Sarsilmaz and UTAS-USA Announce Partnership To Import SAR Pistols

In a recent press release, Sarsilmazand SAR-USA announced a partnership with UTAS-USA to import the SAR line of pistols. Why do we care? Because Salslimaz has built a really solid reputation for building the reasonably cheap but ultimately reliable SAR B6 and B6P pistols that were previously imported by EAA.

The press release was very thin on information, probably the reason that we haven’t written anything on the announcement until now. Releasing news of a merger such as this one with only a sentence describing the new partnership is nothing short of maddening.

So why should we care? Salslimaz has a pretty impressive lineup that we do not see here in the United States to include the new SAR 9 pistol that was adopted by the Turkish armed forces.

But why do I ultimately not care that much?

While the pistols may be cool, there is little to no information on them. Couple that with the world’s worse press release (I have attached it below for your enjoyment) and it is really tough to get excited about an expanded SAR lineup here in the states. Should more information become available where we can pass cool tidbits on to you about the new US lineup, I will be the first one on the keyboard.

TL;DR version – SAR pistols will be imported by a new company, they release no information other than a notification as to what they were doing and no indication as to what models will be available in the coming months.

Check out Sarslimaz online for some information. It might be useful.

Patrick R

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  • J.T.

    Sarsilmaz makes good guns, I will give them that. But with the way things currently are, I don’t really want to give my money to a Turkish company.

  • ShootingFromTheHip

    So am i reading this right, and Sar beat out Canik to be the handgun supplier of the Turkish army?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      TBH, Canik will probably make (if they haven’t already) more profit off the US private market than SAR will make off the Turkish military.

  • ABeiruty

    Yep. Bring it on. Yesterday I was looking at one of their pistols. EAA is no more the importer of those pistols.

  • TheMaskedMan

    That Turkish VP9 will go great with my Turkish MP5.

  • Madison J Coleman

    PLEASE let this mean they will start bringing in their revolvers.

  • wonderwitness

    I have mild interest in the SAR9, but what I really hope they bring over is the k12 sport. looks a lot like the witness limited.

  • john huscio
    • wonderwitness

      I’d rather the tisas show up too, but that is a different company altogether.

  • mazkact

    Hopefully now EAA will get serious about Tanfoglio and bring in more models of Tanfoglio handguns get serious about selling Tanfoglio parts and provide service. IMHO Tanfoglio is superior in every way to Sars.