TacProGear Announces New Citadel Line of Armor Plates

TPG Black Armor Plates

TacProGear (TPG) announced a new line of armor plates in its Black line. The Black line is the company’s premier line of tactical gear that is all made and designed in the United States.

The new line of plates, called the Citadel line, has a total of 11 different options at launch. All are NIJ 0101.06 certified or compliant, offering protection levels of IIIA through IV depending on the model. Within the line are several series designed to serve specific needs. For example, the Covert Series sacrifice protection in favor of concealment.

Other series include the Elite Series (available in levels III, III+ and IV), Armada Series (also available in level III, level III+ and level IV) and the Patrol Series (levels III, III+ and IV also available).

For the sake of comparison, the Elite Series Level IV plate is a stand alone plate that weighs 4.8 pounds and is made of ceramic and Spectra materials. At the same level of protection, the Armada offers a stand alone plate that is made of the same materials, but weighs 5.9 pounds. The Patrol Series Level IV is made of ceramic and composite materials. It weighs 7.6 pounds.

These plates are Berry Amendment compliant, and the company is a small veteran owned business. Prices are available upon request through the company.

Richard Johnson

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  • xebat

    i hate ITAR. Anyone know how you could get your hands on AR500 in Europe ?

    • Risky

      If you can’t find anyone making AR500 body armor, see if you can find someone making AR500 targets. They might not be able to curve the plates, but I’m sure they could cut you out a SAPI shaped AR500 “target”.

  • 22winmag

    I wonder if Liberty 9mm will blast thru it at 2,000fps.

    • Dougscamo

      Not a level IV….

  • TangledThorns


    • Blake

      The MSRPs are listed at the bottom of the article. What isn’t listed at all however is the cut and bend options.