PSA: Barnes Ammunition Safety Recall–Affected Lot Numbers Listed

This morning I received an email from Barnes ammunition announcing an ammunition recall that sounds more serious than usual. That said if you have any of this ammunition within the listed lot numbers call the number in the press release below and arrange for it to be returned. Above all, if you have any of the affected ammo don’t shoot it!

Product Safety Recall Notice

Do not use Barnes 300 Weatherby 180 grain TTSX VOR-TX Ammunition with Lot Numbers: Z08SA15L, Z08SB15L, Z09SA15L, Z09SB15L, Z11SB15L, Z11SC15L, Z12SA15L, Z12SB15L, Z12SC15L, Z08SA15R, Z08SB15R, Z09SA15R, Z09SB15R, Z11SB15R, Z11SC15R, Z12SA15R, Z12SB15R, Z12SC15R

Barnes Bullets, LLC determined that eighteen (18) Lots of its Barnes Bullets, LLC 300 Weatherby 180 grain TTSX VOR-TX ammunition (the “Ammunition”) packaged product may contain cartridges of a different caliber (collectively, the “Affected Product”). The eighteen (18) Lot Numbers are identified above. Firing a rifle with the incorrect caliber of ammunition may result in damage to the firearm, serious personal injury, or death.

To determine if you have Affected Product, please note the following:

If you have a case of the Ammunition, the Lot Number is stenciled on the outside of the case; and,
If you have a box of the Ammunition, the Lot Number is stamped on the inside flap of the box.

If you have Affected Product, immediately discontinue use of it and contact Barnes at the telephone number below. Barnes will arrange for the return shipment of your Affected Product and, upon receipt, will send you replacement Ammunition at no cost to you. If you are unsure whether you have Affected Product or if you have mixed boxes of ammunition, please immediately discontinue the use of the ammunition and contact Barnes Bullets, LLC at the below telephone number – we will replace this ammunition for you. For any other questions relating to the return of Affected Product, please contact the Barnes Consumer Service Department at 435-856-1115.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • lucusloc

    What was packaged into what? If it really is completely incorrect cartridges will it even chamber? Seems like potentially useful details. . .

    • Gary Kirk

      Probably something along the lines of 300 NM or WM got labeled wrong..

  • Dougscamo

    But…but….it’s only reloaders that make mistakes!!! Isn’t it???

  • 22winmag

    QC is one of the few things left separating the USA from the “barbarians”.

    Let’s not give that up too.

  • Jim_Macklin

    I suspect that the bullet is heavier than the 180 grain, perhaps 200 grain with a maxi,um load of powder for 180 grain bullet. Or maybe a 7.65 .311 bullet or even an 8mm .323 bullet.
    It is possible that the wrong powder type, a faster powder. Or even a combination of all possible errors.
    It could even be over size flash-holes or defective drawn cases.

    An 8mm bullet would jam into the freebore and be pushed back when chambered, making a solid obstruction. A 7.65 .311 bullet by itself would raise pressure and blow a primer.

    A faster powder or defective cased might be harder to detect.

    • noob

      At the Australian Munitions plant in Mulwala (Thales Group Australia) they ALWAYS get statistical data on the speed of each powder lot in a NATO test barrel. It is surprising how even the best computer controlled manufacturing processes can experience lot-to-lot variation, sometimes up to the point of seeing projectile breakup. I actually saw the grooves in the ceiling of the indoor test range from bullet fragments from too-hot powder when I was on Graduate Program Site Visit.

      If the lot is not too far out of spec, it can be blended with stabilizers and slower powder to get it to the right overall burn rate. Otherwise it goes on the burn pile out the back of the factory.

      Finished lots of Outback Ammo brand commercial ammunition and ADF military ammunition is subjected to random testing and retention samples are kept. After all, the selling point for Outback Ammo is extremely consistent chamber pressure curves under a wide range of conditions. QC is expensive, but you expect that from a premium brand.

  • Good on Barnes for stepping up and issuing an immediate recall as soon as they discovered a problem instead of waiting for something to explode and then blaming the user.

  • Serge

    Maybe, Barnes should also include the TSX FN 45-70 VorTek, 300 gr. witch I had a firing malfunction just I was to shoot a nice Buck 40 yards away last November 2016…Click, was the sound it made when I pull the trigger and by the time I realize what had happen and recycle another round…Bucky was gone! Kept the imprinted Dud round from Barnes…should get at least a new box from them to compensate for this Fail.