MAG527 has an MSRP of $130 and a Front Sight (MAG275) is $85. Both are made of plastic and don’t involve precision machining.

          • Redfoot

            The part numbers you are quoting are all steel and foldable. Not at all apples to apples. With that said I like the build of these sights, just not the price.

          • Haulin’ Oats

            The point being most aftermarket iron sights are going to run you around $100 and $200, it won’t matter if it’s a handgun (trijicon) or a rifle.

          • Redfoot

            True, but polymer Magpul’s will cost less and potentially hold better zero according to Vuurwapen Blog.

  • Haulin’ Oats

    They should have made these from Forged 2055 Aluminum.

  • lolwat

    Oh awesome something else for your gun to get snagged on.

    Hipsters will buy a ton of them. Anodize them in red and double your sales.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      And scopes dont snag? How about fixed front sight gas blocks? Exact same shape…

      No more likely to snag than anything else you out on top of a rifle.

      Unless you prefer to use no sights. I guess that does optimize low drag. I mean, if you dont know where your bullets will hit by feel youre not a real operator, right?

      • lolwat

        I’m sure they will look right at home on all the brotruck operator’s with F-1 firearms receivers.

      • USMC03Vet

        Not nearly as much as something near the front of a rifle. That is one of the advantages of not having fixed irons on a rifle.

        • Haulin’ Oats

          Folding sights are slower to deploy and aren’t always at the ready when SHTF.

  • USMC03Vet

    For $200 it better be made out of only the purest Crisco!

  • Sianmink

    All the tacticalness aside, those do look like good lightweight sights.

  • DonDrapersAcidTrip

    you’re a proto-hipster