Top 5 Dumb Gun Products

Sometimes you are left wondering what the hell someone was thinking when they slapped their label on a product. In this episode of TFBTV, Patrick is going to take a look at his top 5 dumb gun product picks he has come across either as a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog or as a consumer. With the firearms industry growing at a rapid pace, there is a lot of room for less than scrupulous manufacturers to produce something that only checks the ‘cool’ box without addressing a specific need or use.  There are far too many poor products on the market and as consumers, it is our job to spend wisely so that less than informed consumers aren’t roped in by the tacticool feels that they can be subject to.

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Transcript ….

– Hey, guys! Patrick R. with TFB TV.

So if you asked yourself, “Why in the world “did this company produce this product? “And why did somebody think it was a good idea “to purchase it and put in on a shelf “in my local gun store?” Or maybe you saw something like a bladed floor plate for a Glock at a gun show, and you think, “Man, who buys this stuff?” Well, today, I want to talk about the top five dumb gun products that I’ve come across, either through testing and evaluation over at the Firearm Blog or as a consumer.

So let’s kick it off with my number one, and that is the Glock 17 pistol-to-rifle conversion kit from American Manufacturing Group.

So this is a 16-inch barrel that you replace your stock barrel, and you have a rifle-length barrel now, and then you can put a stock on it, making it non-NFA.

But it doesn’t quite work as it should.

It’s not very reliable, and if you don’t have the stock, like, really up against your shoulder, like, really pulling that gun in, you’re gonna have malfunctions.

And you’ll see, when I’m out at the range, that I’m having a little bit of issue with it.

Kinda got frustrated, maybe tossed it a little bit.

It’s got an interesting barrel, though, ’cause it has a strange (racks slide) piston setup here.

So it’s got ports drilled in underneath this locking nut here.

And it drives this piston back to help operate the slide, which I found using another barrel that is of similar length from another manufacturer that doesn’t do that that it’s not really necessary.

And I found, actually, that the other barrel was more reliable.

I also question the quality of the barrel because you’ve got a barrel hood, a locking piece here, that is pinned onto the barrel, so it’s not one piece like you would expect.

The stock is fine, and it’s similar to other ones on the market, but, you know…

When you kinda shoulder the thing, it’s more of a chin weld than anything, and that’s annoying for somebody who’s used to shooting Americanized firearms.

And lastly, you have pistol-length sights, so they don’t extend the sight radius at all, making it not any more accurate than you would be with a handgun.

And in fact, I found I was more accurate with a 16-inch barrel, holding the pistol like I normally would rather than shouldering it.

And follow-up shots are a bit faster with the stock.

I’ll have to give it that.

So let’s get out to the range, shoot this guy, and then we’ll get onto the other four on our list here in just a bit.

(slams in magazine) (racks slide) (gunshot) (target pings) (racks slide) (sighs heavily) (gunshots) (targets pinging) (racks slide) (gunshots) (targets pinging) (racks slide) (trigger clicks) (pulls slide back) What the hell? (gunshot) (target pings) (sighs) (racks slide) (gunshots) (targets pinging) I’m not even wasting my ammo on this.

(drops magazine) (gunshot) (gun clatters) All right, so that was number one, and as you can see, it’s kind of a stinker out at the range.

But, if it’s something that you’re interested in, it might fit a need that you have.

It doesn’t fit into my needs at all, though.

So number two on my list of ridiculous gun items is going to be the Bungee Holster.

Which, I didn’t buy one, because frankly, I don’t want to spend $20 on a hair tie.

So I stole a couple of my wife’s hair ties that she doesn’t like because she’s not a purple girl, and tied them together to kind of approximate what this thing is supposed to do.

So, essentially, it’s a bungee thing that you loop through your belt, and we’ll show you how that works just now.

So, now, this thing offers a low-profile carry experience, and you have to keep the gun clear because there’s nothing protecting the trigger guard, so you don’t want to shoot yourself when you’re carrying.

So that’s my number two on dumb gun products, (racks slide) (imitating gunfire) and you could probably lump in other things like the Bungee Holster that has the stick on it, and the Versacarry.

Anything that requires you to leave an empty handgun on your person as a method of carry I think is kinda dumb.

And frankly, the ones that plug the barrel are a little bit on the dangerous side in my opinion.

All right, number three on dumb gun products, and that is going to be the pistol-mounted bayonet thing.

So it’s a magazine baseplate that replaces the stock one, and you can clip a knife on there.

For something.

