SLR Rifleworks posted up this photo to reminisce a build they did many years ago.

Ha! Saw a pic tonight that reminded me of this PPS43 thing I “built” years ago before I was in the business. Was a fun little open bolt MG with a silly fast cycle rate. Ran great for a couple years and then sorta imploded. I think @slrrifleworks_alfredo turned it into a lamp. 😂 Shortened barrel/shroud, AR castle nut/buffer tube, Picatinny RD mount and AK grip nut. Amazing what idle hands, some welding rod, a grinder and a hacksaw can do. The parts kit was about $60 I think. LoL

I like a touch of modern accessories on older guns. Would you rock this?


  • codfilet

    I have one of those semi-auto PPS-43s in 9mm. Heavy as hell, and the folding stock is fixed to make it a very impractical “pistol”. I still like the looks of it,though.

    • Hal P.

      I have one also.. it is fun to shoot and because it’s so heavy, it has the Recoil of a BB gun

    • Taylor Hardin

      Its pretty easy to convert to 9mm if you do a barrel swap.

      • codfilet

        it’s already 9mm…..

        • Taylor Hardin

          Ya I missed that part. Im dumb.

          • jcitizen

            Some of these things came in 7.62×25mm Tokarevl but the latest new variants are in 9mm only – so you are not dumb in my opinion.

    • int19h

      Is it possible to SBR it and make the stock unfold again?

      • codfilet

        I guess so, for $200 to the gov’t, and $50 for a parts kit with the unmodified parts in it.

      • jcitizen

        They are wielded on – it would be easier to by a carbine and get the folding stock separately from one of many suppliers. Much easier to shorten the barrel than reconstruct a receiver from weld damage.

  • Jason Culligan

    Somehow, it works with the PPS. Looks like some kind of gun you’d find in a Fallout game. I wouldn’t try it with a Thompson though.

  • Rob

    I love the look of that, really would like one like it. In all honesty a lot of guns are becoming boring to me (I’m looking at you ARs, Ha, ha, and a few others).

    Thanks for the interesting gun porn!

  • Lee Enfield

    My 9mm PPS43 is a jamamatic regardles of testing numerous types and weights of ammo., Also has the craziest variety of jams with cases doing 180’s and crap like that. When it started doing doubles and triples I retired it to the safe because it still looks cool as hell when I show guests.

    Lesson learned…don’t buy open bolt conversions.

    • Anonymoose

      Sounds like the problems I had with a rented PS90, and that’s a closed-bolt gun.

  • b. griffin

    I almost thought this was about some weird beast dredged up from the Syrian legoon of every-gun-ever-invented-before-yesterday-being-dragged-into-the-fight, with an aimpoint micro? Hmm. Nope. Somebody’s semi-auto kit gun.

  • datimes

    Rock Island Auction had one for sale last week.

    • Green Hell

      Makes me thinking… My grandma was working on a factory in a sieged Leningrad where those were made literally by a millions from basicly a scrap metal. I wounder what would she say if she knew you could buy a house or a really nice car by selling one of those in US.

      • int19h

        He’d most likely say, “What do you mean, the world revolution hasn’t won yet? There are still dollars?”

  • Dougscamo

    What else do they have to do with their time? Good clean fun…. 🙂

  • Road

    I love it. That thing is sexy. I’m not crazy about the Magpul stock, though. I would have gone with an AK-style underfolder or side folder.

  • Blake

    Sorry, I’m too much of a traditionalist.

    I like a lot of modern tactical stuff, I like a lot of traditional guns, but a mishmash of the two just looks wrong.

    However I can certainly see the LoP adjustment benefits of an AR stock on an old-school SMG. Just don’t ask me to be seen with it at the range 🙂

    • jcitizen

      I like the original stock that came with the PPS43.

  • Rogertc1

    I have 2 of the PPS-43’s pistols and a kit in 7.62×25mm Tokarev when they were dirt cheap for $300 and 7000 round of cheap ammo too. Got as Colefire Pistol (Sterling) too in same Caliber. Never have shot them. Not sure why I bought them.