Ruger 22/45 Lite Mark III | Patrick’s Favorite Handgun

The Ruger 22/45 Lite Mark III is one of the best suppressor hosts that you could buy, and it makes for a pretty awesome lightweight .22 LR pistol. In this episode of TFBTV, Patrick takes his favorite handgun out to the range and puts it through the paces. The Ruger 22/45 Lite was introduced at SHOT Show 2012 and quickly became a favorite with suppressor enthusiasts as well as backpackers. Sadly the Mark III version was retired from Ruger’s product lineup last year and replaced with the improved Mark IV version of the same pistol.

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Patrick R

Patrick is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and TFBTV Host. He likes guns and has liked shooting guns for as long as he can remember. You can follow Patrick on Instagram @tfbpatrick, Facebook, or contact him by email at

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  • I have the same 22/45 BlackLITE, and it is easily the best 22 handgun I’ve ever shot (that cost less than $1k). Accurate, easy to shoot, just the right weight, great balance, reliable and really handsome. It’s also a great host for my DA Mask can. Worth every penny.


    This is the first gun I bought myself. TANDEMKROSS has more parts in it than Riley Reid has in her during a group tutoring lesson.

    If it didn’t have that terrible LCI slot, it would be a near-perfect gun.

    • valorius

      Ill never understand why people hate a visual and tactile indicator that their gun is ready to fire. I think it’s a “macho” thing.

      • LGonDISQUS

        Symmetry and aesthetics were it for me. Little too much OCD.

        • valorius

          Fair nuff.

  • marathag

    Ruger 22/45 Heavy Mark IV, that’s what I’m waiting for.
    Really want a 22/45 that’s all steel, just don’t care for polymer

    • JSmath

      It is a bummer that the MkIV 22/45 Tactical only has a polymer grip, but at least since the serialized portion is the upper receiver, I feel like it’s possibly an acceptable compromise: I want to pick up a Tactical model sooner than later, under the hopes that Volquartsen is able to make a MkIV lower with the newer features (one-button takedown and contoured controls).

      Making another thread regarding swapping lowers/receivers that you might find relevant (Target lower + 22/45 Tactical upper).

  • Gary Kirk

    Hey!! I’ve heard leprechauns enjoy puzzles, guess it’s true..

    Just messing with you Pat, the MK4 is just so much nicer to reassemble..

  • QuadGMoto

    Patrick, maybe you wouldn’t lose your voice if you weren’t doing all that whooping and hollering cause of the all the fun you’re having! 😏😇

  • JSmath

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to interchange the MkIV lowers and uppers? (Referring to MkIV from here out) Comparing the 22/45 Tactical to the Target models, it looks like they just cut down a Target barrel and slapped some rails and threading on it. Since new models already require different mags*, it wouldn’t break my heart to have to make the change over to the 55 degree grip angle.

    I’m thinking a bit of an ideal compromise for my desires (in part just wanting nonpolymer as marathag brought up) would be pairing a MkIV Target Aluminum or Steel lower with a 22/45 Tactical upper. Of course the serialized receiver is the upper, which means finding an aftermarket (Volquartsen) lower is probably out of the question for a few years. One can hope, at least, right?

    *Blahblahblah may function just fine, but Ruger says to keep ’em separate for function, etc

  • thedonn007

    I have the same set-up, and I wish I would have gone with the silencerco spectre ocer the sparrow due to FRP from the sparrow on pistols. Also, my Mec-Gar mags cause FTFs due to what appears to be a bent feed lip from the factory.

  • valorius

    Yeah, but will it reliably stop a Uruk-hai with a double tap to center mass?

  • scaatylobo

    Will always enjoy and shoot my Ruger mark II’s and MK 3 [ 22/45 ].
    BUT will always be pissed off at Ruger for waiting till S&W came out with a NORMAL and fast PRODUCTION take down = to finally do one of their own .