Iran Announces Nasr Anti-Material Rifle, Kalashnikov Clone

The Iranian Ministry of Defense has revealed a new locally produced semi-automatic, magazine fed, 12.7mm anti-material rifle to the public, dubbed the “Nasr”(نصر). In addition to the Nasr, what appears to be a locally produced 7.62x39mm Kalashnikov “Century Series” clone has also been announced, bearing polymer furniture and with an AK74 muzzle brake. According to some sources, both of these rifles are destined for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Nasr is essentially a locally produced Russian OSV 96 anti-material rifle, also in 12.7x108mm. Images of the anti-material rifle were seen coming from last years IPAS 2016, but this is the first official announcement of the anti-material rifle.

Although the AK133 is a copy of a Century Series Kalashnikov AK103, the Ministry of Defense has added a differently designed handguard with picatinny rail attachments mounted to it. The example shown in the announcement appears to have an imitation Harris bipod, a light that looks to be originally designed for a handgun, and a reflex optic that we are unsure of the origin or manufacture (Readers chime in?)

These recent small arms developments have been rather interesting for a very crucial reason. Because Iran has essentially been pumping out anti-material rifles and high power rifles for several years now, almost coming out with a new rifle announcement every year. Granted, most of these designs are simply cloned versions of foreign rifles or contraptions of such, and not actually any new technology. However, they appear to change in quality, some rifles look to be extremely rugged while others appear to almost be home made creations. What I think is happening is that attempts such as this Nasr are intended for arm Iranian defense forces at home, while the rifles of much more shabby quality are intended to arm various groups that Iran is funding overseas, specifically in controversial conflicts such as Yemen, Syria, and most recently in Egypt with a Muslim Brotherhood small arms cache that was uncovered.

The puzzling part is why even bother with announcing these products if they are going to turn up in use by various non-state actors?


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  • Patriot Gunner

    Their new anti-material rifle uses a non-lead pistachio projectile….(their main exports are pistachios lol)

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Even the Iranians are going green!

      • Tom

        Of course they are going green thats why they need those carbon neutral nuclear power plants which would never be used for sinister military purposes.

        • Sgt. Stedenko

          Remind me the last country Iran invaded.
          We got ’em by 50-1.

        • sineva

          You do realise that irans bushr reactor like all lwrs has very limited proliferation potential and would require the construction of reprocessing facilities which iran does not have,not only that but iran doesnt actually need to use reactors to produce bomb fuel its industrial enrichment capability is more than sufficient for bomb making purposes and has been for several years and yet strangely….theres still no bomb…!,the reason of course is because all of irans nuclear facilities are under safeguards/iaea monitoring which has only become even more intensive with the jcpoa.If iran had really wanted the bomb it would have it by now.

  • TheUnspoken

    AK, I thought they were busy making scar or 416 ARish clones.

    I like the juxtaposition of a rifle, a really big rifle, and a couple radios.

    • kalashnikev

      You’re probably thinking of al Qaeda/ Turkey. This is Iran.

      • TheUnspoken

        Actually I was referring to the articles where they were showing off their “MASAF” 416-looking clone, and Fateh, Nabi, and other various “next gen” weapons that seemed decidedly more Western. AK seems to make sense in the area, but I thought maybe with the other offerings they were going in a different direction.

  • Ed

    Not new news on the AK. Since the 1990s Iran made there own AK based on the Chinese Type-56, which they used since the Iran/Iraq war. Seem this is a upgry they made for it to arm elite revolutionary guards forces.

    • Ed

      Darn smartphone upgrade not upgry

    • 8166PC1

      It’s the first time their developing AK-100 style rifle though. What I find interesting is that their military uses both the AK and M16.

    • LCON

      Type 56 is not a Direct AK clone, they made changes and the Iranians made more.

  • Oregon213

    Whats up with the radios?

    • Risky

      Spielberg must have got to them.

    • b. griffin

      That’s what I was thinking.

    • ArcherIDN

      Apparently new domestically made frequency hopping field radio

  • 8166PC1

    So their new Kalashnikov is a copy and not licensed version of the AK-103?

    • Alexandru Ianu

      AK-103 is from 1991, so no need to.

      Also, look at the receiver – no dimple. That coupled with the fact that they produced Type 56 clones, it might be a 1.5mm receiver based on some of the early Chinese stamped guns.

    • kalashnikev

      There are no licenses for the Kalashnikov design.

  • UWOTM8

    The optic on that AK is a Chinese crap-dot that you can buy on Amazon for $20-40. The other accessories look to be of the same quality.

    • Tom

      Still means its about a hundred times better than the crap the North Koreans have :).

    • Audie Bakerson

      Has there been an state actor use of handguard mounted red-dot for an AK before this?

