Battle Fin California Compliant AK Grip

California is a pretty big market for gun companies, but the state of California is making it harder for their citizens to own firearms. New laws have passed recently targeting AR-15 and AK-47 variants which will require Californians to either register their rifles as “assault rifles” or force them to change out the scary assault rifle features, one of them being the pistol grip. Thank Odin there are companies stepping up to help those in California, one of them is AK H.A.M.M.R. who just released their Battle Fin for AK rifles. AK H.A.M.M.R. also makes a handy bullet button tool for AKs.

The Battle Fin is a universal fit for all AK platform rifles that’s easy to install between the rifle receiver and pistol grip. It makes your AK CA compliant by restricting the shooter’s thumb from wrapping around the pistol grip. It’s a dumb law I know. The Battle Fin is coming soon and will retail for just $18.99. Check them out at

The BATTLE FIN™ was designed as a visually attractive, competitively priced fin for featureless AK rifle builds. Use this product to simulate shooting with no thumbs. It’s a little known fact that pistol grips, while comfortable, have never been proven to improve weapon system control and actually contribute to poor marksmanship fundamentals. Shoot with no thumbs like real man. The BATTLE FIN™ also prevents your obnoxious pistol grip from getting caught up in your other tactical gear. The BATTLE FIN™ improves underwater flow dynamics during deep water operations. When your California approved 10 round mag runs dry, use the BATTLE FIN™ as a shield during melee attacks. Installation of the BATTLE FIN™ is extremely simple and quick — simply loosen your grip bolt, slide the BATTLE FIN™ in between your receiver and super evil/dangerous pistol grip and re-tighten bolt.

Some grips with a more swept back grip angle, such as Magpul MOE grips, will require the forward facing section of the fin to be snapped off along the molded in “break line.”

Molded from durable and rigid glass filled nylon

Featureless rifle component

Ambidextrous design

Universal fit for AK platform rifles

Break away feature adapts to multiple grip angles

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

A few other CA compliant products available for those poor souls in Commiefornia can be found below:

The Das-Mag Side Loaded AK Fixed Mag

The Patriot Pin for the AR-15

HERA Arms CQR stock

Juggernaut Tactical CA Compliant Stock

Cross Armory SAFE MAG release

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  • Phillip Shen

    “Universal fit for all AK platform”… I’m going to guess Yugo’s wont be part of that equation then.

  • PK

    CA is such a large market that it does make good sense to produce CA-compliant products.

    Plus, it is fun to thumb your nose at their laws and comply in exact letter but not spirit.

    Helping out gun owners in CA, and doing it without much effort or trouble, helps all gun owners.

    • gunsandrockets

      I think Glock keeps the Generation 3 in production for that very reason.

      • PK

        Personally, I prefer the Gen3 Glocks over the Gen4 models. I also prefer the Gen2 models over Gen4, but they’re less available and have been for a while now.

        I do hope the production of Gen3 continues for a while, although enough various models (any -C, it seems) have been taken out of production over the years.

        Truth be told, however, I had no idea that Gen3 is legal in CA and Gen4 isn’t. I’m glad at least some of them are available there, I can’t imagine living in such a restricted state where the basic handgun isn’t available…

        • gunsandrockets

          I just picked up a Glock 20SF that is probably going to replace my Glock 23C in my “arsenal”.

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          They’re both “legal” in CA. But dealers cannot sell Gen4’s in CA to consumers because they are “unsafe”, per CA law.

          If you owned a Gen4 and moved to CA, however, it would be perfectly legal there. You would even be allowed to sell it to another Californian in a private party sale.

          Any high-capacity magazines you had with it though are still strictly illegal.

        • gunsandrockets

          Yeah, you can thank the crazy California “microstamping” law and former Attorney General Kamala Harris for that one. She’s now a U.S. Senator and supposedly has ambitions for the Presidency.

      • VolkCNC

        Even Canadian gun laws aren’t as bad as some California stuff. We don’t have any of the “evil feature” restrictions. Just barrel length and action type, primarily. Excluding the firearms thst are banned by name, of course. Those weren’t individual components that you can work around, though.

        • gunsandrockets

          It’s a mixed bag.

          There is no general prohibition on handguns with barrel lengths less than 4.25 inches, and in some California Counties it as actually possible for an ordinary citizen to get a permit to carry outside the home a concealed and loaded handgun.

      • USMC03Vet

        Just the other day I was reading about how police in California are using their ability to purchase newer handguns and then resell them to bypass California gun bans.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      Yeah, people (and sadly, manufacturers and dealers) don’t realize that per-capita, CA is only second to TX in gun ownership.