I don’t really see much of a use for it, and if you happen to run out of ammo, and the zombie is still charging you, I probably would just run instead of taking the time to affix a, I guess, magazine bayonet to my gun, and then bash the magazine knifey thing into their skull, or whatever.

So, probably not something that has a real use, and definitely is just one of those things that some people at the gun show might think, “Man, that looks really awesome.

“It needs to be on my gun.” So number four on my list of dumb gun products is going to be the Picatinny muzzle brake from TufForce Products.

Now, I reviewed this over at the Firearm Blog a while back and found that it didn’t do a very good job at mitigating recoil.

It didn’t offer any type of attachment point that was useful, and it wasn’t very durable at all.

In fact, it was made out of 6000 series aluminium, which wore away.

It was eroding from the blast on my rifle.

And I even tried mounting some stuff to the muzzle brake and found that the muzzle blast blew it off.

So, not exactly something that works, and you can read the full review there over at the Firearm Blog.

I’ll drop a link in the description for you, if you’d like to do that.

But yeah.

Probably wouldn’t buy that one either.

All right, so the last one on my list of five dumb gun products is going to be the Mule stock.

The idea behind this is you can store a Glock 19 inside your AR stock, and frankly, I think that’s just kind of ridiculous.

I’d rather have it on a holster on my hip so I can easily transition to it if I needed to go from rifle to pistol.

I don’t really foresee a need to have one onboard that I pop out, all operator style, and pew-pew the bad guy in the face.

So, now this stock was rolled out at Shot a while back, and since then, the company has gone defunct.

There aren’t any working retail versions of them out there, but it definitely does fall under the dumb gun product thing.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed my list of five dumb gun products, and if you enjoyed this kind of content, make sure you subscribe to us, and I want to thank our sponsors, Proxibid and Ventura Munitions.

Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to make videos like this.

We’ll see you guys later.

Bye! (“Stars and Stripes Forever” by John Philip Sousa)

Patrick R

Patrick is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and TFBTV Host. He likes guns and has liked shooting guns for as long as he can remember. You can follow Patrick on Instagram @tfbpatrick, Facebook, or contact him by email at

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • Richie

    I think that glock kit would be fixed simply with a lighter recoil spring setup, its acting exactly like a compensated pistol with a too-strong spring

    • Juggernaut

      Someday that setup will be as desired by collectors as broom-handled C96 Mausers.

      • SP mclaughlin

        Broomhandled Gastons

    • iksnilol

      Or add a suppressor?

      • Chris

        After market barrel threading . But yes .

  • BravoSeven

    And this year’s winner for Glock rifle thingy toss goes to…. Patrick R. from TFB!

    I could watch that toss everyday and still laugh each time.

    • iksnilol

      I’mma post it on any Glock related articles… or any articles by Patrick.

  • Pete Sheppard

    #2: also known as a ‘string holster’, made with a loop of string. Either you don’t have a holster and need to improvise for carry, or don’t want to be caught with gun-related gear on you.

    • B-Sabre

      Besides, you know, having a gun…..

      • Nashvone

        I kinda see Pete’s point. If a parole officer comes knocking on the door, it’s quicker to stash a pistol in the couch and toss the hair tie on the coffee table. It takes a bit more time to take a holster off your belt and get rid of it.

      • Cymond

        Supposedly it goes back to clandestine works in WW2, perhaps the OSS. If there was a chance of being discovered, the handgun could be ditched with no evidence left on the person.

  • El Duderino

    They are all definitely dumb, and unfortunately there are many, many more. You can pretty much just throw up the entire CTD catalog here.

  • Michael Gallagher

    You forgot that disaster marketed as the “Safety Bullet”.

    Leftists love them………………….

  • jonp

    Darn, now what am I going to do with all of those pistol bayonets? I suck

    • iksnilol

      What about a pistol bayonet and a pistol mag bayonet at once? Then your pistol is like a lethal boomerang.

      • John

        Definitely thinking outside the box, I am ordering one now.

        • iksnilol

          That was the true reason they restricted handguns in Australia.

          The bangarangs were getting too effective.

          • Twilight sparkle

            Bangarang? Perhaps they’re going after dubstep now too O.o

          • iksnilol

            Bangarang = pistol with bayonet and bayonet mag

            I call it that because of the resemblance to a boomerang (but it also goes bang thus the bang).

          • Twilight sparkle

            I got the joke, I just thought it was funny that that’s also the name of a skrillix song that used to be really popular

          • iksnilol

            You could say it was a banger.

