Counterfeit Warning: Fake KDG Sidelok Mounts Have Hit the Market

In most industries having your products knocked-off is nothing new, the same is true for the firearms accessory market. Just recently we posted about fake UpLULA magazine loaders being sold on Amazon. Then there was that $2 million load of counterfeit Glock mags seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, they also seized a load of fake Blackhawk Holsters a few years back. There’s even been fake Magpul PMAGs out there.

Perhaps the most counterfeited gun accessory out there are optics, everything from Trijicon ACOGs, Leupold scopes and EOTech holographic sights are copied. Now it seems the copy cats overseas are counterfeiting optic mounts.

Kinetic Development Group recently shared the guide above to spot counterfeit versions of their Sidelok mount that have been spotted on eBay and other retailers online. To be sure you’re getting the real deal it’s always best to purchase from approved dealers and sources.

The tell-tale signs that a KDG mount might be fake are:

– No cage code listed on the side of the mount, wrong part number or fuzzy engraving.

– Rough tool marks.

– No recoil lug and mounting holes in the incorrect locations.

– Painted coating instead of a smooth, deep black anodized finish.

– Philips head screws used instead of Allen head.

– Won’t hold zero.

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  • Iggy

    The one problem with the these counterfeit comparison warnings is that while it catch’s the uber cheap lazy ones (eg $20 vs a $100) but completely misses the just as good (or just as functional) that’s still a bargain (eg $50-70 vs $100).

    • QuadGMoto

      The problem with counterfeits, even really good ones, is that they suppress innovation. If a small company spends major money developing a new idea, then someone else rips that off and undercuts the price of the original innovator, that thief takes profit away from the company that did the actual hard work and needs to recover the development cost. When such a situation becomes normal, why would anyone spend money to develop something new if they can’t make any money by doing so?

      That is the entire idea behind the patent system: a limited monopoly on an idea so that the one who does the work gets the reward. If you allow the IP field to be dominated by “pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land”, you wind up with no pioneers.

      • micmac80

        Innovation suppresed by patents blocking many inovations by being far to broad as the patent system is broken to the core.
        And in many inovations for small arms the most expensive part is the patent.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          That’s not “broken to the core”, that’s just the pendulum having swung too far the other direction. It can be fixed without getting rid of all the good it brings as well.

      • Iggy

        I’m not saying it’s not immoral, I’m just saying the best counterfeiter’s won’t get caught. Also while I support the patent system, Chinese tech companies have done some remarkable work by outright stealing the best features of other products and combining them to create superior products (eg combing Apple and android phone features while adding useful stuff like replaceable batteries and extra sim slots), using skills they acquired assembling the original’s in the first place. It’s not fair on the designer but it does give the consumer what they want.

        • Wow!

          The easy way to cut Chinese copying is to start issuing tariffs taxing their imports (just like they do with us to prevent us from selling too many legitimate items in China). When a fake costs as much as the real deal, people will stick with the real thing.

          • Michel_T

            Can’t do that… the Chinese are holding more than $1 trillion in US debt… Nobody wants to upset them.

          • Wow!

            Debt works both ways. China wants to be paid back, they aren’t going to play hardball when they have that amount at stake. Bird in hand worth two in the bush. The US could easily pull a Europe and default on debts which would totally crash China’s economy. Neither side wants that.

  • USMC03Vet

    Just a few months ago counterfeit Howard Leight ear pro was being sold by Amazon as well.

  • Sur Komm

    Amazon is full of counterfeits, because it’s been shipped out of their fulfillment centers, a lot of customers think counterfeits are real because the Amazon warehouse is in the US. Feds need to go after Amazon big time.

    • USMC03Vet

      Gonna have to agree with this. Amazon routinely has issues with selling counterfeits and it should probably be looked into.

    • CavScout

      Agreed. And worse yet, patent infringement that Amazon just lets roll on and on. Worst company for our economy…

  • Joe Schmo

    I could have read this news 5 days ago on SoldierSystems, but that’s non of my business…

  • william

    I see amazons has some still listed .
    I try not to use them unless I can’t find something anyplace else.