Smith & Wesson’s New M&P15 MOE SL


Smith & Wesson may be traditionally known as a handgun company, but it is a major player in the AR-15 market. The company’s latest rifle introduction is the M&P15 MOE SL.

These new rifles are fully equipped with the Magpul Slim Line (MOE SL) furniture including an adjustable stock, grip and handguard with M-LOK attachment points. S&W also uses Magpul’s MBUS folding sight that is paired with a front sight tower. To further the link between the two companies, Smith & Wesson co-brands the receiver with the Magpul logo on the right side of the magazine well. There aren’t too many opportunities to get a Magpul branded lower, so if you are a huge fan of the company, this alone could be worth the investment.

The 5R rifled barrel has a 1:8” twist and a mid-length gas system. This appears to be the same barrel used on the company’s M&P15T and M&P15X that were upgraded to M-LOK components earlier this year. The barrels are threaded and equipped with Smith & Wesson’s own flash suppressor.

For what it is worth, these guns come in at 6.7 pounds – close to a full pound lighter than the DPMS Lite 16M that I wrote about recently. Though the DPMS is less expensive, this gun seems to offer a number of upgrades in addition to having a more reasonable weight.

These guns are available in black, flat dark earth and stealth gray. All of the guns have a suggested retail price of $1,239 and are shipping now. The guns are backed by a S&W lifetime service policy.

Richard Johnson

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  • Matt Fulghum

    The SL furniture is _really_ nice. I used it on my last build, and I’m very happy with it on my anti-pig talisman.

  • Mike

    Nearly perfect (for entry level/second at purchase) minus that price tag..

    • Juggernaut

      Isn’t M-Lok “The Thing” now

      • Green Hell

        The handguard is M-Lok.

    • JLR84

      S&W has a habit of exaggerating their MSRP. They claim the MSRP on the 9mm Shield is $449 when they can be easily found for $299. Likewise the M&P M2.0 has an MSRP about $150 above what it can be found for.

  • Vitor Roma

    5R 1:8 barrel, mid-gas, m-lok, pretty much the ideal “normal” AR.

  • USMC03Vet

    hahah that price in this market. My sides can only take so much.

    • Exactly what I was thinking and came here to post.

    • JLR84

      S&W has a habit of exaggerating their MSRP. They claim the MSRP on the 9mm Shield is $449 when they can be easily found for $299. Likewise the M&P M2.0 has an MSRP about $150 above what it can be found for.

  • trjnsd

    Looks like S&W copied the SA “Saint” at a higher price; just Magpul instead of BravoCompany.

    • Danger Dave

      You think they copied the saint? This rifle has been out for years now. The only thing they did was switch from the standard magpul moe to the newer sl furniture. I was pretty disappointed with the saint after all the insane marketing hype they had before the release.

    • Anonymoose

      No, they copied Colt and went with mid-length 1/8 instead of an M4-profile 1/7. Colt has had their 6920 MOE-SL for like 2 years now. Also, I don’t like the MOE-SL stock. Magpul charges the same for the inferior MOE-SL as ye olde CTR, which is still one of the best basic stocks on the market.

      • kona

        No they copied Armalite and went with a 16″ 1/8 barrel instead of a 20″ 1/12 and newfangled Magpul furniture instead of triangle handguards.

        • Anonymoose


        • Anonymoose

          >not using 1/14, round handguards, and having the charging handle inside the carry handle

      • USMC_grunt2009-2013

        No, y’all are wrong. All these bastards copied Eugene Stoner. 😉

  • Tim

    In 6 months expect retail $599. ‘No’, not kidding.

    • Danger Dave

      It’s been around for years now as the moe model and the price has always been around the $900 range.

      • Anonymoose

        It’s no longer a fear-based market where they can gouge you.

    • Nashvone

      There’s a pretty big jump from an M&P 15 SPORT to an M&P 15.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Do these have a proper barrel (the basic M&P15 has a corner cutting barrel profile that adds to the weight a lot)

    • Felix

      It adds pounds?

  • GordonTrenchard

    If I had that much money I would buy a Beretta ARX which is cheaper now.

    • USMC03Vet

      Saw it recently on sale for $800ish. Cheaper than combloc AK. AK market is still insane because no US manufacturer can make a good one.

  • I agree with that video—– besides building your own is fun.

  • USMC03Vet

    Seen some amazing AR deals the past few weeks. It’s certainly a buyers market right now and you can get way better full rifles sub $500 now. In fact I’ll get getting on the AR train soon due to how garbage AK market is now.

    • USMC_grunt2009-2013

      AK market is indeed shirty at present. I mill 80% lowers, making a quality 400-450$ rifle is quite doable. I can never find an AR with 100% exactly what I want, that’s why I build.

  • Raginzerker

    I like the original magpul moe better, though, this does look good

  • Raginzerker

    yeah I’d rather just buy one

  • Trotro

    I guess I don’t understand who is buying at listed prices. Take $550 rifle, add $100 worth of Magpul, and it is suddenly $900?