      • jonp

        Genius! Millionaire City here I come!

    • Cymond
      • iksnilol

        Dude… no offense… but shame on you, go back and get a real bayonet. At least 20 cm.

  • Juggernaut

    6.) any bullpup rifle

    • Pseudo

      Buttstock of infinite holding? Also, quit trolling.

    • Get over it fanbois

      You nostalgia ninjas need to give up. The wrong piston AR is a dying platform.

      • Porty1119

        Joglee, is that you?

        • Get over it fanbois

          Nope. Not some morbidly obese moron from 4chan, traitor

          • iksnilol


  • PersonCommenting

    I feel like the glock conversion thing would be better if you had a red dot. There is a foreign company that sells 16 inch glock barrels for like 350 but at that price you may as well spend another 300 for an ATI AR that takes glock mags…

    • Southpaw89

      Or get a tax stamp and save $150.

      • iksnilol

        Even with an ENDO stock adapter and the tax stamp, you’re still ahead in price.

      • PersonCommenting

        Not an option for everyone and some people dont want all their guns stamped.

        • Southpaw89

          True enough, but in this case I’d prefer a stamped gun that works over an unstamped gun that doesn’t, of course I also live in a state where that’s an option.

          • PersonCommenting

            Thats why you just buy an AR in 9mm with glock mags.

        • iksnilol

          You can just get an ENDO stock adapter and put a brace on it instead of a stock.

          Then you get a short PDW like Glock without some monstrosity of a barrel that doesn’t work.

    • iksnilol

      Kinda pointless with a long barrel if you put a red dot on.

      • PersonCommenting

        Well at least you get a proper sight. With irons you have no advantage at all with the longer barrel and not a longer sight radius. So it makes more since than using irons.

        • iksnilol

          I was tihnking the long barrel only makes sense if you put a front sight on it on the end.

          • PersonCommenting

            And the red dot remedies that.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, but at that point you might as well just keep the short barrel.

          • Cymond

            This is America. Remember, we have SBR laws.

          • iksnilol

            Remember, y’all got pistol braces.

          • PersonCommenting

            I mean not if you want the stability and extra velocity that the stock and barrel provide and then you have to SBR it. I mean I agree that it is pointless I think an AR or Cz PCC would be better but for those who want to save and dont want another gun this may fit a niche. I have an AR in 9mm and love it, I plan on SBRing it one day but for now the 16 inch barrel doesnt bother me although I think the sweet spot for a PCC is around 7-10 inches.

          • iksnilol

            Again, you can have a pseudostock without SBRing it. Just use a stock adapter and a brace.

          • PersonCommenting

            True true, I really like those shockwaves.

  • Uncle Billy

    The pistol bayonet is a wonderful instrument for dispatching German sentries try one on your next Trench Raid.

  • No tactical nutsack mounted to a friction-lock handguard on a 16″ carbine gas AR with a $25 Leapers scope and a hole-boring drill bit muzzle device? That’s five of the dumbest things on a single gun!

    • John

      Why has no one invented picatinny mounted “gun nuts”!!???

      • John L.

        They have.

        However, I refuse to post a link.

      • iksnilol

        They are real, and strangely enough, they aren’t counted as a vertical foregrip. So if you find an AFG uncomfortable on your AR pistol, then try the rifle nuts.

        Can’t believe I actually wrote that sentence.

        • Kurt Ingalls

          ROFLMAO!!!!! 🙂

          • iksnilol

            I’m being 100 percent serious now, as far as I know they (just like AFGs) don’t count as vertical foregrips and thus you can have them on pistols legally.

      • Nashvone
        • John

          I do believe we are officially doomed as a civilization.

          It was nice knowing all of you.

          • John

            How did these NOT make this list???!!

          • iksnilol

            They actually have an use?

        • Rogertc1

          Tac Sac Blue balls is sold out. $40. LOL They have them for you pick up truck too.

  • Disarmed in CA

    G2 Ammo?

    • Giolli Joker

      12 gauge OATH TSR

  • Semper Fi

    Springfield should be all over this product to mount on a XD, perfect for back stabbing.

    • USMC_grunt2009-2013


    • Kurt Ingalls

      DOOOH!!!!!! LMAO…. 🙂

  • Southpaw89

    Mag blades = mall ninja shuriken.

  • .45

    My two cents:

    If you can afford a $500-$600 Glock and the cost of the kit, you can probably afford to buy a dedicated pistol carbine of some kind that would be far more useful and fun to play with.