      LOTS of people there with LOTS of guns.

      And when other states go through depressions/slumps, you’ll always have a market with plenty of money to spend in CA.

  • winterhorse

    thank GOD i don’t live there!

    • gunsandrockets

      And it promises to get worse there before it might, just possibly might, get any better.

  • Maxpwr

    “Battle Fin” was one of my favorite 1980s Saturday morning cartoons.

    The real question is if you can still put an AK up to your shoulder or not in California.

  • Tim

    “It’s a dumb law I know.”

    It’s a dumb state. They’re a matched set.

  • Vhyrus

    The best part is you can take the stupid thing off in minutes when it’s time to overthrow your oppressive state government. Oops… said too much.

  • iksnilol

    Y’all do know that an AK works just fine without a pistol grip ?

    Would argue it’s more comfy to use the regular stock and no pistol grip over that grip there.

    • Disarmed in CA

      When I put a fin on, I realized this very thing but wasn’t sure if the hole where the grip was would be a problem with stuff getting out or in of it. I’d do that if I had a correct sized plug I think.

      • iksnilol

        Just get an extra grip screw, and chop it down and polish it smooth (so that it doesn’t stick out and jab you).

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    The women and the weather make CA tolerable.

    • Cymond

      That’s little comfort to a married man trapped in urban sprawl.

      Been there, done that, some of the worst days off my life.

    • Tim

      It’s a fine place to visit for those reasons!

  • Klaus

    It seems like strikeindustries failed to include a fairly large section of the market. Not everyone has an AR

  • Pseudo

    Say what you will about the product’s raison d’etre, but that marketing copy is priceless…

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      I’m glad you mentioned it, I totally skipped right over the ad copy. That alone is worth this post.

    • Paul Rain

      This is definitely the best repeat of marketing copy on TFB for quite some time.

  • mk18

    What needs to happen is that ALL the gun manufactures need to GROW A SET and STOP selling to EVERYONE (including LE) in CA. Once LE can’t get guns, things will change.mk18

    • Cymond

      I don’t see any benefit in undermining the civilian gun owners in CA.

      You’re practically doing the politicians’ jobs for them.

      • Paul Rain

        Well, why not simply stop selling to the agents of that government, then?

        • Cymond

          That could actually be effective, if everyone adhered to it rigidly, including wholesalers/resellers. However, if even one major supplier gave in, then they would singly dominate the LEO market and the blockade would crumble.

          • Paul Rain

            Perhaps, but let’s consider what legitimate human beings, legitimate US citizens, actually face as a result of collusion with the government of California.

            They can have their property stolen, they can be imprisoned in violation of the Constitution, the common law, and natural law, they can be murdered by government agents.

            If we were Teamsters talking about scabs, what would we have to say, and do, about those who endorse such violations of our moral law?

      • Michael

        So the residents will be forced to grow a pair and demand their rights to be returned back, and have laws that are more aligned with the rest of the country. We need to be as harsh, kind of like tough love if you will, as the anti’s. Hold them hostage by denying LE and state Gov’t with weapons or ammunition, then the residents as well…sell nothing in the state of California, for that matter New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, DC, or any state that restricts to a high degree the rights of its state residence the right to own the weapons of defense of their choosing

        • Cymond

          The gun owning residents of CA already “demand their rights to be returned back” but they’re outnumbered to the extreme. They cannot win through the legislative process. Their only options are to undermine the spirit of the law, to hope the judiciary overturns the bad laws, and to slowly struggle in the hopes that some day there will be a cultural shift.

          I’m sure the likes of Feinstein, Pelosi, deLeon, Bloomberg, and so forth would appreciate your proposal, though.

  • mk18

    Why do you guys keep deleting my comment?

  • John Zie

    Cross armory all the way – expensive but it makes reloaded faster than before with the old bullet button tool law.

  • Tim

    They are going to make a fortune….they should call it a Polosi Fin.

  • Disarmed in CA

    I have the AIM-sport grip and fin together, which is about 2x the cost but integrated together as a grip replacement (and the fin can be replaced with a standard backstrap if ever CA wises up to the 2A). It is slightly shorter than the original wood grip on the WASR.

  • supergun

    “The U.S. Supreme Court broadly and unequivocally held that licensing or registration of any Constitutional Right is itself Unconstitutional”. — Follett vs McCormick, S.C., 321 U.S. 573 (1944) The State of California is clearly in violation of the Law.