      • John


        • Audie Bakerson

          They’ve done it in the military?

  • Tom

    “The puzzling part is why even bother with announcing these products if they are going to turn up in use by various non-state actors?”

    I think that may be exactly the reason why they are announced in such a fashion. While Iran is nominal under the control of the Ayatollah there are numerous factions within the military/government each pursuing their own agendas not always with the explicit blessing of the Ayatollah/Guardian Council.

    By making such weapons public the government or Iran is trying to say to these factions “hey do not give these things to foreigner forces/proxy’s as they can be traced back to us and that sort of thing looks bad.” Of course I am fairly sure that a lot of the factions at play do not real care.

  • Jim Slade

    Coming soon to dead guys in Yemen.

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      Most are too kool-aided to understand this.

    • Major Tom

      And Syria. And maybe Afghanistan.

    • Joshua Graham

      Being used by Shia rednecks against Sunni scum, soon in Yemen.

  • Nathan Alred

    That first picture looked like a Village People remake with guns. Or maybe super-cheap GI Joes. Are the rifles radio-controlled? Or are they advertising “Hey, we have radios too!”?

    • UCSPanther

      Iran’s Revolutionary Guard are known for their rather gaudy dress uniforms.

  • Raptor Fred
  • Audie Bakerson

    “The puzzling part is why even bother with announcing these products if
    they are going to turn up in use by various non-state actors?”

    And because it’s 12.7x108mm and not 50 BMG we won’t see many bringbacks of the anti-material rifle (at least searching indications 12.7 is NFA).

  • Paveway

    The Village People?

  • yodamiles

    We should start a new gambling site that allow users to bet on how many “innovative anti-material rifle” Iran would introduce​each year.

  • jae34

    Their inventory basically is all-reversed engineer weapon systems, nothing of surprise. They even reverse engineered their own unlicensed version of the Norinco CQ, the irony.


    Ok clearly this is a camping trip where they forgot some stuff and are peeved by it. The guy on the left remembered the propane canister and the guy on the right has the hunting rifle, meanwhile the guy in white has a track outfit on and is the only one to remember his razor. Anyway the guy in white got angry at the guy in green as he forgot the lighter to light the propane stove but when the argument got heated the guy in green pulled an AK and decided to point it at him so the the guy in white is radioing for help.

  • Mk.56T

    read the title at a glance
    my eyes gave me “Iran announced anti-american rifle” lol

  • ArcherIDN

    Okay I look at some Iranian observer point of view. The IRGC churning out these “new” product because Iranian presidential election is coming and they want to show their “advancement” to win votes.

    Some even pointed out that these rifles aren’t Iranian production. Simply real OSV and AK 103 being passed on as domestically made. I can’t confirm but it seems logical to me. Since both the Artesh (Army) and Sepah (IRGC) has adopt standard firearms for themselves.

  • Ryan Snow

    Lol waiting for LAV to review it the same way he reviewed the Iranian G3

  • Marty Ewer

    You mean “anti-materiel,” right?

  • bruce Cambell

    Isnt that just a copy of the Russian OSV-96 heavy sniper rifle?

    • jcitizen

      Probably more like the Istiglal IST-14.5

  • Mr Silly

    Lovely. Suitable for some dream JFK shots on cowards like ISIS and those who treat their wounds next time they steal more land, destroy civilians and UN facilities. The Iranians’ Ghoul 14.5 x 114 is excellent and battle-proven.

    Saudis outside an aircraft have done exceptionally poorly against Yemen, so it’s unproven if not outright doubtful the mutli-billion dollar MILAID package to Saudi will be of any significance. Houthi’s will be able to easily pick off IFV’s at range.
    Iran has excellent Transfer of Technology agreements with Russia and China and can readily get top-tier Euro defence company technology especially the smaller, economically desperate ones, through 3rd party channels.

    Zionist fanbois like Raptor Fred can keep fellating their beloved IDF. Netanyahu won’t think twice about asking President Jared Kushner’s daddy-in-law to send plenty of Americans to die for them. Hopefully the sillier ones understand that duping the enemy into underestimations is a military advantageous strategy- “pride begets the fall”.

  • Jason Lewis

    I.O. is putting out a version of this.

  • AJ

    (don’t tell them) did ya notice how far back the bipod is on the BG? that would make it hard to be stable on target with that Long barrel weight is off’ Then off topic’ hope ya’ll got yer eotecks’ back in, today was the last day for returns, still trying to wrap the brain around a 12″ shift in POI with a 40 degree temp. change, not being water proof and the CEO knew about this for years and soldiers are counting their lives on that ???? Then there is the outlet stores/web too, still selling this just with no conscience or statement about this flaw, in legal complaint it states that NO FIX IS AVALABLE…Damn am stuck with the $600 magnifier now….