DSA Continues South America FAL Modernization Potential

DS Arms, Inc. was present at SITDEF 2017 this year with a number of the companies FAL modernization upgrades, continuing to offer their legacy upgrade packages to various South American Military/LE forces that are still armed with FN FALs or Brazilian Imbel license made versions. Although there were a number of DSA rifles on display, the company president Dave Selvaggio specifically showed the upgrades of what appears to the companies U.S. civilian legal 7.62x51mm NATO SA58 Compact Tactical Carbine (CTC), except in a tan finish for the show. The CTC version introduces Magpul front and rear sights, a folding DS Arms Para Stock (very similar to KDG’s SCAR stock), an upgraded upper receiver that incorporates modern aluminum construction and traditional picatinny rail options in addition to a number of other upgraded features.

DS Arms, Inc. has a history of participating in South America to attend to the modernization of what remaining FALs there are in use throughout the continent. This video from 2013 clearly demonstrates that interest on the part of the company. However, with the replacement of these 7.62x51mm NATO systems by numerous 5.56x45mm NATO designs, it appears that DS Arms might actually be more interested in non-FAL related ventures such as acting as a dealer or supplier for various other small arms to numerous Military/LE entities. The Spanish article linked to earlier clearly stated that DS Arms might supply their ZM-4 carbines to countries within South America.


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  • Slab Rankle

    I’m glad to see the old war horse still soldiering on, but for how much longer?

    Well, I love mine.

    Tail fins, Checkpoint Charlie, I Like Ike, and Krushchev’s shoe!

    Good times.

  • john huscio

    Looks like fun…..

  • Major Tom

    It’s got a certain charm to it.

  • SGT Fish

    why are they still in Chicago? you think theyd move by now. I love my DSA RPD, even with the problems I had, its now like shooting a FA M60 for a fraction of the price

    • datimes

      DSA is in northwest suburban Chicagoland in a small light manufacturing area. Rahm would never allow a purveyor of mass murder, death, destruction, plague, tsunamis, and drought to operate in his city.

    • Flounder

      Just cause the city sucks doesn’t mean it is not someones home. Who knows why they are still there? They probably don’t fully know. It is also kinda hard to pick up your business and family and all your employees and their families and move to another state. It also interrupts production unless you have massive resources and plan ahead (ie magpul!).

      And they do have some great stuff at very cheap prices, where else you gonna get titanium parts for that cost.

  • b0x3r0ck

    I really wish this gun would get just a little more love find stuff like a 6.5 barrel like pulling teeth.

  • aka_mythos

    I want a FAL…

  • valorius

    If you’re in a gun hating state like Ill. you’re not getting my business.

  • Raptor Fred

    So what does it weigh now?

    • Flounder

      They probably didn’t get any lighter, even if they added a bunch of Aluminium parts and did some other lightening options.

      They probably stayed about the same weight or got a tiny bit heavier but gained capabilities, like a pic rail on top, better sights, a quad rail up front, etc.

      If lightening was the only goal a shorter barrel and a lighter flash hider would probably be the best/easiest upgrades.

      That tan rifle shown is probably right at 9lbs. But it has what looks like an ACR stock, folding irons, a monolithic top rail (so optics ready, and you could use a thermal or night vision optic with a daytime optic on it), a freaking quad rail up front, a lighter and shorter flash hider, and maybe a shorter barrel. if they went crazy and replaced a bunch of old parts with aluminium (lower, FCG parts, some other things DSA offers) then it could be an 8.5 lb rifle.

      • Machinegunnertim

        Well it is a .308 gun so you don’t get something for nothing. You gotta expect it to be heavier from the get go and if it’s not then that’s just a bonus.
        Obviously there is a lot of changes that can be made to the individual parts that will cut the weight but that usually adds greatly to the expense.

        On one side of the coin you have people used to light AR’s and they complain that the FAL is too heavy. On the other side you have the crowd that sees a .308 in AR15 weight ranges and they complain how it will recoil too much since it’s too light. I’m sure you’ve seen those comments too.

    • toms

      DSA showed a Titanuim FAL at Shot that was 7.6lbs in 16″ sa58 config. Looked awesome although I don’t think they are offering it yet. They said 2017 availability

  • Ed

    With Brazil and Argentina bother going and gone with 5.56mm weapons. Army’s using FALs are getting scarse in South America. Most other nations like Columbia and Chilie used G-3s. Think DSA is day dreaming about any military sales.

  • CallingBS

    Damn. A poor man’s ACR. Do they reuse anything besides the receiver ?

  • Haulin’ Oats

    Is there anyone making the FAL in America?

    • Zack mars


  • Andrey Martim

    I wonder how well this modernized FAL holds on against the brazilian IA2 rifles.