Republic Of Korea Special Forces Video

Here is a video montage of ROK SF training. There are some knife sparring sprinkled in here but mostly Koreans posing with guns and training.


Some scenes of the video are clearly staged. Like this guy who is clearly not aiming with anything.

The variety of weapons is surprising. I saw a few H&K guns like the MP7 and HK416. There were a lot of MP5s but it is hard to tell if they are H&K or some clone. I was surprised to not see the Daewoo K7 in this video.

It is a fun video to watch. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Nicholas C

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  • cons2p8ted

    Those guys doing knife fights on deck of naval vessel are from the Navy Special Warfare Flotilla aka ROKN UDT/Seals.

  • Uniform223

    All it needs is some K-pop music to make even better j/king lol.

  • Dave

    I’m not saying that I’m stationed in korea and that a green beret I know working with them that said their special forces are as good as our conventional infantry (and their special forces are better than many other countries special forces). I’m not saying that.
    I’m just saying our special forces wipe the floor with anybody.

  • Ratcraft

    Love the snow camo with the BLACK hats. Nothing says stealth mode like a black dot peeking over an all white backdrop.

    • Phillip Cooper

      More like “Aim here”

  • Phillip Cooper

    Well, so much for “firearms not politics”

    .. also, English: “There are some knife sparring”.

    Seriously, guys- if you’re going to play at being professionals, how about some proofreading?

    • Gabriel

      There is nothing political here, unless you are a communist.

  • civilianaf
    • Cal S.

      Because they’re just that good.

  • Nicks87

    ROK Marines are no joke.

  • jack smith

    um, ROK SF drowning out royal nunsuch by volume of posts?