Aridus Industries’ Teases Beretta 1301 Magpul SGA Stock Adapter

Those who have been following my weapons choices for competition will likely remember that I am an avid fan of the Beretta 1301. Previously, they sent me a “tactical” model for review, which I liked so much that I immediately sold my Mossberg 590 (shout out to my Indiana Multigun friends “Dam*it Jerry!) and purchased the 1301 competition at full retail price. (If that is not high praise, I do not know what is).

While I have enjoyed the Beretta, it’s been a slow start for the platform. The Benelli still reigns supreme on the competition circuit, though I doubt Beretta has major issues with this, as they own Benelli. Fortunately for me, there are a growing number of companies out there seeing the potential in the gas-operated Beretta, namely Aridus Industries – known for their Q/D shotgun shell adapter.

Aridus has been making products for the1301 for some time, namely the YT-1301 bolt release (that fixes the potential double-shell problem) and an adapter for red dots on top of the shotgun for co-witnessed irons and an Aimpoint optic. Their latest tease is an adapter for the 1301 to use Magpul’s well-respected SGA stocks.

This adapter would solve my last remaining complaint about the platform and make it even more usable with less cant to the wrist when up on my shoulder. Further, it would remove that hollow plastic stock.

No word yet on pricing or release, but I am waiting with baited breath.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • BattleshipGrey

    So even Magpul has aftermarket support now. Crazy.

  • S.A.

    “bated breath”. “Baited breath” would presumably involve running around with a herring in your mouth. Not recommended. The smell would be off-putting.

    • Blake

      That completely depends on how much of a master baiter he is.

  • CTFish

    What about Benelli M2?

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      What about it?

  • The weird things about the Benellis dominating 3 gun is that it is the opposite on Clays courses. Benellis are considered too light and it is rare to see one, but heavier Berettas are all over the place both semi and overunder. I think if they fixed their serial number being too close to the loading port they could make some serious inroads into 3 gun with their main brand.

    Anyways for me this adapter would remove one of the greatest features of Beretta shotguns, the kick off system.

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      “Anyways for me this adapter would remove one of the greatest features of Beretta shotguns, the kick off system.”

      The 1301 doesn’t come with the Kick Off system. You CAN install it in the OEM Beretta 1301 stock, but it doesn’t make enough difference for the juice to be worth the squeeze.

      the OEM stock is fine, but Mesa Tactical’s Urbino Tactical Stock is a nice upgrade. My friends love the Magpul stock on their 870s. I’m intrigued.

      Adam, the genius at Aridus, strikes again.

      • I found the kick off to be nice, as I can shoot all day and hardly feel it in my shoulder.

        Personally never have been a big fan of pistol grips on shotguns.

  • Thomas Bennett

    Beretta 1301 needs an aftermarket fore end option. I don’t want to drill it to add a rail.

  • Joe

    Mossberg 930?