Remington 870 Tac-14 (Non-SBS) Introduced

Just in time for NRA 2017, Remington has just introduced their 870 Tac-14 shotgun which falls into a category not covered by NFA short-barreled shotgun regulations although it is a 14-inch barrel. The shotgun utilizes a Shockwave Raptor pistol grip that is neither a stock nor a true pistol grip but is really just somewhere inbetween. Not mentioned is the tubular magazine capacity, but we believe it to be around 3-4 shells in addition to one chambered. Overall length is 26.2 inches and the MSRP is 443.05 dollars.

From the press release-

Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) announced today America’s most trusted shotgun and best-selling shotgun of all time, the Model 870, is now available in a Non NFA 14-inch barrel configuration – the Model 870 Tac-14.

New for 2017, the Remington Model 870 Tac-14 features a Shockwave Raptor pistol grip, Magpul M-Lok fore-end, 14-inch cylinder bore barrel with bead sight, receiver milled from solid steel, black oxide finish, and 26.2-inch overall length. 

The 870 Tac-14 was designed and manufactured by Remington as a “firearm” and is not governed by the National Firearms Act (NFA).  No ATF NFA registration or tax stamp is required, but state and local laws may apply.

The Model 870 Tac-14 has a suggested retail price of $443.05 and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Order # 81230

Riding on the tidal wave of new products that should be coming out of NRA 2017, this particular shotgun appears to be an interesting contraption. We can’t see using the Tac-14 when going trap shooting, instead some of the only usages of this being for a self-defense purpose or as a dedicated breaching tool for Law Enforcement officers. However, usually, LEOs can skirt around NFA laws due to their LE status so there isn’t a need for this sort of shotgun. But I can imagine if there are agencies out there in a non-LE capacity but still acting in an official status while still being subjected to NFA laws and regulations, this particular Tac-14 would very much come in handy.


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  • USMC03Vet

    This is the 4th post about this shotgun in less than 24 hours. TFB, go to the corner for time out. No more popsicles either.

    • A.WChuck

      Seriously. It gives the appearance that their own writers do not read the blog, which might be the case.

      • No, we do read it. Every so often we have a product that comes out that falls under the radar and we collectively don’t catch the double posts.

        • mike

          You’re all fired! 😉

      • USMC03Vet

        I was always under the impression they get paid per article and thus it’s like “hmmmm I see all these articles about the same thing, but gotta pay my baby momma this month”…..*submit*

    • Russ

      No it’s not, this is the “non-loophole” model.

  • Edeco

    Come on PGO Mossberg SA20. They’re scaled to 20 so I wouldn’t expect more relative weight to soak up recoil than a 12 pump, but I would think the auto action would absorb a bit.

    • Jared Vynn

      I want a mossy 935 Shockwave model.

      • Edeco

        Would make more sense than a pump I think. Gas system might need tuning so maybe they couldn’t release it as soon.

        • supergun

          The stock would be a challenge. Notice there are no AR stocks for the Mossberg 930. Know why?

          • Edeco

            oh lordy, a spring in there or something?

          • iksnilol

            Probably. That’s auto shotties for you.

          • supergun


          • Cymond

            Yeah, but how far back does that spring go? I bet the stock could be chopped down into something similar to the Shockwave grip.

          • supergun

            Unfortunately, it can not be. I read where someone with a 930 did shorten the stock, but it was very little. I think an inch or less. That is why there are not AR stocks for the 930. Just not enough of a demand to research and invent for. You will have to customize your own at this point. It probably can be made, but I do not have enough knowledge to do it myself.

      • supergun

        How about a Mossbery 930 shorty. Think they could make one?

        • Jared Vynn

          If they could do a 935 they could do a 930. Just have to wait and see if they can do it.

          • supergun

            I haven’t seen that done with the 935. The way the tubes are in the stocks of the 930s, it will be hard to do. I would love to trick out my 930. A bull pup 930 would be bad.

          • Jared Vynn

            They would need to do a new raptor grip to fit the buffer tube of the 930/935 but if they could do it for one they could do it for both. I don’t think a true bullpup is possible ergonomically as the buffer tube is too long.

          • supergun

            I am satisfied with the stock on my 930. I don’t have the pistol grip. It is a nice defensive weapon, easy to tuck and roll with it, and it carries plenty of ammo. But it would be fun to trick it out.

  • adverse4

    The bead sight is a nice touch.