    The knife on the bottom of the pistol seems like a wonderful way to accidentally stab oneself…

    And lastly, keeping your pistol attached to your rifle? If it was very fast to remove I could see some use for 3 Gunners, but for any real use it is ridiculous. One of the possible reasons for needing to switch to your pistol is because you somehow lost control of or totally dropped your rifle. In such a situation, how likely is it that you can still get the pistol out of the stock?

  • Beardrdrambler

    Holy cow at the trigger discipline while shooting that Glock thing.

  • Sid Collins

    I bought several pistol rail bayonets when Laserlyte was discontinuing the product. Nothing useful about it unless sailboat piracy becomes a thing again. However, no one can put a bayonet on their pistol rail without smiling.

  • iksnilol

    Though the Glock in the stock is a bit genious.

    Consider this, comrade, with a pistol at your hip and rifle in your hands you’ve got 2 guns. With a gun in your gun and another at your hip, that’ 3 guns.

    And you know what they say; 2 is one and one is none. So I assume 3 is like one and a half or something.

  • iksnilol

    Though the Glock in the stock is a bit genious. Consider this, comrade, with a pistol at your hip and rifle in your hands you’ve got 2 guns. With a gun in your gun and another at your hip, that’ 3 guns. And you know what they say; 2 is one and one is none. So I assume 3 is like one and a half or something.

    EDIT: Sweet geez, that nonchalant throw is the stuff of legends. Please watch the video just for that, that needs some youtube views.

  • jerry young

    I have to agree on this list but you have to admit the pistol bayonet looks cool and every red blooded GI Joe Rambo wannabe will have to have one

  • mazkact


  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    What you do with the knife mag is you have the knife sheathed on your belt with the mag sticking out and then you can reload just by sliding your empty gun down over the mag and unsheath the knife at the same time. How smooth is that? You will be the hero of the gun range.

  • Haulin’ Oats

    Patrick, you should have installed that Mule tactical stock on your 16″ glock carbine. So you can have a glock in your glock.

  • PersonCommenting

    I think those work the best that and the Roni but the Mec Tech is heavy as hell. It works alright but if you want a carbine just buy one. At the end of the day youll have 2 guns and 2 guns that can be sold. These items will be worth half as much as a gun will if you decide you dont like the item and want to sell it.

    • USMC_grunt2009-2013

      It’s heavy because it’s made well. I have 1,200 rounds through mine without any problems, roommate has 9,000 rounds through his without a hitch. I’m not going to be selling it, or my Glock.

      • PersonCommenting

        Ill give you that, they work. My range had a few and also rented one out. It worked just fine. Probably the best in class other than the ronni but the Ronni doesnt really do anything, its just a module so yeah. I agree with ya.

        • USMC_grunt2009-2013

          I understand the point you made about just buying a stand alone pistol caliber carbine, but in my case I had an old police trade in Glock 22 that had thousands and thousands of rounds through the barrel, the finish was so worn the slide looked gray, etc. The Mech Tech upper went on, and now that gun is a pretty fine pistol carbine.

          • PersonCommenting

            Yeah definitely, I mean I use to want one and yeah if you dont want to spend that extra 200 to 400 bucks then yeah I get it. Especially if you have an old frame laying around too.

          • PersonCommenting

            Just for me not something I am interested in anymore, still cool and innovative. This hobby is expensive enough so anything to save a buck I am good with!


    Can someone TL;DR this video with numbered list?

  • Robert Harper

    The railed flash hider is good for one thing, killing part of your gun smith’s soul! I wish I had a picture of the look on my friend’s face when I got one for him for Christmas, he’s seen a lot of crap in his life, but this one got to him. 🙂

  • Dave Parks

    Hey, Patrick!

    That video was 50% show (subject matter on screen) and 50% tell (just you talking), nice improvement over last video! Let’s see if you can get to 80% show on the next one, and maybe get a fill light in there so we can see more than just a silhouette of whatever you’re holding.


  • ♠InvidiaAbsit(The800LbGorilla)

    Yeah, I have to concur with most of these items. Although, I got one of those nifty little bayonet something I bought one time. It’s freaking sharp. So sharp it makes me nervous. But, it is picatinny mounted, so it’s tactical!

    But in reality, it’s just a really sharp knife with a rail on the handle. But if intimidation is your goal, it’s there for you buddy!

  • Andrew

    I nominate the Halix chin stock for AR pistols.

