THenar – “The Missing Half of the AFG”

Those who have seen me shoot know that I am not a personal user of the “Chris Costa” C-Clamp grip. For my body structure, it just doesn’t feel comfortable. Instead, I (like many other shooters I watch and know) opt for a similar, albeit modified grip there the support hand thumb rests alongside the rifle forearm. Strictly ergonomically speaking, this is inferior for weapons control – with the thumb over the handguard, I have nearly 360 degree grip versus about 270 and with the weapon wanting to rise vertically, the thumb-over grip has the tiny advantage.

Seeing this, High Ready Tool has introduced their THenar device, which acts as a hard engagement point for those with the similar modified grip. The patent-pending THenar provides a hard stop for one to get their thumb over and provide much of the control lost to thumb-over grips. Further, it provides a repeatable indexing point for the hand. and finally, its a Q/D mount for a sling. I like the last part, which pulls the sling away from the weapon which can at times get in the way of these hand-forward grips.

I really like the Q/D mount. The THenar forces the sling away from the weapon which can at times get in the way of these hand-forward grips.

The THenar is available in picatinny, M-LOK, and KeyMod form. Curiously, various THenar devices are listed as “LE / MIL Only” on High Ready Tool’s website. Pricing is less, but there seems to be no other differences from the standard THenar devices. Retail is set at $34.99 and the LE / MIL pricing is $30.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • RSG

    That’s the same grip I use. For my go to home defense 300blk 9″ AR pistol, I run my light/laser combo there so my thumb rests on top of the box. I’ve been using my DDM4V11 more lately and this gadget seems like a great idea. I’ve seen guys run a handstop there instead, but I like that it’s round with a QD cup.

  • Steve

    Someone was clearly working on a sportbike one day and said ‘you know where these frame sliders should REALLY go?… on a gun!’. People will buy anything, I guess…

    • ostiariusalpha

      This thing is… actually a pretty good idea. Adding some vertical control without having to wrap your hand around the entire handguard, this THenar doodad provides a simple, practical solution. I don’t know that I’d pay $35 for one though.

      • Dracon1201

        I’ll turn one on a lathe for $5, though. I thank them for the idea.

  • The price point seems a bit steep for something that could be replicated with a hole-boring bit, an old tire, and 12¢ worth of bolt/nut/washers, but this is actually a great idea; like an orthopedic handle in, it provides more and better points of contact for the support hand, resulting in a much more solid lockup with a less tiring grip

    • ostiariusalpha

      The integral QD socket explains the price a bit, but I already have sockets on my handguard. I’d probably just fabricate one from an actual grommet, instead of going full-ghetto with the tire rubber though.

      • Sledgecrowbar

        Having the sling come over the back of your hand without biting into it is a nice idea. I get what they were thinking. You could easily replace this with a QD mount and separate hand stop/gas pedal-like item but having the sling over my hand but not biting into it as it would with a flush-mount QD is nice. You’re supposed to use the sling taut to help keep the rifle steady. If you ever use a classic leather sling in a seated position you see how well it works. My sling comes over the back of my hand, wraps around my forearm, and under my armpit without really pulling up into it, and it really helps. It pulls the handguard into my palm without being uncomfortable, and I don’t have to grip it as hard so my hand doesn’t fatigue so I don’t think about it so I shoot better for longer.

        I’m not sold on it until I know it can support that kind of sheering force but it looks interesting.

        Now that I think about it, you could tape the first inch of your sling to a hand stop and have the same effect where it keeps it from crushing your hand when you pull it taut.

  • 22winmag

    Strike Industries Cobra mounted at 9’oclock. The flat front is nice for steadying against trees, posts, etc.

  • Hmm neither of the direct attach models seem to have recoil lugs. Every quality keymod and mlok attachment I’ve seen at least have a recoil lug that contacts the next attachment slot.

    • pablo4twenty

      Good point. I’d be hesitant to sling my pistol with this on one end especially with the leverage the standoff produces against the rail.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Another reason to abandon mlok and keymod.

  • Michael

    Well… I think an AFG on amazon already did pretty much the same thing, but at a lower price.

    • Shankbone

      Which AFG are you referring to?

      • Michael

        Can’t find them now. I was a Chinese one which came with an extra piece as a handstop just like this one. It doesn’t have a sling point though.

        • ostiariusalpha

          I’d rather make my own than spend a single cent on a Chinese airsoft quality rip-off product. The original American manufacturer probably complained to Amazon to get it removed.