    • supergun

      You really can’t aim this shorty. You need a green laser to make this thing hunt. The Mossberg Shorty looks better.

      • Ebby123

        Hickock45 did it. He was ringing plates at ~50yds with slugs out of the TAC-14

        • supergun

          You and me ain’t Hickock. Next question.

          • Ebby123

            That’s weak sauce. He’s no operator, it can be done.

          • supergun

            Anyone can play the piano, if they pay the price.

          • Ebby123

            I’m glad we agree. The bead sight can be used to aim.

          • supergun

            Love to chat guns with Americans like you. I have a Mossberg Shorty. The 2&3/4 shells are a handful to shoot. The 3 inch magnums are like holding on to a dragon. The THANG can be mastered to shoot without having to use the bead. But a green laser would be more fun, quicker, more accurate, while shooting the 3inch 00 BUCKSHOTS. The THANG wants to come out of your hand shooting the 3 inch 00 BUCKS. Imagine, 9 9mms coming at you each shot. Or is it 12?

  • Texas-Roll-Over

    Remington….making something i want….(so confused)

  • Bucho4Prez

    Yikes! I guess Mossberg must have moved some units… Who makes a decent pump shotgun these days? I have an old 870 which is fine, but it seems the big two have let their quality slip significantly. Benelli?

    • Jared Vynn

      Nothing wrong with Mossberg, they still make great firearms, especially their pump shotguns.

      • supergun

        930 is also one bad good shooting autoloader.

      • jerry young

        I bought my Mossberg back in the mid 70’s and it still works great a little battle worn from all the use, I used it for everything just changed out the barrel and choke tubes to fit the need, I retired it from use about 15 years ago when I bought a semi auto Mossberg for waterfowl hunting I wanted a Remington but at the time the only semi auto they made was in high grade and I use my guns, I take care of them but they do get scratched busting through brush and other normal hunting, I still use my pump mossberg as a home defense shotgun I put a pistol grip and a new forearm with an 18 inch barrel

  • 22winmag

    3 separate articles in 2 days on this?

  • Trey

    “grip that is neither a stock nor a true pistol grip but is really just somewhere inbetween”
    In a PC / Butt-hurt country we now unfortunately live in, apparently our firearms are being drawn into this.

    • nadnerbus

      It’s a non binary gripping device. Your stock-normative hate speech is not wanted here.

  • Porty1119

    Kinda want.

  • mike

    870 Express, A rust bucket.

  • Havok

    No, LEO’s can not skirt around NFA Laws due to their status. The department has to deal with the same BS that we do, just with shorter wait times.

    • Bill

      And woe unto the officer who has a Class 3 weapon stolen after thieves punched the trunk lock and pry the locking mount out.

  • Just Say’n

    I want to take one rabbit hunting. Maybe even grouse hunting too. Would keep it between the drivers seat and console of my truck when not in use.

  • Andrew

    Odd post. It’s written as if the Mossberg version doesn’t exist.

  • jerry young

    I really don’t like the grip it’s reminiscent of the old sawed off shotgun stock I prefer a pistol grip, anyone that has ever shot a 12 gauge with a grip like this knows slip up when you fire it and it can deliver a good amount of pain, I turned my old Mossberg into a defense gun with an 18 inch barrel and a pistol grip I can shoot it one handed with no discomfort

    • iksnilol

      I dunno, the sawed off grip doesn’t transfer much recoil to your wrist.

      The pistol grip just sends it all to your wrist. Doesn’t seem ideal.

    • Ebby123

      I’m thinking a rubber or grip-tape wrap would eliminate the sliding, Hickock45 did this to his.

      But 90° pistol grips suck. Plain and simple. They’re just brutal.

      • jerry young

        I bought a pistol grip and forearm set for my pump 12 gauge, the pistol grip is supposed to have some kind of recoil reduction built in whether it does or not I can shoot it one handed with no discomfort even my wife finds it easy to shoot

  • Mike

    Waiting for the Benelli Nova version.
    Is it practical? NO. Do I want one? Hell yes.
    Because it annoys a liberal.

  • Randy Graham

    Forgive my ignorance, but would removing the pistol grip turn this into an NFA item?

    I am picturing my own Masterkey-type setup and was just wondering on the legalities.

    • Cymond

      An AOW is a concealable smoothbore with a barrel less than 18 inches.
      ATF interprets “concealable” as under 26″ overall length. Hence, without the grip, it becomes an AOW due to overall length.