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A lot of todos has been made recently about “Gun Culture”. With various companies hopping on the lifestyle branding and messaging bandwagon, especially in the silencer and NFA segments of the market, it’s been a welcome change to the previous hunting and self-defense only marketing that typified the firearms world for years. Various companies have used this successfully including SilencerCo, Springfield Armory, etc.

In that market launches, which describes itself as: “ is an online marketplace for new and used silencers. It offers the silencer community – dealers, manufacturers, and consumers – an outlet to buy and sell silencers and silencer related products.”

This sounds relatively normal until one starts digging a bit deeper, where SilencerBroker starts pitching itself as a cultural ambassador – an unusual take on silencer and NFA sales:

“Everyone in the silencer industry understands that it has a culture of its own. Whether it is a deeper understanding of firearms, especially NFA, or more passion for the products and what they represent. provides an online platform that embodies that culture.”

Still, it certainly sounds interesting. Currently, NFA sales are conducted almost exclusively through the main gun sales websites like; GunsAmerica, and others. Having an NFA-only website thrown into the mix is a good thing – as the NFA does take a bit more learning for compliance and ownership than standard firearms.

One can check out by clicking here. 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • PK

    Uphill battle against GunBroker, but we’ll see what happens. I expect that until/unless silencers are no longer regulated in the USA, it will prove to be a niche website.

  • aweds1

    NFA and the recent changes to 41P have accomplished what politicians set out to do: inhibit purchase of selected items they deem in appropriate. The NFA process is simply too cumbersome, too time consuming, and doubled taxed (local sales tax and the ATF tax). Unless that changes through new legislation or a massive regulatory re-interpretation, forget it.

    • Gary Kirk

      Unless you are a trust buyer, I haven’t really seen how anything has changed drastically since.. If anything, it’s easier for private owners now being that you merely have to notify CLEO, and do not need an approval from such.. Yeah Yeah, “finger print cards, photo, etc..” All things the U.S.government probably has documented anyways..

      And thought it was 41F.. But could be wrong.. Again, it happens..

      • Cymond

        41F is the final regulation, 41P was the name when it was just a proposed rule change.

      • aweds1

        Is it more than a 4473 and instant NIC? It’s too cumbersome. If you’re someone who moves regularly, often sells things from your safe to replace it with something different, or just doesn’t want to wait a year to finally get approval, NFA is a non-starter.

      • Louis C

        I have been buying as an individual for years and even as an individual buyer the implementation of 41F had a nasty surprise. I am talking about the change to needing 2 sets of prints for each item. Prior to 41F they only requiered one set of prints in the envelope that you sent in.

        • Tony

          The shop I worked for always had customers submit them in duplicate. Still not sure how doing a second card is a “nasty surprise”.

          • Louis C

            Simple math. An example with 2 silencers being purchased. There is usually a fee per finger print card. For this example say $10. Some places are more. Prior to 41F I could submit just one set so per packet for a total of 2 x $10 = $20. After 41F it would be two cards per item or 2 x 2 x$10 = $40.

  • TheUnspoken

    Potentially a good idea, but there are only 4 cans on it so far. They will need to either have the best prices (difficult with map pricing), a super simplified process like silencer shop, or a great variety of options including hard to find and niche products.

    The used market is hard, if I paid $800 plus tax stamp a few years ago for the latest and greatest, am I going to be ok selling for $350-400, or even less? They probably need to a way to group searches by state for used silencers on a form 4, to avoid the double stamp for out of state purchases (from your form 4 to a dealer, dealer form 4 to the purchaser). The buyer probably won’t want to pay $400 in taxes alone plus transfer fees just to get your old specwar, and to make it worth while you will need to let your can go for a fraction of what you bought it for.

    More power to them, we will see how it works out!

    • KestrelBike

      And the dealers get downright rapey with those transfer fees. I had to pay $125 for my LGS to do a form 3 for a hard to find legacy can that they couldn’t stock, and when it looked like I was going to move out of state before the year was up, they told me that they’d charge me another $125 just to form 3 it to the dealer in the next state I was going to move out to (whom I’d then have to pay a similar transfer fee to to then receive it). Lol and I pay that LGS ~$250/yr in range membership fees, which that manager knows.