  • Ark

    Meh. I guess I’m from the school of thought that says “Just grab the front of the gun, okay?”

    • Graham2

      That’s what I was thinking but he’s fitted one of the most uncomfortable gripping surfaces ever- a quad rail. If he fitted a decent handguard in the first place, maybe he could actually hold the thing!

      • Ark

        Oh, totally, I cringe when I see someone grabbing a fistfull ‘o bare quad rail. I don’t even want to grab a keymod rail without some covers on it. I feel like you could slice your hand open if you accidentally smacked it against something.

    • The_Champ

      Yep. The whole c-clamp fad is kind of silly in my books. There are many small and fine body adjustments to make to help a person with precision shooting, but most c-clamping I’ve seen is guys dumping 30 rounds mags into targets 10 yards away with light recoiling 5.56mm. Meh.

      Although to be honest I have found myself c-clamping my M91 Carcano Cavalry Carbine when working the bolt in the prone position. With the rifle being so light and the bolt somewhat stiff, I find without a solid c-clamp around the oddly shaped and small fore-end, the whole rifle wants to torque sideways in my hands. So for me personally there is a place for the c-clamp, and it’s with a 120 year old rifle. Not the most tacti-cool rifle, I know. 🙂

      • Ark

        You know what I do when I want to shoot extremely accurately? Find something to rest the rifle on or against, or go prone. Offhand is the worst way to shoot when you actually want to hit your target.

        • The_Champ

          Yeah what I mean is, there is a time in shooting to look into the fine minutiae of how you hold your rilfe, but blasting away at point blank targets with a long gun will likely be equally effective with a c-clamp or as you said, “just grab the front of the gun” haha

          • CommonSense23

            Guessing you have never shot on a timer.

          • Ray

            How many action rifle matches have you shot? Dollars to donuts, the fastest, most accurate shooters at any match do some variation of the C-clamp hold. It’s not some tacticool fad. It came from action shooting.

          • The_Champ

            I wonder how the heck Jerry Miculek shoots so fast without a c-clamp?

          • Ray

            Except he does C-clamp. He even mentions its importance to shooting fast in his Rifle 101 video. In fact, if you want to talk about Jerry Miculek, he’s been holding his rifle like this lately…


          • The_Champ

            So not a classic arm extended, thumb over bore, but something completely different? I’m sure Jerry c-clamps, and does whatever you call the above. And most of the shooting I’ve watched him do was with a conventional grip on the fore-end. And all of it was fast.

            I guess if for someone it shaves off hundredths of a second in competition, great!

      • Dracon1201

        “but most c-clamping I’ve seen is guys dumping 30 rounds mags into targets 10 yards away with light recoiling 5.56mm. Meh.”

        Yeah, that’s the point of the c-clamp. Control over muzzle rise. No one “precision shoots” with a c-clamp…

    • Independent Nationalist – Nick

      Same. Shooting has always been very much a if it works for you, use it, affair. If you’re making hits, keep doing it that way. Those who are happy with their “C-clamp” grip, good for them. Personally I just use a Vertical foregrip or more often than not, just rest the plain jane handguard in my hand.

  • MattCFII

    For those looking at something similar, FAB Defense/Mako’s PTK AFG was always marketed with it’s VTS handstop looking part used as a thumbrest. If you are so inclined you can get the Chinese clone of them pretty cheap as well. In general though, it doesn’t QD and needs Picatinny rails, no Keymod/M-LOK.

  • pablo4twenty

    Looks like your link for high ready tools is not complete or incorrect.

  • Should be cheaper for what it is.

  • valorius

    I am an open mocker of the Chris Costa C-Clamp.

  • valorius

    So is the VFG no longer trendy? Even though it works great?

    • Dracon1201

      They work the exact same as this. Keep your VFG on.

    • izhmash

      A lot of people use the VFG as an index point for the thumb over bore grip instead of grabbing it like a broom handle like it was originally designed for. It makes for better transitions because it cuts down on the probability of swinging too far past what target you’re moving to.

  • Nicholas C

    Check out the slanted thumbrest by CAA. They use it on the Micro Roni. It is similar to gas pedals on open division pistols.

  • Havok

    Had one of these on my rifle for a few years. Company handed them out at SHOT like candy.

  • Sianmink

    I might get this for my .300, I’m not sure a thumb-over grip would be so great considering the under-handguard suppressor.