    • Cymond

      OMG yes.
      I’d forgotten about that idiocy.

  • John

    I personally like the picatinny rail bayonet, I think it’s fun and practical from opening boxes of ammo to cutting yourself a nice chuck of apple while scaring the hell out of your friends.

  • Charlie Victor Alpha

    RONI for #6.

  • Rick Grimes

    Patrick, you need to give that finger a firm talking to. You know…set some ground rules…and if he gets out of line again, be prepared to ground him and take away his phone priveleges.

  • GearHeadTony
  • Chris

    My Mech-Tech carbine is cool , accurate , .45 auto gives one big hole groups at 25 yards ,and dependable ! And ,because it is actually chambered in .460 Rowland it gives me .44 magnum type power or better( 250/260 gr @ aprox.1500 fps. = 1500 + ENERGY ? ) ! A Hog smasher ! And as long as I clean the chamber ” deposit ring ” out after extended .45auto shooting every thing works fine ! (chamber gets a deposit in chamber similar to shooting .38 spec. in .357 or .44 mag. or a .45 Schofield in a .45 Colt ,or either of those in .454 Casual /.460 S&W ! Just keep deposits cleaned up !) . The carbine has never had ANY failures ,none ! Works perfectly ! Not like that piece of cr@p that Patrick has in the video !

    • iksnilol

      Double or singlestack mags?

      • Chris

        The .460 Rowland is only available for reg 1911’s …so singlestack ,but I’ve been using 10 round mags. (with a plastic slip on grip filler a la XD grip extensions ) !
        The Mech Tech upper in 10 mm is probably your best bet for a powerful doublestacked magazine carbine (185gr@ 1600fps@980ft/lbs energy ) conversion !
        And the barrel can be threaded after market ,as they don’t thread at factory !

  • spiff1

    You forgot the “plug” for the opening in the bottom of the Glock grip…

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      You mean the thing that has a very real and tangible benefit? No.

  • vwVwwVwv

    to have an edge for control and a cold
    reminder what faces you if you are to close,
    may not always be wrong.

    if you patrol a middle eastern country an open edge
    makes a radius of 2-3 m no body encounters
    and if in your platoon are female
    soldiers a good idea to
    give all of them

    • JGSpace

      Are you retarded?

      • vwVwwVwv

        why do you search for a comrade in suffering?

      • vwVwwVwv

  • Calavera
  • RickOAA .

    The reviews on the picatinny muzzle brake on Amazon are epic.

  • Archie Montgomery

    A legal conversion ‘kit’ to make a handgun useful as a carbine – temporarily – would be handy; the conconverted P-38 pistols in the “Man From UNCLE” series in the middle 1960s. However, the ‘change’ would have to be both quick and reversible. The one shown does not appear to qualify.

    The ‘bungie holster’ is a bit oversold. By World War II, gun carriers had found the secret of using string or rubber bands as makeshift holsters. They were for special purposes, usually the sort of purpose where one did not want to wear a real holster. “Empty” gun? Not hardly. Of course in that day most handguns were revolvers or semi-automatics capable of ‘cocked and locked’ status. In other words, real guns. And those carriers were aware of and assumed the risk. However, I concur with the idea of NOT spending $20.00 on a hair doo-dad or rubber band.

    Handgun mounted bayonet? I can’t see how one would carry the sidearm – especially concealed – with an unprotected bayonet sticking out. Nor can I see the quick mounting of the bayonet under emergent conditions. And frankly, doing hand to hand with a belligerent at rifle mounted bayonet distance is far too close for my taste. Run out of ammo and have to use a bayonet? How many times do you plan on missing?

    The aluminum muzzle break. Sounds like a great idea and a hideous execution.

    An AR-15 stock to carry a Glock? Oh, come now. But then again, if one runs out of ammunition with an AR-15, the rifle is too light and too flimsy to serve as a club. Still, having a sidearm on my person – a holster, in the common tongue – is preferable. And then one could carry a serious handgun and not a Glock.

    Mr. R scores four and one-half out of five. The discreet holster is useful for certain people at certain times – not all – but the ‘store-bought’ item is far too expensive.

  • Banana Xango

    “Crap that Glock owners buy”

    Add the aftermarket safety conversion to the list.

  • Rogertc1

    I find these to be fun stuff. Not dumb. The discontinued CZ bayo also has a glass breaker on it. Blade is removable. Now the one on the derringer is dumb. I got it anyway. (I tag all my displayed guns.. I have a lot and a poor memory.)