SIG SAUER’s New Optics: Juliet4, Romeo5X

SIG Juliet4

SIG SAUER continues to push its optics line forward with regular introductions. The new gear the company has introduced spans a wide range of price points and niches, offering something for most shooters. Now the company has three new products: the Juliet4, Romeo5X and Romeo5XDR.


The Juliet4 is a 4x magnifier that is designed to be used with the company’s Romeo line of red dot optics. However, the company notes that it can be used effectively with virtually any red dot style optic. SIG states that this magnifier is extremely durable and is waterproof to 20 meters for one hour. It weighs 12.5 ounces and has a suggested retail price of $479.99.

Romeo5X, Romeo5XDR

SIG Romeo5

The Romeo5X and Romeo5XDR are both red dot optics with 1x magnification. They are considered compact and weigh about 5 ounces with the riser and an alkaline AAA battery. The 5X model has a 2 MOA dot while the 5XDR (DR = dual reticle) can switch between a 2 MOA red dot and a 65 MOA red circle.

SIG states that a single AAA battery can power either of these optics for up to 50,000 hours under normal conditions. I would imagine that extreme temperature variations and other things can impact the actual runtime.

These units have a 20mm aperture and 10 illumination settings (two are NV compatible, 8 are daylight compatible.) The unit is IPX-7 rated, which means it is submersible to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The Romeo5X has a retail price of $239 while the DR version is a little more expensive at $299.

All of these products are covered by a lifetime warranty. SIG tries to make this easy by not requiring you to fill out a warranty card, not requiring a receipt and by continuing the warranty coverage even if the optic is transferred to a new owner.

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  • EC

    Brought to you by your friends at Holosun. 😛

    • For real? Is that who manufacturers these?

      • EC

        I say it half jokingly of course… but only half.

        Holosun did have a hand in the development of much of Sig’s Romeo line of sights. According to Sig, at some point they “took over” or something. The fact that many of Sig’s sights only differed in terms of cosmetic features from Holosun’s or that they share many characteristics is only a coincidence, I’m sure.

        Granted of course Holosun doesn’t make AAA red dot sights or magnifiers… yet. But who knows who did the work for Sig on these sights… the Romeo 5X and XDR still look like Holosuns. And the DR feature has been standard on Holosuns for quite some time.

        That being said, there’s nothing wrong with Holosun making these for Sig. Holosun makes the Primary Arms sights, which are generally regarded as being of high quality. So long as Sig gave Holosun the right specs to design these to, who cares if Holosun made them or Sig did it in-house?

        • Lupinsea

          I have the older Romoe 4B, well, actually, I have two Romeo 4Bs. Great little sight and I love the circle-dot reticle. And yes, I went into both knowing there is probably a Holosun connection. I’m not sure to what extent but I can see Sig having their own spec’s for the internals.

          I any case, as I said, I have two so obviously I was well pleased with the first one.

      • Flounder

        If they aren’t holosuns they are clones. Look at holosuns new titanium sight. Notice the caps. Knock offs of the MRO and look at this sight! The exact same style of caps.

        And that is just the newest piece. Sig keeps saying they “assemble” or “plan to build” all their optics at their oregon plant. But at the moment they admit they are importing most of their sig brand optics from elsewhere. China has been specifically mentioned by sig.

        The holosun connection is blatantly obvious. But holosuns are great optics. They don’t have the beastly durability and quality and ESPECIALLY the warrantee to compete against aimpoint and trijicon, but they are probably going to marginalize Eotech.

      • 360_AD

        The similarities are obvious. Yes. Holosun manufactures optics for many many brands with slight differences in outward appearance. The guts are largely the same.

        Under other brands, you pay extra for the perceived peace of mind that you’re getting a product from a brand you know/trust, and possibly the better warranty policy.

        Believe it or not, it’s no skin off my back. It’s your money.

  • Not that exciting. Seems like every one makes compact red dots now

    • Chris22lr

      “Everyone” means one Chinese factory that supplies companies like Holosun, SIG, Primary Arms, Tru-Glo and whoever offers these. In car industry it’s known as badge-engineering.

      Not that these are bad optics – people seem to like them very much, especially for the price.

      • Jaune Arc

        In this case it’s Holosun supplying SIG and Primary Arms. Tru-Glo I BELIEVE has their own source, since most of their optics do look distinctly different from the Holosun-originating product.

  • Dickie

    Nice romeo and juliet

    • EC

      Maybe not the best of names given how both died while very young… I wonder what that says about the longevity of these sights?

  • John

    I’m waiting for the Cicero, Katherine and Prospero models myself. 🙂

  • UVB76

    Some good AAA options coming out for the community. This SIG Romeo X5 will be out along with Aimpoint’s CompM5 (AAA Comp M4 style). Eager to play with both.

    I have a Vortex SparcAR (AAA also) – I like the look, it’s waterproof to several meters (tested it), and has a good warranty. The downside on my Vortex red dots – they tend to bloom more than both Holosuns and Aimpoints (which I think have some of the cleanest 2MOAs in the 20mm offerings). Vortex needs to get their circuits up to speed to compete on the battery life (they are lacking compared to Aimpoint, Trijicon and Holosun).

    I think there is definitely a market for optic options that can power off of common batteries: AA and AAA. CR2032 works but it’s not something you tend to find in the glove box, bathroom, toolbox, local petrol/gas station – and that is a real factor for some.

  • Joe Gamer

    For the price of this pair I’d rather have two more strike eagles…