Faxon Offers New 10.5″ Pencil Barrels for Your AR

Faxon Barrel

Although the ARAK-21 caught the shooting public’s attention, it is the barrels from Faxon Firearms that have seem to have generated the company a lot of positive press in recent years. The latest addition to its barrel line is the sub one pound 10.5″ pencil barrel.

This new 5.56 NATO barrel is made completely in house for the AR style firearm, and would be great for either an SBR or pistol configuration. It uses a carbine length gas system and is made from 4150 steel. The barrels are individually magnetic particle inspected (MPI). The barrels are conventionally rifled with a 1:8″ twist and nitride finished. The barrels are threaded (1/2″x28) for the easy addition of your preferred muzzle device. They have an 11˚ target crown.

Faxon Barrel

As previously stated, these pencil profile barrels are relatively light. As it ships, the barrel weighs 0.9 pounds. According to the company, the barrels are “the lightest in the industry.” It would seem that this might be the part you pick when building an ultra-light SBR.

The barrels are available immediately, and the company states it has begun shipping to OEM customers as well. It will be interesting to see what new guns these might wind up on in the future. The suggested retail price from Faxon is $159.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • The Dude (Noveske Fan)

    Barrel is light?

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Barrel is quite dark

      • The Dude (Noveske Fan)


  • RSG

    I learned after listening to a few interviews with the faxon guy that this company really knows what it’s doing. The 3 in depth interviews can be found on InrangeTv on YouTube (Ian from forgotten weapons and Karl). I don’t care how much you know about barrel manufacturing, there’s a lot to learn in these interviews. Anyway, I bought a bunch of lowers before the election, and as I build them out, they’ll have Faxon barrels.

    • Independent George

      Yup, those interviews completely won me over; they are way more effective than any slick ad campaign. I wish more manufacturers would take the time to explain their products and their design/manufacturing decisions like that; it’s a great remedy for the hype & marketing spin that makes me roll my eyes. The only other company that has put out information like that is Geissele, who really doesn’t need the publicity.

      I ended up pulling the trigger (so to speak) and buying my first AR barrel a few weeks ago, when TFB reported a sale at Brownells. Good job Faxon, good job, TFB, and good job InRange TV.

      • BillC

        It’s because most companies don’t want their buyers to know anything about their products. A lot of products and firearms in the firearms industry are a flash and marketing for products that have no real utility or quality.

        Companies that are proud of their product, will tell you every minute detail. Problem is, most companies are in a race to the bottom, because most consumers demand lowest price over higher quality due to the “my product is just as good as the more expensive product” syndrome/illusion.

        • Independent George

          That is definitely true for many (or most) companies, but I can’t help but notice that many times, even a superior product is poorly explained. If you intend to compete on quality/function, then why not spend 30 minutes explaining your product instead of an ad campaign that everyone tunes out anyway? You’re more likely to connect with your intended audience, and it’ll cost less, too.

          For example: from what I’ve been able to research, SLR Rifleworks has arguably the best adjustable gas block on the market, and the lightest handguards on the market. They are not a low cost “me, too!” manufacturer – everything seems well designed and engineered.

          But there is absolutely nothing on their website explaining those designs or the engineering decisions behind them. Instead, we get shiny photos and standard marketing blurbs. There’s nothing showing off their gas block design, or even explaining what the difference between their different product lines are. Heck, one of the things they should be touting on their rails – the non-indexed, extended 2″ aluminum barrel nut – doesn’t even get a mention.

          I only noticed it because Bill Geissele explained why his own rails use a 2.5″ barrel nut (to add stability & rigidity on a free float rail, since it’s the only anchor point). I basically watched his 40 minute video explaining the design principles behind is ALG rails, then compared that against the specs on the SLR rails (and others) and found them favorable.

          Relying on a competitor to explain the benefits of your own product does not seem like winning marketing strategy. Well, ok, it worked on me, but I’m kind of a freak.

          • Walter E. Kurtz

            Great analysis Independent George. Gun industry advertising, marketing and even websites leave a lot to be desired. The worst are the folks trying to sell crappy guns by having some big breasted babe cradle them. Only Dillion found a way to do that tastefully. As for the rest of them, all I can say is: the horror…..the horror

  • keazzy

    Is it just me or are light weight short barrels hard to find? I was so disappointed in the weight of my pistol build. I love light weights.

    • Sianmink

      yeah, sub-12 inch barrels tend to be heavy profile for some reason.

      • valorius

        extra weight on a shorty is useful for quelling the increased recoil.

        • Laserbait

          All that vicious recoil of the 5.56… If it was a 50 Beowulf, I could somewhat understand, but not a 5.56/.223.

        • Sianmink

          That punishing, PTSD-Inducing .223 recoil.

          • valorius

            When you’re rapid firing an AR pistol the extra recoil definitely affects the speed and accuracy of follow up shots.

          • Sianmink

            Compensators work great on AR pistols/SBRs

          • valorius

            They’re great for blowing out your freakin’ ear drums too.

          • Sianmink


    • Russ Kell

      Agreed. I’ve got a Voodoo pencil profile from a few years back (11.5″) that I like, but this is good news to me. This family are big fans of Faxon pencil and gunner profile bbls.

    • Hoplopfheil

      The 7.5″ I got for my pistol build is a serious fatty.

    • Ebby123

      Yup. My 8.5″ CMMG 300BLK barrel was somewhere close to a medium-heavy contour. It almost defeats the purpose of having such a short barrel…

  • Seth Hill

    I’m still waiting on them releasing their 5.56 Gunner barrels with 5R rifling. As soon as they do, I will be ordering.

  • M

    Faxon, I know you guys read this site. Why is there not a 16″ 4150 carbine barrel? For guys trying to build ultralight cabines, the extra length of the handguards add ounces we don’t want

    • M

      Pencil barrel that is

      • pinned and welded 14.5 on their site is 4150 and a shade over 20oz.

  • iksnilol

    I thought that the shortest the ARAK could go was 12.5 inches ?

    • Joshua

      It is, this is for the AR-15.

  • b. griffin

    I’m waiting on their 8.5″ 300 BLK.

  • valorius

    How much weight savings between a 16″ medium profile and a 14.5″ pencil barrel?

    • Beju

      Half a pound.

      According to their website, their 14.5″ mid-length pencil barrel is 1.15 lbs and their 16″ government​ profile mid-length is 1.65 lbs.