Athlon Outdoors Looks At The B&T USW

Athlon Outdoors got their hands on the B&T USW. For those not familiar with this weapon, we covered it at SHOT Show 2017. Click here to see our post.

The USW is basically a pistol with a folding stock making it a PDW. It has an optics bridge that acts like a frame mounted optic mount. Allowing the Aimpoint Nano to sit over the slide but does not reciprocate. The position of the Aimpoint Nano is interesting since it is typically where one would mount a optic on a slide. Typically frame mounted optics are positioned a bit more forward like the ALG Six Second Mount or most open division style 2011 race guns.

I spoke to Aimpoint at the NRA Annual Meeting and the person I spoke with explained that the Nano is designed for the USW. It does not attach like a traditional optic. It is attached along the side of the optic. Whereas RMR style optics are mounted from the top or the Aimpoint T1 style optics are mounted from underneath. So offering the Aimpoint Nano separately won’t happen for a while until Aimpoint can figure out a way to redesign it an get the Nano to mount to pistols. I say they should just release it as is. The gun community will figure out a way to make it work.

Nicholas C

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  • randomswede

    Maybe I’m nationally biased but; the Aimpoint Nano is still more interesting than “the sum of the parts”
    But I’m sure tests will show how much more accurate the average police officer can be with this weapon vs. the garden variety Wonder Nine.

  • JSmath

    I really like the design, honestly. Everything a PCC ought to be, ‘cept them mfing NFA rules. Throw in an auto sear and it would be pretty damned glorious.

    One factor not mentioned but definitely a huge plus about the design of the optic mount is that it allows you to shove your face as forward to the gun as you can/want without having to worry about catching the slide in your teeth.

    • Nicholas C

      Yep. I thought it was obvious and did not need mentioning. But not everyone is as observant as us.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Count me among the unobservant, I did not notice that. You could also shoot it from close retention or under a jacket and not have to worry about something impeding the slide travel.

        • noob

          somebody should make an interchangable backstrap for an ultracompact striker fired pistol that shrouds the back of the slide for inside jacket shooting. I mean hopefully you’ll never need to try it, but such a device would be great for trolling revolver fans.

      • Bill

        If not everyone observes it, how is it obvious?

        • noob

          the mark of the survivor is to see what everyone sees but to notice what nobody else notices.

          It’s big, obvious part but the implications are often missed.

    • noob

      It’s like what would happen if you took a closed-bolt telescoping-bolt subgun and then cut away every part of the receiver housing that didn’t absolutely need to be there.

    • noob

      Hmm this one shows the DA/SA trigger with an external safety lever. If you aren’t allowed an Auto sear, what if you added a third position that said “binary”…?

  • TheChunkNorris

    I pre ordered one from Dakota Tactical and hopefully see it when I get home back in August… it shares the same mags as my Sphinx so it was a win win for me.

  • Mr Mxyzptlk

    I think I’m gonna have to call bullshit (or at least partial bullshit) on what that Aimpoint rep told you. From this video and the catalogue image you can clearly see that the Nano attaches to a dovetail rail (standard 11mm?) with a pair of bolts on the right side clamping it to the rail like with a normal optic. There is some truth to his statement though, as the original Nano had a different mounting solution with not visible rail, clamp or bolts. Is this different mounting solution the difference between the USW and USW-A1?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Agreed. That is entirely wrong.

      The Nano will be for sale alone and will attach to other mounts.

  • SMH

    I think you could probably sell a version of this with MOSTLY off the shelf stuff if you got S&W or Glock involved. Designing the optics bridge for a 17/34 or M&P 9 would be the only real hurdle. It might require a slightly redesigned frame. After that you are just talking about a few slide modifications, a red dot on top and you have a PDW/micro PCC that takes a common mag and is more familiar to most departments than the sphinx. It would almost certainly be a lot cheaper and come from a company that they are already familiar with.

    • Nicholas C

      Actually Lonewolf or another company could sell a new lower with the optics bridge. However not sure if it really needed. When you can run things like the ALG Six Second mount

  • Aono

    The only potential room for improvement I could see is the use of Browning tilting action as a suppressor host with all the wobble that brings. The P38 or Arsenal Stryk system might be more appropriate.

    Do want though.

    • noob

      you can get suppressors equipped with a “Nielsen device” recoil booster to cycle the action. not a great solution but it will get you to the pew pew stage

  • Joe Moore

    I want this quite a lot.

  • ActionPhysicalMan

    That picture makes me think of Derek Zoolander and his cell phone;-)

  • adverse4

    Like a football, sex with……….